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  1. I'll take a lossless 'remaster' lol. This is the only album out of my favorite videogames that isn't lossless. But if it's not possible I understand, i'll conform to mp3s for now..
  2. Next month? ohhh yeaaa can't wait for the work out routine.
  3. I understand, you gentlemen (and ladies if there are any in this project) keep up the good work. I will try to find a fix for the mean time lol.
  4. not this year!? I need new workout music and it's not this year!? :banghead::banghead:
  5. I got this bookmark. Looking forward to it gentleman. I need to put this on the whip when I am driving alone lol.
  6. Someone either needs to make a guitar hero II expert hack to play it in the game, or a frets on fire version. it's just too damn good. I can't get enough of it and it definitely pumps me up when I am doing cardio lol
  7. You know The Coop I really had to take your word for it when you meant there was no excuse for such a crappy game engine. I mean.. I was just keeping it open that you know perhaps is nostalgia that's causing all of this but I decided to rent Sonic The Hedgehog for the 360... man. Oh man. I thought Gears of Wars was glitchy, too think Super Mario 64 was also a glitchy game. This game is straight up garbage @_@. The graphics are nice / the voice acting is alright but jesus christ the game runs like shit. If I had to compare it to SA1 or SA2, those 2 did a better job than this garbage. And the loading times! I thought that reviewer was joking and was maybe overly exaggerating based on the PS3 loading times, but for the love of god about 2 minutes of loading just to show one stupid animation and then another 4 minutes of loading? How in the hell did Sega let this one slide o_O?
  8. Hey those are technical flaws that came with that generation. It's just been a bad trip for games that were once to 2D making a transition to 3D. Nintendo at least got smart by releasing that Super Mario Bros DS that was in 3D yet 2D in the sense of gameplay. Then again that's why Nintendo is who they are. Nintendo was never about the money but about the games. The Sonic games like I said.. I really doubt it will go to that simple direction again. Corporate America ... gets real greedy. I'll put it as simple as this. You work for Sega, you got a family and kids to support, your boss tells you "Do it this way without diverting from how it is now", are you actually going to try to confront your boss about what YOU as an employee feel is right for the company and risk getting your arse handed to you? That's usually the case. Let's face it, the Sonic games are making them revenue just on the name itself. I doubt they will stop. It will have to get to a point that the formula gets so sick and tiring that even the new generation hates it. When that happens! They'll catch it and say "Well hey! These Sonic games aren't selling that well! What the hell happen? We need to do something new about!" It's just seems to be a habit here in America about not doing something right until it is to late >.>. If you notice these Sonic games are coming out left and right like pancakes. Quantity over quality? Meh I really would be happy to see a next gen Sonic game with the aspects of the old ones. What I was really hoping for in a sense was a remake of the original 1 & 2 & 3. With every aspect intact! Just with the next gen graphics, I doubt they will make them not talk.. it was bound to happen. I am pretty sure Sega is saving that as their Ace in the hole in case all hell breaks loose.
  9. This is my first post here but i've been a frequent ocremixes visitor for 3-4 years now. And I recently downloaded the Project Chaos album that was release here *which in my opinion..awesome* but I've felt like sharing my 2 cents into the matter. I am really disappointed with the recent Sonic games but I highly doubt any "good" sonic games will come out. I think it was cheer luck that Sonic Rush was good, because to tell you the truth, the problem with game companies now is that they just milk the crap out of their "gold mines". Sega sadly after "Sonic X-Treme" not making the cut, sold out for me. I am not going to blame Shadow the Hedgehog whatsoever because I believe that's not where the problem began. In fact, I dig the character "Shadow the hedgehog" but it was a really bad time to bring that guy out, it was in fact the last nail in the coffin. The problem had already begun when Sega got greedy with where they stood with their console back in the 90s. I noticed this after reading how Sonic was made *the original 1 2 3 & Knuckles*. There was dedication to those games because back in the day.. "rivalry" existed! When you got rivalry, you want perfection! You want to be the best! But that's not the case anymore. Hence why Sega is making games now instead of consoles. It's all about "making money". And if it means to "milk" the shit out of a formula, or use one of the worlds best gaming mascots to make a crap load of incarnations, trust me! IT WILL BE DONE. I bet Sonic Team has probably come out with 2 - 3 good ideas that could've been awesome sonic games for our generation, but I bet you their bosses just shut down their idea because they decided to stick with the formula that "works". The formula that makes money. I hate to say it, you guys are trash talking all these sonic games but I bet each and one of you have either rented the new sonics, or bought the new sonics. That's money right there for them. So regardless they are winning. They don't care about how you feel where sonic needs to be they just want their cut. Unless, [we] the ultimate consumer stops renting / buying or giving any attention to the brand "Sonic The Hedgehog" we will continue to get shitty Sonic titles. The hope right now is that some new team shows up.. whom Sega doesn't give a rats $#$ about and they "see" what we see and make an awesome game. That game could possibly be that Wii game. Until then.. it's going to be crappy water down wanna be originals of Sonic 1 & 2 & 3. Remember, we are getting old now. While these games might be crap to us. These games are probably the "shit" for little kids. Just how they were to us when we first got em. And as long as little kids exist.. there's no reason to stop the formula. BTW: It's best if by default all of you stop comparing the 'newer' sonics to the old sonics. It would help appreciate the good parts of the new sonics. Don't get me wrong, as a "true sonic" fan I detest! Sonic Adventure 1 and Adventure 2. Now lets say I was new to the series. NEVER EVER played Sonic! They were great games in my opinion. They were the first of their kind. Making mascots talk to each other *which was already done with the cartoon shows*, now you controlling them and of course add the "super saiyan" formula and you got one kick ass game. Let's not forget the soundtrack for SA1 and SA2 was decent stand alone by itself. Hence why it's called "Sonic Adventure" not "Sonic The Hedgehog". This of course is my opinion based on that I am not comparing the originals to the new stuff. Now if I would... man I so hate on the new sonics lol. Think about it! Kids of that generation are gonna grow up to complain that games should be as cool as SA1 and SA2 in terms of gameplay and soundtrack. The cycle will never end. I just decided to accept the fact that we were the guinea pigs of the 1st videogame generation. Be thankful we were 1st generation =). I seriously think some of you guys have it on point and some of you need to separate your "fan" love to a series and open your eyes to the future. Those classics were made in 1992+ ... we are in 2007, for the love of god! We are older now and have matured!... Perhaps it's time to let go of somethings.., no?