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    OCR Mascots: Class of Spring 2013 - Voting Closed

    1. Ludwig von Koopa 2. Tanooki Mario 3. Q*bert
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    Classic Apogee Games

    I absolutely love Hocus Pocus. Had an 8-level demo of it that I kept and played for years, until I found a CD of the game in the bargain bin at Babbage's. Great platformer.
  3. I had a similar thought. I don't think it's a bargain, but it does seem like it'd be a reasonable rate to me, assuming the sponsor highly values the skills of the OCReMix community (which they probably do, since they are donating to this project). A lot would depend on how complex they'd want the music to be. That being said, I'd guess that a lot of indie developers don't have $5k to spend on their game's music, and that a lot of the bigger companies would rather hire an individual composer or composers, instead of hiring a "collective" like OCReMix. All purely speculative on my part, though. Regardless of whether or not it's a "good buy", I've no doubt that those two folks are gonna be supremely happy with the music for their game (or other project). Edited to add: Hopefully this does not spark a massive controversy over whether or not it's ethical for a not-for-profit org like OCReMix to "sell" their talents in this manner.
  4. Yeah, I like the opening to that a lot better. Maybe something more specific than "foul things" — creatures, monsters, darkness, etc. I tend to think "things" is a good word to avoid.
  5. Yeah, I check it every day to see if anybody is going to give at the $10k level although I will be shocked (in a good way) if they do.
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    The PCReMix Initiative ~ Let's put the PC in OC ReMix!

    Yeah I used to love it and in fact tried to recently emulate Windows 95 on my Mac just so I could play it. Was struggling with all kinds of sound driver issues when I realized that they have the whole game on YouTube since it was really nothing but hyperlinked video clips.
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    The PCReMix Initiative ~ Let's put the PC in OC ReMix!

    I have to say that this is a really interesting point, that there hasn't been a lot of PC ReMixing. I keep meaning to cut my teeth on my first mix on some sort of console RPG, but this thread makes me remember a lot of great games from way back when. I'd like to state my intention to do a mix of "SuvwI' van bom" from Star Trek: Klingon, a Win95 game. Raucous vocal piece, so I think I could actually pull it off with my current production skillset.
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    wip Sonic 3&K - Flying Battery Zone [General Offensive! Remix]

    Glad I could help, post again with some o' them changes when you're ready. Happy mixing!
  9. One fun trick for using alternate languages is making up fake Latin. Just did the orchestral Zelda concert... almost 100% made-up words for the choral parts. "Fithos lusec wecos vinosec" from FF8 also not a real thing. Experimenting with syllable textures ftw. At this point, though, you might as well stick with English as you've already crafted the words and want to use it for your dual purpose. I think the opening is fine both melodically and dynamically. I meant "strong" not as a synonym for "powerful" but more an antonym for "weak" — semantics, I know. You can effectively start your piece out quietly and with a single melody, I just feel like compared to the quality of some of your other lyrics here, "Hyrule is under siege" is not your best work and starts the piece off in a less-than-ideal place. I'm not a fan of unison choral bits, but there's objectively nothing wrong with them — although you really need precision in your choral blend to pull it off. Re: siege — I still feel like it's the wrong word, I feel like by the time of this song Ganon has already won. But it is hard to argue with all the thought you put into it in your last post. Even if it was inarguably the wrong word, it probably wouldn't bother 99% of your listeners, so go for it... your piece after all
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    Kickstarter FAQ / issues / concerns

    Well, I didn't say "but the asking price was $50" but you're right, we're just talking in circles here. I may or may not contribute to a non-OCR album that uses similar fundraising tactics, but I will defend with my keyboard's very life that album's right to do so.
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    Kickstarter FAQ / issues / concerns

    Foxx: I would disagree that the asking price of the album is $50. When I first saw the announcement, I thought they were so clear about the album being free on the site that it would hurt their donations. I can definitely see your reasoning since you don't get the "official" hard copy without donating the $50, but I think it really is open to some interpretation — I am probably going to download the files anyway and put my discs on a shelf until I die, so truthfully the hard copy album doesn't hold a great deal of value for me.
  12. I'm going to second jnWake's comment earlier about not bringing the tempo down too much. I feel like the beginning of your piece draaaaaags right now. I get your point earlier about bringing the tempo down for some later bits in the piece... there is no reason the entire piece has to be the exact same bpm all the way through, in fact in my experience that would be atypical for a choral work, even one of this length. Still don't hear Song of Time in here... is it at about 3/4 through with the sentence that starts "Look for the one"? I hear a couple notes in common, but the rhythm and ending of the phrase is different enough that I don't think it really counts as a quote of that melody... maybe I am missing it somewhere in there? In general, if you are working on this for an OCR submission, I don't think you are quoting enough source material for it to pass, but I'm certainly no official judge, and maybe that's not your intent anyway. Are you planning to change "Hyrule" and "Ganon" around and make this a sacred piece? First thing that came to mind when I read that. Lyrically, I am trying to remember what my thoughts were, haha. I have listened to your piece enough times now that some stuff that was bothering me no longer does... I know my very first thought the first time I listened was (no offense) "Hyrule is under siege? That's corny." which is admittedly a pretty subjective assessment... but some clarification — 1) "Hyrule" is IMHO kind of an ugly word and doesn't flow well lyrically with other English words. Maybe use something more generic, like whatever you are saying there for the piece's dual purpose? "Our land", etc. 2) The phrase "under siege" connotes an ongoing action, but further lyrics and my understanding of the setting of this piece imply the action's all done — Ganon has already won, albeit temporarily. It's also hard for me to think of people singing this calmly about their home being under siege... your singers are relying on faith and playing the waiting game, but an actual siege should call for action. That might still be sort of subjective, but since you are opening with a unison of that sentence, you want it to be as strong as possible. Another suggestion I was thinking about making was to use a completely different language, but there are a couple bits here where I really like what you're doing lyrically (in English) and that would probably throw off your dual purpose. My two cents.
  13. IsolinearMoogle

    wip Sonic 3&K - Flying Battery Zone [General Offensive! Remix]

    Cool mix. Toe-tapping. Has some complexity which I like. I like the "pingy" main instrument that carries the melody (that is about as specific as non-producer-me can be) — at the beginning. By about halfway through, I feel it's sort of overused and I wish a different sound would carry the lead. In the beginning, I don't feel the fade-in of the percussion works well. You already do a nice job of starting with the percussion, then adding the bass, and so on, I think a full-sound percussion beat at the beginning would be a fine opener. The fade-in sort of makes me feel like I missed something that was going on before that point. I like the drop-out and return around 0:43, maybe a little more volume on the one voice that remains? Around 1:53, where you are basically repeating material in the background, I feel like you are missing a great opportunity to put something in the foreground like a badass guitar solo or some such. The fade-out and return around 2:56, I don't think is as well implemented as the earlier one. The fade just takes way too long. Especially in context of the fade-in that starts the piece off, I very much feel like the piece is over at that point, and it takes long enough that I the listener am sort of mentally checked out by the time the music comes back in. The fade-out at the end, I have the same opinion as the one that starts it out. Not necessary. End your piece on a strong percussion beat. My two cents —*thanks for sharing!
  14. Source usage — I recognize the ocarina tune at the beginning in the unison portion, and I hear the raised tone at the end of the Serenade of Water a couple times throughout, but largely I don't connect this piece with the source material. I really like the concept of this piece, and I think I like your arrangement overall, but it is a little hard to tell in parts due to the "rough draft" performance of this recording. A couple things you will want to think about if you only have a couple passes at making the recording happen: 1) Tuning — If your singers can't be very precise with their tuning, you will want to experiment with auto-tune settings and see if you can get one that doesn't detract from the piece. The tuning in this recording skews your harmonies, and really detracts from the unison bits. I would encourage a single voice to a unison portion anyway, since you're not working with a multitude of voices to add diversity. 2) Dynamics — This is a little easier to fix in post if you are doing individual tracks for each singer, but you as the arranger can help your singers out by making some very clear markings for dynamics. I think one reason your source material is a little hazy is because those parts aren't being emphasized in the recording. Make sure you encourage your singers to use the phrasing you want for this piece as well. 3) Choral blend — Have a good idea of what you want to get from this recording... do you want a straight tone or vibrato? Where do you want consonant sounds and cut-offs? Do you want high notes to be powerful and soaring, or ethereal and chant-like? I have some thoughts on your lyrics, but they weren't solicited, and you might be pretty attached to the lyrics at this point, so I'll keep them to myself, but let me know if you are interested. As I said, I do like this... it is inspiring me to do an a cappella vocal piece myself.
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    Kickstarter FAQ / issues / concerns

    I have to assume that a lot of the criticisms about "fat profit" are not taking into account the history of the site. Pretty long con...
  16. I like the style here. Does it just repeat halfway through? I could do without the second half. I know it is ambient, but I feel like I could just play the first two minutes of this twice and it would be about the same. The first time I listened to this, I felt like the wide vibrato on the background guitar near the beginning was very distracting... second time it didn't really bother me, but it was still a little distracting for an instrument that seems like it's supposed to be in the back. The flute sound on the final note before the "break" in the middle (and the same note repeated at the end of the piece) is very overpowering, the melody plays just fine, but that last note sticks out in a way it shouldn't.
  17. IsolinearMoogle

    wip Link's Awakening - Tail Cave Remix

    I can't say I don't like it. But I feel like there are two completely different pieces going on here — the melody from the game and the metal accompaniment. At the beginning of the piece, the two start out in different keys... the segue from "a cappella" Zelda theme into metal feels very awkward primarily because of the key change, and it seems kind of wrong while they are both going on at the same time later in the piece. Although the simultaneous cross-key business lends it a cool dystopian mindfunk kind of vibe, which may be what you were going for. The instrumentation throws me off, too. I just don't really feel like the synth sound of the Zelda melody works well with the metal guitar portion. Could just be a matter of personal taste, but I don't feel they mesh. When the metal guitar came in, I felt like I was listening to a completely different arrangement. I'd advise switching the voicing on the Zelda bit to something a little more metal-friendly... that's about as specific as I can be, not being a big metal aficionado. My two cents. I dig the sounds you're working with.
  18. IsolinearMoogle

    Kickstarter FAQ / issues / concerns

    Pretty much what I would assume. I don't know if there are legal issues or a possible fan outcry to deal with, but for my own two cents, I have faith that the money will be spent in a way that will not make me feel exploited. I will say (although it's perhaps obvious) that the sooner these ideas are public, the better for this particular concern. Special silver-bordered holographic autographed portrait-sized Teen Agent CCG cards will surely appease the public, no?
  19. IsolinearMoogle

    Kickstarter FAQ / issues / concerns

    Ditto. Unfortunate that some folks seem to want to pick apart this Kickstart solicitation, and OCR in general. I couldn't be happier about all the professional-quality free music I have gotten from OCR over the last decade, and I think this pledge drive is being done just fine (clearly the naysayers are in the minority with the $35k+ that has already been pledged). I have never contributed to OCR before, and would not buy a hard copy of this album (I'm all digital and vinyl at home), but something about the way this is being presented left no doubt in my mind that I would donate as soon as I saw it, and I will probably keep my disc for a good long time as a reminder of how proud I was to be able to contribute along with so many other good folks to make an awesome project like this a reality. And I would imagine most of the 600 folks who have already contributed get that we are not buying a product, but donating and getting a thank-you gift for doing so. NPR and other nonprofits do this sort of thing all the time, and I think at a similar ratio of product value to donation amount. So, in essence, kudos to the folks who put this together, and congratulations on the awesome response!! (...and please do let us know what is going to happen to all the extra moneys when you have figured that out)
  20. I figure you guys didn't plan to meet your goal so quickly, but since you have and the donations just keep on coming, maybe you could post here and on the Kickstart page some general plans as to how the additional money is going to be spent?
  21. IsolinearMoogle

    POST TO ENTER! Meet Uematsu! Win VGM! (July 29th deadline!)

    Yes please sign me up for a chance!
  22. IsolinearMoogle

    OCR01875 - Final Fantasy IV 'Fighting for Tomorrow'

    Outstanding! I was so thrilled to be able to play a small part in putting this together, and I have enjoyed listening to this track more and more every time I hear it. Kudos to OA and all others involved in assembling so many pieces into a beautiful and cohesive whole!
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    Gamer MusiCON '09

    Hey I hadn't seen this mentioned anywhere else, so I figured I would give it a shout. This weekend on Saturday (the 18th) there is a video game music festival in Houston, Texas. Jack Wall will be conducting a Video Games Live! concert, as well as a second concert earlier in the day of Blizzard music (not sure if that is just typical of what he does when he's on tour now). I consider myself very fortunate to be singing in both of these concerts as a member of the Houston Symphony Chorus. It should be a really awesome event! I think I am one of the few people in the choir who is anticipating it so much... most of them are more of the "video-games-are-for-my-kids-and-go-beep-beep-boop" crowd. But it is a great choir, and we are getting an awesome sound out of rehearsals. I am looking forward to singing with the maestro himself later this week. More info can be found here: The event is from 2:00 onward on Saturday; I probably won't have much time to check this thread, but if you are going or have any more questions, feel free to PM me, and I will try to get back to you. Would be great to see some fellow OCR fans there.
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    Self-Help Authors and Change

    Apologies if I ramble; this was a great topic and I had a lot to say. I feel like "self-help" has lost a lot of the negative stigma that it used to carry around not too long ago. I think five, ten years ago, I would have thought of "self-help" books as the loser's last resort... but now I have probably read about a half-dozen books (and subscribed to several blogs) that would have been at one point classified as "self-help" — I think the label is disappearing as well. From my perspective, the world (and I mean that in a very personal, not global, sense) seems very different than it did when I was born, or what I imagine it was before that. People in this country (USA) commonly struggle with obesity, depression, autism, procrastination, abandonment issues — all of these are very real problems for many people, and the impression I get is that they were barely acknowledged 100 years ago or even more recently. So, as a result, people have these issues. And let's face it. Public schools aren't perfect, parents aren't perfect, psychiatrists aren't perfect. At the end of the day, it is always up to us to notice the shortcomings in our lives and our actions and improve them. And hey, if reading a book helps any of us do that, great. Education is all about bettering ourselves and the world, right? Two of my favourite bloggers that I would classify as "self-help" are Steve Pavlina and Scott Ginsberg. I have learned a lot from these two guys and the various books I've read, and have gone from nearly flunking out of high school to supporting myself and my wife in a 3-bedroom house from the income we make doing only things that we are truly passionate about. Ginsberg is a huge proponent of having a "daily appointment with yourself"; time to reflect on your own personal goals and consider what you can do to make them happen. And this is really what self-help is, in a nutshell — whether it's self-directed or something you read in a book. And this is what so many people are lacking in their lives... I am disappointed by friends or acquaintances of mine who grumble their way through the workday, come home and watch TV for four or five hours, and do it all over again the next day, all the while looking forward to a retirement that is forty years in the future! That's no kind of life. Thanks for bringing up this topic, Dyne. I am curious to see what others have to say.
  25. IsolinearMoogle

    Today Only! 110 dollars off a year of hosting with Dreamhost!!!

    Wow. This sounds like a great deal to me, but I haven't shopped a whole lot for domains. Am curious what others think.