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  1. Sorry! I've been moving and have been off the site for a while — are you still looking for help with Tears of the Moon, and if so, what kind? Hope all is well.

  2. Hey there Manga Person.

  3. I'm a tenor, and if I recall correctly I contributed recordings of both a tenor I and tenor II part... been a while, memory hazy. I've got a workable range of about Ab2 to A#4, and can fake about a minor third above and below that for background stuff.

    Please do count on me, I'd love to help out. if you could use a hand with any choral arranging, lyrics/translation, etc., too, don't hesitate to ask. I have a strong choral and musical background but virtually no digital production skills, so I get very excited any time I see the word "choir" on the boards here :o)

  4. Saw "Fabul Men's Choir" on a Lufia 2 project track next to your name... I sang in that group on the FF4 album, didn't know it was happening again. Have you already recorded the vocals? If not, I'd love to join again.

  5. Hey how did your Zelda ReMix go? Haven't been around in a while.

  6. I think I like Part 2 even more than Part 1! I think the harmonies and the style are absolutely awesome.

    In the second half of this clip, there are parts where your chords are changing on the 2nd beats of measures. I would either change chords on the downbeats, or make this sound more intentional by accenting parts of the melody or chords until it meshes a bit more. Nothing wrong with doing things differently, but you want to make sure it comes off as "different" rather than "wrong", so really embrace your more creative ideas here.

    I was also a little disappointed to hear at the end of the clip that it sounds like it goes right back into aggressive guitar. I would love to hear more of this "intro to part 2" section, and I am a little concerned about the transitions both before and after this intro... I think I would really need to hear it all meshed together to judge accurately, though.

    Keep up the great work!

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