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  1. Ah, this is a pretty good arrangement of the track, but the girl singing wasn't so much. Actually, now that he listens to Area I's music, he recalls having spent a lot of time there (as well as Area F) solely for the track that plays there. Both of those should be remixed, and tbh if they were to be remixed TOGETHER... now THAT would be an OC Remix to remember! Thanks for the link although a true remix would be much better =D
  2. Hello all, my boyfriend has been recently playing Megaman ZX, and he loves it. But he's been listening to a particular track from that game, and while it is very pretty I know how much he loves his OC's and so I thought I'd post here and see if anyone can help! The theme to be remixed is Area F, (here is a link ), where Lumiere, the anglerfish looking boss is fought. I'm not entirely sure as to how this track should be remixed for him, but he loves the track because it is very pretty and reminds him of another track on this site (One Girl in all the World). So I would say a slight amount of techno but orchestral as well... Really it's up to artist's interpretation! One must listen to the track and hear it's beauty to understand, as he wants that beauty in the track to be kept, but remixed. So a remix that doesn't CHANGE the track, merely improves upon it and allows for artist interpretation.Thanks in advance for this (well going to be late now) Valentine's present for him!
  3. This is just wonderful. It's..Just the best. I get this one stuck in my head a lot too. but my friend told me I should come here and tell you what I've done with my song. I hope it's appreciated and not flamed. I made a video to Kingdomhearts using this song, and have copywrited you respectively. (OCRemix too) Link is here: Over Clocked Deep Dive Hope you enjoy it (since no one else seems too. ; )and keep up the good work.
  4. I loved this song so much, that I made a video to Halo out of it. Halo Homage. I'll provide the link in a second. I HAVE COPYWRITED YOU AND OCRemix. So I hope there's no issue. I just though you would like to see what's become of your song Homage to Halo but this song is outSTANDING. I get it stuck in my head all the time. It's beautiful
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