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  1. CONGRATS!!! this has MADE MY DAY! wishing you both a lifetime of joy, good health, and prosperity together! -p
  2. I LOVE the Flaming Lips....especially Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.
  3. so, i just recently discovered joni mitchell even though i'd heard of her before. i'd just never bothered to listen to her stuff for some reason. now i understand why she's such a big deal. i was wondering if anybody had had a similar experience...is there a musician or cd even that's incredibly famous but that you only recently discovered or started to appreciate?
  4. Just got mine today and its BEAUTIFUL. you guys did an amazing job and i encourage anybody to order--a guaranteed hit for family members, friends, or even to play at a holiday party. GREAT WORK PIXIE AND ZIRCS!
  5. I was gonna recommend that. Lamestealmythunder. It's a great album.
  6. I just have to say that if you do a video cast, be sure to include angle six.
  7. happy birthday darkesword and happy birthday to me too!!! i don't know many people with our birthday, but so far they are all geniuses, including Lady Bird Johnson!
  8. howdy folks. many of you know me as a hayta, but i am quickly becoming a new playa when it comes to ocr (ha. Larry is disgusted with my lizzeet grammxrs). please check out my latest addition to larry's blog "Songs The Lady Likes #2" featuring: *Super Mario Bros. 2 "Gypsy Jazz" *A Yoplait commercial that'll warm your heart, or make you throw up (Larry says this may depend on "whether you have testicles") *A man who knows how to use his hands (ladies, the line starts behind me)
  9. Just posted a review of the first song I ever liked on OC Remix on Larry's blog. Check it out...I promise, Baby Seals are safe with me!
  10. Make sure you bring: For your personal safety---> http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:7reYx3OmGDIe5M:www.allmed.net/mngd/61/111558.jpeg http://www.veridien.com/viraguard/presoak.htm In case you need to distract the Lion so you can escape: http://cgi.ebay.com/Best-of-BACKYARD-WRESTLING-Hardcore-DVD-Uncensored-DVD_W0QQitemZ9115856406QQcategoryZ617QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem http://www.dccomics.com/comics/?cm=4934 Finally...I'll be around so you can always call me and I'll do what I normally do to protect Mr. Liontamer from himself and others: I put this record on and he sings along for hours: http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:NmlINzobzH2LOM:www.giantstepsbooks.com/images/raffi/sunshine.gif If someone wants to help me make these images that would be wonderful
  11. Hell, it got me horny.</VGF70> So for all those wondering what it was that I got for Valentine's Day. Here is how it all happened. 5:00pm: Larry shows up at my house, with an air freshener ("because you liked it so much last year"), this time kiwi scented. "Not the most romantic thing, I know, but very practical." Ever the debonaire gentleman, Larry installs the freshener himself, handing me a Coke bottle that had rolled under the seat. 6:00pm Arrive at grocery store for dinner. "Instead of Campbells, I thought we could try something different for a change. I was thinking....Hungry Man, since, you know, I'm a Hungry Man for you!" 6:32pm: Hungry Man Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes and green beans and Hungry Man Classic Fried Chicken Dinner with corn and mashed potatoes with Franzia's White Zinfandel. 6:50pm. With dinner completed, Larry had yet another suprise for me: Under Seige 2: Dark Territory. He asked if I would have preferred Freddie Got Fingered, as he almost chose that one at Blockbuster, but I assured him, US2 was a better, ahem, choice. 8:29pm. With US2 over, Larry informs me that he has to update the Currently in the Judging Process announcement. 9:05pm. Larry is still looking for gamer-oriented sprites to put on the announcement. I eat some of the chocolate I got him and go to bed. 10:55pm. With Larry finally done searching for Valentine's Day oriented sprites, he wakes me up and wants to show me his cute Final Fantasy icons. I tell him he can go play with his icons on his own. 10:58pm. Larry wakes me up again, because Red Sonja is on tv. I throw him a piece of my lingerie and say "here pretend i'm with you, i'm going back to sleep." 12:02am. Larry arrives in bed with his laptop, playing Lunar Singing Pretzel OC ReMix. Obviously this means the male lion is in heat. Needless to say, I pretended I was asleep through Lunar Singing Pretzel, Larry's Toyota Disco-Gran Turismo OL ReMix, Vigilante's "Funky Monkey Love-Valentine's Day Edit," and Daknit's Bard of Tarot-"Final Fantasy 7 CoolCatSithe OC ReMix".
  12. Actually Gray, I did help Liontamer write that poll. Pretty much any of the funny options were my idea and Liontamer just coalesced, he's rather complacent that way..after all, he wanted some lovin' so I had him hostage to whatever I wanted...so this time, I got Progresso instead of Campbell's. Here is what I gave Liontamer for Valentine's Day: A hand-painted water-color valentine and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate (which I also did myself). An hour to go to see what I get in return...I'm hoping it's an oil change for my car, as opposed to last year's gift of a passion fruit-scented air freshener. Liontamer said it was the deluxe version because it's the kind you hide under your seat so no one knows where the smell is coming from.
  13. As Larry's signficant other, I think I need to finally speak out about the alleged pubefro. While I refuse to answer definitively whether or not these accusations are correct, as I am a lady and wouldn't know the first thing about Larry's netherparts, I can say that I am quite sure that Larry has the utmost standards of hygiene. I mean, as far as I'm aware, he bathes every week, and shaves every other week. I also know that he uses deoderant on special occassions and lysol+cologne when he's interested in some kissy face. Some might say, "why, paige, is a beautiful sexy lady like you with someone who only feeds you campbells soup?" how should i respond??....i'm hot for DJs.
  14. Too bad I won't be able to listen in to this one. Larry's getting to be an old man. I mean, VGF 71? Don't be suprised if Larry complains about his incontinence, bad back, and lumbego. Just the other day he was grumbling about "those punk kids today." I think I'll discreetly leave out the fact that I am three months older than he. Keep your eye out for December. I'm trying to lobby Larry to let me host a show of the good remixes in honor of my birthday. Of course that might include some he's already played as well, particularly BlackPerson.
  15. LIES! being in a position of authority, while larry's robot status may or may not be verifiable, i can say that he is, for all intents and purposes, anatomically correct.
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