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  1. The part of the vocals on the female vocal solo-piano Schala remix are the same as .hack//ROOTS "God Diva".


    Alright, someone else noticed too. No need, I already contacted them and they informed me that extreme measures are being taken and by tomorrow we should see some results.


  2. He wasn't nearly as vitriolic as I thought he'd be. Guess its a good thing he didn't play more than 5 hours.

    For the record though, I actually enjoyed everything about the game save the pacing until Cha.12 when shit goes bonkers.

    I've been waiting for him to review FFXIII, but he only played 5 hours worth? Kind of disappointing to find that out... He won't tear it apart nearly as much as I'd hope he would.


  3. More leaked gameplay, including 2 bosses

    This game's looking better and better

    Yeah... better and better >___>

    Sonic looks like he's gliding instead of walking when starting out, to me anyway. Looks funny.

    The whole thing looks like a 2D-ish Sonic Adventure game with original-like levels. The game just seems to be an excuse to use elements from SA in a side-scrolling Sonic game. This doesn't deserve to be called Sonic 4.

    I'm not saying it sucks as I haven't played it, but from the gameplay videos it definitely seems like a big disappoint, just like people have been pointing out from way before videos were leaked.

    And the whole TV thing, Blue Magic is right. If you weren't rolling the box would just stop you. As pointed out, it looks like he didn't roll soon enough.

  4. Dude, people don't want the rape of the game. It's the battle system and the overworld and airship from FF7 that they love. The battles wouldn't be nearly as difficult or involve any strategy if they were changed to FF13 style, at least for big battles like Ruby Weapon etc.

    Heck dude, LucasArts could do a FF7 remake in a fraction of the time it will take Square, and Cloud would sound like Guybrush Threepwood. Updated 3D graphics with voice acting and better cinematics, details, etc.. Honestly it should take a year, probably less, all they've got to do is open what they've already got as far as their primitive 3D models go, and upgrade them to today's standards. Pop in a 60fps framerate at 1080p and boom. Heck, they could re-paint the backgrounds instead of rendering them in 3D and i'd still be happy.

    edit: Or they could render new background paintings in 3D.. haha... 3D PAINT!

    I wasn't saying to change the battle system, the overworld or the airship. I was pointing out that to do that, they would have to make it entirely different - which people would just be up-in-arms about because those aspects of the game have changed. If they changed the battle system to match that of FF13, well then it's not really FF7 anymore is it? Big, BIG battles (Weapons, Sephiroth, Jenova) yeah maybe it would be pretty neat but it's still changing things too much.

    Yeah, you may be happy with simple upgrades like that, but do you honestly think Square would stop at that? If it's moved to the PSP - maybe. If it's moved to the PS3 - you're going to get much much more than just polished graphics with the same gameplay.

    Also, Bleck, I completely agree that FF13 was a shitty game, but throughout this thread I've read several times comparing a remake to FF13. Also, I believe I read somewhere that FF13 topped FF7 in sales (which was their previous highest selling FF game wasn't it?) - what would stop Square from wanting to make it like FF13 to just boost sales that much more?


    People were saying Final Fantasy was milked to death before 7 ever came out, I recall quite vividly.

    As far as current-gen graphics go, this is bad why? I'd like to see some more concrete evidence to support this over far, fast-forwarding to events that are still largely hypothetical.

    This was meant as more ruining the nostalgia of the game, a big reason why people love it so much. My bad, should have specified that better. I still believe if the graphics were made current-gen, it would ruin a lot of the game - but that's just my opinion.

  5. A remake is just a horrible idea. Leave the game as it is (as several people have said) and let it die already. It's already been milked to death with sequels and prequels.

    It seems everyone that wants it remade, wants that for the sake of having current-gen graphics, which would just ruin the game completely. I think one of the only thing that could be kept relatively the same would be the battle system - which everyone would bitch about if they kept that the same and just updated graphics. They'd want something to mirror the battles in AC or something like FF13.

    What about the world map? Unless they'd make it like the world in Shadow of the Colossus, they can't do a fully explorable world map with no loading except for towns, caves, etc. Unless they make it like an MMORPG map/world. Or the airship/submarine? Every FF [console] game since X has rid itself of a free-flying airship that you control. It's been announced that FF versus 13 is bringing airships back, but I'm not sure how - probably how X and X-2 has it - some stupid-ass list of places that you select and you're teleported there.

    You can only change/update so many things before it's nothing like the FF7 you remember. Like I said, most people seem to just want updated graphics (oh and a better translation), but with updated graphics a major portion of the game will have to be overhauled. It wouldn't even be FF7 anymore (not that it was that great of a game to begin with... I'm a FF6 and FF9 fan over any other FF game).

    I say if they're exploring anything regarding past titles, go back to the Chrono series, or better yet (although not S-E), how about a LoD2? I'd like to see either of those series revisted before FF7 gets ANOTHER title added.

    I'd rather have FFIX(even a port) on the 3DS. Oh yeah.

    Well that'll probably happen for the PSP before 3DS. Just to follow suit with FF7 and FF8 being on the PSN already. I'm looking forward to IX coming to the PSN.

  6. I'm going with the theory that you're not actually playing against the girl, rather you're just talking to her or video chatting or whatever it is that you do. You're probably playing against some elite player who's going to whoop your ass in whatever you're playing. Paying to get owned in a game just to talk to some girl while it happens.

    It's not an explicitly explicit service, but PlayDates set their gaming mood to either "flirty" or "dirty." What the two of you chat about is entirely up to you.

    I doubt you're going to be talking about the game you're playing, or they'll try to avoid it. Ten or six minutes, they're probably going to talk about something that relates to what their mood is, that will bring you back to use their service again.

  7. Both are the same game, but Student Alliance has some extra features. Multiplayer wireless battles, some extra recipes, quests and monsters I think. Also has longer load times than the ps2 version, though you can load it to the memory stick to make the loads better.

    As long as it has some form of Data Install, like you said, I'll probably pick it up.

    I tried playing KH: Birth By Sleep without turning the data install feature on and it was horror... pure, never-ending load times horror.

    Extra quests though, that's a selling point to me. I love side-quests.

    Also, how was Atelier Annie? I've been wanting to play that for a while now.

  8. Well I have the PS2 version anyways so it shouldn't be a problem. The text on the PSP version is also hard to read sometimes, mostly with the letter b looking kinda like a l.

    Is the first PS2 game and Student Alliance the same thing? I have both PS2 games, but never picked up Student Alliance. I thought the only difference was the title:

    Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (PS2)

    Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy (PS2)

    Mana Khemia: Student Alliance (PSP)

    Also, the wheel isn't that bad at all :) I thought the timing was pretty easy actually.

  9. I'm not sure how I feel about the new drum work. It seems to bring out the source tune more (like at 1:46 - the end), unless you changed that as well... made it louder or something (I suck with music terminology). But at the same time, the way the drums are in the latest update, seem kind of out of place - not really sure how else to describe it.

    I think what it is, to me anyway, is they take away from the dark feel that it had before, and judging from the name "City of Darkness" I assume that's kind of the feel you're going for.

    I dunno, take what I say with a grain of salt because I'm not the greatest person to critique music, but those are my thoughts on it.

    I still like it overall though, and can't wait to hear it extended and finished.

  10. Hope this isn't considered reviving a dead thread, but I would also love to see someone attempt this, the music from .hack has always captivated me. Granted I wil admit the game music isn't nearly as good as the music from the anime, however, .hack//G.U. did step up significantly in the music department and outdoes the first four games, IMO.

    thats the hard part, a lot of the song's don't have names.

    No offense, but that's completely wrong. If you're getting your tracklisting from blue laguna, yes, it would appear that way. But the tracks do indeed have names. I have every soundtrack to every .hack installment (anime, video game, etc) and I'm looking at the list now.

    Also it should be noted if anyone decides to do this and DOES use bluelaguna.net to get their tracks, everything after track 68 (which is oh-so-wonderfully titled "bonus4" - really titled "Eight Hundred Significant Seasons Bonus Track .hack Mix") are sound effects or npc voices (like Grunties) used throughout the game. For this reason I omitted them from my soundtrack collection.

    The tracks are organized by "type" - which is how they're named almost everywhere you look, instead of using the actual trackname.


    This has a full track listing with names along with the corresponding "type".

    I think if anyone has a shot at getting a good remix out of the first four games, they should use something from the following list:

    Balmung's Entry and the Virus

    Kubia's Birth

    Kubia's Birth Recollection

    Kubia - Stage One to Stage Three

    Kubia Stage Four

    Data Drain

    Note all the Kubia tracks basically have the same tone to them, and sound really similar to each other, but also have their differences however small they may be.

    As for .hack//G.U., well... the vocal tracks were always my favorite:

    Shinjitsu no Yukue (The Whereabouts of Truth)

    Yasashiku Kimi wa Hohoende Ita (You Were Smiling Gently / You Smiled Kindly)

    Would these still be considered music from video games though? I guess the way I'm looking at them is like, Melodies of Life from FF9 or Eyes on Me from FF8 - tracks used in the game and on the soundtrack, but they're kind of on their own outside the actual game music (if that makes sense). The lyrics kind of make the songs, so I dunno what would be done about those if remixed.

    Anyway, that's my two cents for now - I'd still love to see someone try something, but I also understand how it'd be pretty difficult to do anything with the music.

  11. I would definitely love to hear you, GameBox, Audix and Avaris tackle some of these tracks as well. If I had the time, patience, and organizational skills, I would try to get a Project together.

    Is it common practice for the one putting together a project to also contribute to it, remix wise? I have the time, patience and organizational skills to put together a KH Project - hell I'm always hoping I'll randomly come to OCR one day and see that someone started one. The only way I'd be able to contribute though is by making a website/graphics for it. I have no musical talent whatsoever, though I have been told I'd make a good melodic death metal singer/screamer which always makes me smile :D

    Also, I completely agree with those who you listed, along with others, but I don't feel like namedropping right now.

    Back on topic, please finish this. It sounds so amazing thus far.

  12. I normally don't comment on WIPs (mainly because I lack the knowledge of proper music techniques and terms - don't flame me for making a comment please) but to me this just sounds like some metal/rock instruments laid over the main theme, and doesn't really blend together that well.

    If the crashes that Gario is talking about are what I think they are, they're not too loud in my opinion to drown out the music behind them, but I did find them particularly distracting whenever they were brought in, and not in a good way.

    I do like the drumwork from 1:45 - 2:00 however.

    Sorry I can't be more specific about anything, or what to do in place of what I said I disliked. Hopefully it helps in some way though.

    If you need help coming up with a name though, let me know. Making music isn't my specialty, but I can be quite clever/creative when it comes to names if given enough time.

  13. But I still think that trying to make up a story is a bit on the problematic "drama" side. I think it happens to many people on this online age though, where people try to pretend to be someone they're not due to the ease of doing so (especially on online communities and games).

    Yeah that's true, it is on the dramatic side to make something up just to avoid the situation/questions/etc.

    I agree with neblix and DarkeSword on all accounts as well. It should be the responsibility of the parent to know what they're buying for their kids. On that note, I've also seen some stores not even follow the rating system and just sell things to kids without caring how old they are/what they're trying to buy.

    When I did play online games, I didn't mind listening to kids on mics either so long as what they were talking about was something genuinely interesting and/or funny. I didn't really mind if it was something completely random so long as it was entertaining. These instances were few and far in-between though.

  14. I know at least one kid who lied about his age and refused to talk on vent because he was 13 at the time. He was ashamed of his age and his voice even though (as far as we could tell) he acted relatively mature at the time.

    Of course until that incident the mature thing would be to tell us that he can't speak on vent rather than try to hide it (he said that he had a vocal chord problem and couldn't talk well). Eventually he came clean about it and everyone forgave him but it's kind of illustrative that even the most well-meaning kids have errors in judgement.

    I don't really see that as an error in judgement. I think it's safe to assume that he might have been well aware of how older gamers tend to shun/treat younger gamers and just wanted to avoid that all together. I don't think it's right to say the "mature" thing to do would be to say he can't speak on vent - either route he took at that point he would be lying about it.

    I see it as his way of avoiding the whole younger/older gamer fiasco, which in my eyes, is fairly mature as he would rather just play the game than worry about age and talking over vent.

    That being said, I'm 24 and I've played my share of online games and I DON'T play them anymore because of the immaturity that [i asumme] comes from younger gamers. Someone mentioned MapleStory earlier in regards to MMOs - you can't go anywhere in that game [if you're low-level] without being flamed by some person at how much you suck, even though they don't know you and that's probably the first time they've ever seen you. The community is horrible, and the only "respected" players are the ones who waste their days away leveling to the max, who at that point are to elite to help anyone else, in any way possible, achieve the same goal.

    I refuse to play online games of any sort because of the immaturity in all online games. It's just gotten out of hand, whether it's stemming from a younger gamer or older gamer, it really kills the game when you have people like that.

    I stick to console gaming

  15. I've had plenty of these moments. The one that made me the angriest was my Excalibur 2 run for FF9. Got the sword and went to save it so I could finally go to sleep. The game froze while saving and corrupted the data. Only got to use the damn sword like twice.

    I'm doing that run right now actually (literally, I'm on Nova Dragon as I'm typing this)

    Worst moment for me, probably wouldn't be any single game, but my MicroSD card for my Acekard2i (DSi) became corrupted while I was transferring a game to it - lost completed saves for Chrono Trigger, KH 358/2 Days, Rhythm Heaven, Pokemon Platinum, and a bunch of others I can't think of off the top of my head. It was a sad day :(

    Edit: Actually, I thought of one moment in particular. I can't remember how old I was, but pretty young. Was playing Blaster Master on NES (yup, no save stating here) and I got to the middle of World 8, the last world, after hours upon hours of playing over and over again to memorize what to do and where to go, and for whatever reason the game just froze up. I vividly remember wanting to cry. It was the first time I had ever gotten that far and the last time I ever played the original cartridge version.

  16. ouch.

    and as far as i know, it all depends on where you click. if you click on the left side of the mouse, it'll be a left click. right side -> right click. Not sure how well it will recognize a left/right click in split second decision making situations and stuff, because i've often thrown it off and it's awfully frustrating just for interacting with files and folders..

    Knowing from experience, that setup sucks for anything complicated or when you really need it to work. Better off using using the Command(Apple) + Click option for right click at that point.

  17. Curiously for OSX users how would TF2 play with just one mouse button, or have they finally gotten around to using two buttons and I happen to miss that..?

    Macbooks don't have two buttons and it's safe to assume they never will. I have a year old macbook pro (the model before the most recent models) where it still had the one button... but the latest models don't have a button at all (for laptops anyway)... the trackpad acts as the primary mouse button now. Mac users will probably have to buy a mouse outside of the standard apple one - I went out and bought a logitech mouse a while ago because it's just easier to have more mouse buttons when doing graphics and 3d modeling.

    Anyway, woohoo! Can finally play Portal without having to sit at my PC :D

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