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  1. I'm becoming a fan pixie ... this song is absolutely perfect to me in every mAnner Reuben's piano play is peerless, pixie's voice make me shiver nearly cry and i didn't expect her to sing in japanese ... the accent mite not be perfect but this never gets in the way of loving that ... and well all chrono players know that tune and many like it ... In 3 Words THAT WAS AMAZING
  2. I was left in awe in front of that song truly... you captured the feeling that was in the original in there i can tell .... The vocals went to gave me shivers so you can guess i appreciated If it would be for one bad comment i would say the guitar at 2.07 starts a tad too early but it really doesn't get in the way of loving the song In 3 words I LOVED THAT
  3. Nice rock you made up there, I always like Mr Ovi Robotnik's boss theme and rock ... fusing the two was a great idea ... guitar is perfect laugh is well placed ... in two words GREAT JOB
  4. You did it dude ... with that tune you made me cry been ages since i played chrono for the last time and always love that frog song ... the flute was a big surprise and even if the end varies from the original i find it the best part as it rejuvenates the original tune IMHO in 5 words KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
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