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  1. You know, I know this project has probably been going for a while, but I just wanted to say that Link to the Past is my all-time favorite SNES game. So go ReMixers, go!!!
  2. Recently I discovered Stabbing Westward (their Essential album). Very loud, not always melodic, very angry, and very cynical. And I love it. My anthem now is "Save Yourself". Also, I discovered The Vines ablum "Highly Evolved". A friend lent me a copy a couple of years back, and I remembered kinda liking it. So one day here when I was trolling on the Net, I downloaded it from Amazon, and it's blew me away. No wonder it got so much attention when it was released! My other anthem is "Homesick",
  3. I just want to wish everyone a very happy Chrismahanukwanzakah! I hope that whoever and wherever you are, you're doing what you do with passion and loving life! And even though I'm just one OCR fan, I want to congratulate Mr. Lloyd and all the Remixers on the SF II: Turbo HD soundtrack. I'm not in an area where I can download torrents, but the songs that have been posted on the main page are awesome! Keep 'em coming! And again, I know I'm just one OCR fan, but I want to remind everyone here to remember to throw a little Chrismahanukwanzakah cash in OCR's direction. It's the gift that gives back to you! I know I'm probably preachin' to the choir here, but I myself hadn't made a donation in a while because I was just too damn lazy, which is the completely wrong answer. So put out a spare change jar, mark it on your calendar, do whatever you gotta do! Support your Remixers! Man, I haven't posted here in a while...it's good to be back
  4. I'm with you guys, Bummerdude, linkspast, and SillyJayJo. I've always thought Rayza's work was excellent, and this is a prime example.
  5. First, I just want to say that Rayza's "Track1(FinalNitro)" was one of the very first remixes I downloaded from OCR. I'm always blown away by how the integration of a simple theme, great rhythm, and spine-tingling vocal effects create a song that never fails to inspire me for more speed. Top Gear 2 is one of my personal key SNES games. In fact, it's in my console right now as I'm on a quest to reconquer it on "championship" mode. In my younger days, my older brother would listen to the main start up theme as we prepared to race against each other, always noting the distinct way the announcer says "you might be missing some of the benefits that stereo can provide". And in those days, we were missing some of the benefits, gaming on old mono RCA. So naturally, I was thrilled to find that Rayza had posted up his remix of this theme. I know all I can provide here is a layman's assessment, but THIS MIX IS AWESOME! Rayza has taken the them and given it a distinct different view in his classic rocking-your-balls-off style. And I absolutely love the way he seamlessly integrated both "here we go now" and "missing the benefits that stereo can provide" into the compostition. I can tell you right now that when I'm biking or running, this mix will be playing in my head. Keep up the excellent work, Rayza! Thank you so much! And on a final note (again, I know I'm just a layman here), I would definitely support and love to see an OCR Top Gear 2 remix project. While the project would probably not be very large, it's easy to see that with a starting track like Rayza's latest masterpiece, it wouldn't rock any less!
  6. This is a great ReMix! It combines old and new elements to give the theme a fresh sound, and the splicing of game quotes was genius! Keep up the great work! ThanX!
  7. First, I want to say that I love this ReMix as a whole, it freakin' rocks! But I must say that the bridge from 0:59 to 1:28 was truly, absolutely amazing. This is how I imagine freedom sounds. To throw off all the chains tying one down to oppressive obligations and to know that you can never again be made to bow in servitude, to have run the race, just crossing the finish line to find oneself surrounded by the cheers of your most trustworthy friends. This is what I imagine that feeling is in music. My most profound and heartfelt thanks, Awesome-A
  8. This ReMix is awesome! I'm not ashamed to say that I shake my tail to this song8) The crowd and piano with that groovy bass is genius! It's got a certain smoothness yet motion that just makes you want to dance... Keep up the great work Mr. Orichalcon!
  9. Whoa! Mr. suzumebachi! I'm not very good with words, but your song "Forever" from Chrono Trigger is amazing! I would say that if it is not the best OCReMix ever, it is certainly in the top 5. And your dedication is awesome too! So classy, to all of your friends. Thank you so much! You freakin' rock!
  10. Greetings to all! I just wanted to say hello to everyone here at OCR! Also, I wanted to most humbly salute all ReMixers! You guys (and gals) are awesome (understatement of the year)! Everyone, please follow my example and give a little cash to help maintain this most excellent site! Ahh...OCReMix...it all started when I randomly downloaded Star Salzman's "Dreams Come True"...
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