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  1. I'll take a lossless 'remaster' lol. This is the only album out of my favorite videogames that isn't lossless. But if it's not possible I understand, i'll conform to mp3s for now..
  2. Next month? ohhh yeaaa can't wait for the work out routine.
  3. I understand, you gentlemen (and ladies if there are any in this project) keep up the good work. I will try to find a fix for the mean time lol.
  4. not this year!? I need new workout music and it's not this year!? :banghead::banghead:
  5. I got this bookmark. Looking forward to it gentleman. I need to put this on the whip when I am driving alone lol.
  6. Someone either needs to make a guitar hero II expert hack to play it in the game, or a frets on fire version. it's just too damn good. I can't get enough of it and it definitely pumps me up when I am doing cardio lol
  7. You know The Coop I really had to take your word for it when you meant there was no excuse for such a crappy game engine. I mean.. I was just keeping it open that you know perhaps is nostalgia that's causing all of this but I decided to rent Sonic The Hedgehog for the 360... man. Oh man. I thought Gears of Wars was glitchy, too think Super Mario 64 was also a glitchy game. This game is straight up garbage @_@. The graphics are nice / the voice acting is alright but jesus christ the game runs like shit. If I had to compare it to SA1 or SA2, those 2 did a better job than this garbage. And the l
  8. Hey those are technical flaws that came with that generation. It's just been a bad trip for games that were once to 2D making a transition to 3D. Nintendo at least got smart by releasing that Super Mario Bros DS that was in 3D yet 2D in the sense of gameplay. Then again that's why Nintendo is who they are. Nintendo was never about the money but about the games. The Sonic games like I said.. I really doubt it will go to that simple direction again. Corporate America ... gets real greedy. I'll put it as simple as this. You work for Sega, you got a family and kids to support, your boss tells you
  9. This is my first post here but i've been a frequent ocremixes visitor for 3-4 years now. And I recently downloaded the Project Chaos album that was release here *which in my opinion..awesome* but I've felt like sharing my 2 cents into the matter. I am really disappointed with the recent Sonic games but I highly doubt any "good" sonic games will come out. I think it was cheer luck that Sonic Rush was good, because to tell you the truth, the problem with game companies now is that they just milk the crap out of their "gold mines". Sega sadly after "Sonic X-Treme" not making the cut, sold out fo
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