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  1. I can't wait to hear this album - not only is it my favorite final fantasy, but I just looked again at the tracklist for who has what song and some of my favorites are taken by some of my favorite remixers :D

    I'm no remixer (in fact I fail miserbly when it comes to making music, I've tried), so I can't help in that department, but I am a graphic/web designer, so if you need any help there, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I was going to try to help out with album art for the latest sonic project but due to time constraints from school and work, I wasn't able to. However I don't have that problem this semester so like I said, let me know.

  2. If I replay any games it's typically on the original system. Though I own both megaman collections and the sonic collection, I'll still go back and replay both series on sega and nintendo/snes/playstion.

    Also, Sonic CD. I know some people hated that game, but I really got into it and seeing as my SegaCD system still works, I play it from time to time.

    And it goes without saying, certain final fantasy games. FFVI and FFIX especially, but the other week I felt the need to play FFVIII over again, so right now I'm doing a perfect game run through that.

    And Castlevania: SotN. Win.

    I just went to gamestop earlier today and got the pokemon event item (pikachu colored pichu - for some unlockable in HeartGold/SoulSilver) - and that made me wanna play through Pearl/Diamond again.

  3. Prophet, if I could add this to the list, that'd be great.



    Megaman Legends 2 [kierancarden]

    Legend of Dragoon [kierancarden]

    Final Fantasy IX [kierancarden]



    MtG (Magic the Gathering) cards [kierancarden]

    Dragonball Z CCG cards [kierancarden]

    Sonic the Hedgehog comics [kierancarden]

  4. I have to agree with everyone else and also say that there's nothing wrong with Play-Asia. I've imported multiple games, figurines, DS accessories, etc from them and have received everything without any problems.

    I have no prior knowledge to the 5 - 15 day shipping as I always select the fastest shipping method (I'm such an impatient person, haha).

    To answer your question - Yes, I would recommend them.

  5. I'm always excited to see new KH mixes, it is my favorite game series after all.

    This sounds really good, but I also agree with what everyone else has said. It sounds too much like the source with just a beat added over the top of it. It definitely needs more variety.

    I also agree that the switch between dearly beloved and hikari could be better. I dunno, to me it sounded like two mixes that were made separately and then just combined to create one long mix.

    I have no problem with the repetitiveness of it all, but I'm also a fan of techno/trance/dance/d&b/etc etc so I'm used to it. I can definitely see it being used by a DJ for some kind of gathering for a crowd, but that's also because it doesn't vary much from the source, which is typically how club mixes are.

    Like everyone else, I'm not trying to bash on the song, it sounds good so far. I don't think it should be submitted as-is though. I like the duet idea too. I personally feel that would be a better route to take with the mix.

  6. There are still some games I haven't beaten, like Ghosts and Goblins. The last time I tried to beat Blaster Master, I was near the last boss and the game froze, never to work again. I am still waiting for the right time, to execute my revenge. I still can't beat the first Ninja Gaiden without using continues.

    I was never able to beat Blaster Master without using save states. The last time I played the game (ages ago) and didn't use any kind of save state or cheat, I got to world 8 and ended up stuck somewhere being constantly injured and couldn't get out in time :(

    Star Tropics is still one of my favorite games today. Though (back then anyway) if you lost the manual you were screwed at one point in the game. There was a code on one of the pages you needed in order to start your submarine back up... so loosing the manual meant no more code 8O happened to me >.>

    Just out of curiosity, did anyone ever play Robo Warrior? And if so, did you get as frustrated as I did trying to figure that game out? I eventually got the hang of it (still haven't beaten it though) but damn was that game hard.

  7. Just now found this thread, and I gotta say this is going to be epic. Can't wait.

    Also, if you need any more help with graphics, feel free to shoot me a PM and let me know what you need. I'm a graphic artist/web designer as well. My schedule is a little hectic right now but I should have a whole lot of free time coming up very soon.

  8. Well, as a very big KH enthusiast.. (I modded 2 PS2s for the Final Mixes and Re:CoM) I see a lot of it drawing back from the original.

    I did the same thing, except I used swap magic XD And now I just need to learn japanese to understand my copy of 358/2 Days :(

    How to do this? I don't know any techy jargin...but I would suggest speeding it up in some parts (or the whole thing after like a slow beginning). Some sound effects from KH would be pretty cool if applied in the right way, and the occasional tune that we'd recognize as the Original Song.

    I like that idea, using sound effects from KH. The first thing that came to my mind when reading that was Sora saying "Stop" from the first game. Not sure if you'd wanna use something like that (could have him say it and slow down the mix at points, or something like that) but it's a thought.

    Second "idea" that came to my mind (not sure how doable this would be, hence the quotes around idea), if you use sound effects, maybe use the spell names and have the mix tempo change accordingly to what was said. Like maybe using "Fire!" to speed up the mix, whatever he says (I think it's "Freeze") for blizzard to slow it down, or give it a calmer tempo for a little bit. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, just trying to give some suggestions.

    I agree it's way too similar to the first, but it's coming along. You just need to find that certain something to make it your own.

    One thing I thought of was those old silent film comedies where just a bunch of crazy stuff is going on and the music kind of matches what is going on. Maybe look into some of those? If you haven't already, that is. Who knows, could possibly come up with a name that way too.

    It's sounding good though, and you should definitely keep working on it. I can't wait to see what comes of it.

  9. My next book will be Le Comte de Monte-Cristo.

    Amazing book, I can't stress that enough.

    I'm currently re-reading The Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. Anyone interested in fantasy/sci-fi novels should definitely pick up this series if you haven't already.

  10. I'm not really sure if this is where I would post this or not, but I figured the request board wouldn't be the right area. So I decided to ask in the help area (makes sense, right?)

    Anyway, on my old PC I had a Chrono Cross remix. I however, cannot find it anywhere on OCR :( It had lyrics to it, which rules out a lot of the tracks, and I have already browsed through the ones with lyrics and the track I'm looking for isn't there :/

    I do remember most of the lyrics though (or, what I think I remember, I was never sure on certain parts), so I was hoping someone might have it/know what it's called/tell me where I can get it.



    Dreaming of a shore at another world

    Endless sea, and sand as far as I can see

    Is this where I'm meant to be?

    Is this my fate, my destiny?

    So dreaming of my shadow staring at me

    Is this real, or a mirror of what, I see

    Am I the true reality

    or am I just a reflection

    Searching for

    a shore at another world

    Where I'll see

    the truth of my existance

    Will I find you along the sands


    Like I said, I don't know if these lyrics are 100% accurate, and I know there's bits and pieces I left out cause I could never really understand what was being said.

    If anyone could help me, that would be great. Thanks :)

    Oh, and I'm sure some of what I remember for lyrics are wrong, so if someone has them too, that would be a wonderful extra as well ^_^;

    Nevermind, I found it. It was part of the Radical Dreamers album - "Requiem For Another World (Requiem)"

  11. I would love to see more KH remixes posted as well, being the die-hard KH fan that I am (just got 358/2 Days imported last Friday, along with the special edition KH DSi & protective case) ^_^;;

    I for one thoroughly enjoy listening to sephfire's remix of Destati/Hollow Bastion - "Above the Rising Falls". One of my favorite OCR tracks of all time actually.

    I would love to see DarkeSword attempt something. I've had "Dagger Vision" (not posted on OCR) on repeat for a while now, but all the MegaMan remixes I've heard of his are simply amazing. I bet he could do wonders with KH music.

    On that note, the list of KH songs I would love to hear someone try to do something with would be:

    --- KH ---

    Dearly Beloved - if lyrics (pixietricks?) could be made for this track, I think it would be an even more beautiful track than it already is. This doesn't have to be from the first KH game either, just the first one I saw while scrolling through my KH OST collection.

    Forze Del Male - completely agree with the previous post. This would be an excellent track to have a remix of.

    End of the World - nothing really to say about it, just a nice, dark piece that has great potential

    --- KH2 ---

    Roxas - though this track already has 5 different incarnations by Yoko Shimomura (Roxas, The Other Promise, Roxas [piano], The Other Promise [piano], and a complete overhaul (very sad version) of The Other Promise on the Very Best of Yoko Shimomura album)

    Riku / Sacred Moon - both tracks could very easily do well remixed on their own, but I also think they could make a very interesting piece if combined (if done right, of course)

    13th * - meaning, any variation of any of the Organization 13 songs (The 13th Struggle, Organization XIII, The 13th Dilemna, The 13th Reflection)

    --- KH: Re: Chain of Memories ---

    Lord of the Castle - already an awesome piece, but I know it could be made into something even better.

    --- Final Mix games ---

    Another Side - technically, where the Organization XIII theme was taken from, I'm not sure how it could be altered, but it would be cool if someone could do it.

    Rage Awakened - I personally think this and Fate of the Unknown, would be epic pieces to remix. They fit so well where they appeared in the game (fighting Terra, and the secret ending, respectively). Anyone who has heard (or played Final Mix+) would probably agree that a remix of these two tracks (combined or individually) would be greatly recieved, and something most KH fans would love to see.

    I could list a ton more, these are just a few of my favorite tracks. I apologize for the lengthy post, and although I would love to see all of these tracks remixed, I'm in no way expecting them all to be done. I do hope however that some remixers decide to pick up a few and see what they can do.

    I'm no remixer, but if someone decided to take on more (or more) of these tracks, I'd be willing to help in any way possible, even if it's just providing source tracks.

  12. I love this style of music. I've had it on repeat since I downloaded it and have enjoyed every second of it. Shadow of the Colossus is an awesome game and as people have said, it needs more attention. I couldn't recognize the track that was being remixed either, even after listening through the soundtrack. However, I think saying the style is "a vague nod to Harry Gregson-Williams' relaxed film scores; the recent Narnia film, specifically." is a huge understatement. This piece sound more like the second half of "Evacuating London" from the Chronicles of Narnia movie, vocals and all than anything from SotC. It'd almost be better to say this was a remix of the Narnia track than whatever SotC song it's supposed to be. I do highly recommend this song though.

  13. Oh man, I would love to hear that. Is there any possible way that a Kingdom Hearts project could get started? Could do two sets... one for the first game (including Final Mix) and one for the second (including Final Mix+ ..which comes out on march 29th). I think that would be cool for project.

  14. Technically the song is from Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. It's the song that plays during the secret ending "Another Side, Another Story - Deep Dive".

    The song is great on it's own, don't get me wrong, but I would love to see what someone could do with it. If I had to request a remixer, I would say Sephfire. I love how "Above the Rising Falls" turned out and I listen to it almost every day. There's actually quite a few people I would like to see try this one - I'm not trying to exclude anyone, but I'm pretty sure everyone here has a favorite remixer.

    Anyway... I saw a couple people had requested "Hand In Hand" and "End of the World" which are also extremely good pieces and I would love to see those remixed as well... but my first choice has to be "Another Side".

    If you haven't heard the song (or seen the movie) you can hear/see it here


    The mp3 isn't on the site, but the movie will let you listen just fine.

    I hope someone wants to take on this project... I've always wanted to see what could be done with it -- if it could get any better ^_^

    If anymore information is needed let me know. Thanks.


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