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  1. so we expect this album out this month right?

    I'm not sure where this expectation is coming from o.O Fishy last said they were very near evaluation (not in it), and there's been no other indication that the album has entered the evaluation state, or that a release month has been given.

    Unless I completely missed something on a different thread.

  2. KH3 is going to start with Sora dressed as a chicken covered in blood, Dolan dead and Goofy covered with battle scars, and I'm gonna be like wtf which handheld game did I skip that explains this

    Oh that's not from a handheld, that happens to be from Kingdom Hearts X[chi] - that lovely browser game that probably won't see the light of day outside of Japan. It also happens to be a very super secret, one-off missable in-game cutscene.

    That aside, the KH3 trailer was awesome, though as you said nothing mindblowing. Though people do seem to be blowing up about the fact that Sora had guns, as if he's going to be running around with them and they weren't just a magic finishing combo.

    Also, too bad you don't live nearby. I'd say you could raid my collection if you wanted to play the handhelds/Final Mix versions of anything - but the ReMixes are clearly taking care of that.

  3. Yeah its fair to be on my case. I'm just settling in to the first week of my new job and moving house etc which was the huge timesink of my life getting all that sorted. Now I can relax and get back into it. I would have been panicking more about FF9 but as long as we're done before FF6 is released we're really not loosing time, so fear not.

    Congrats on the new job, and moving. Hopefully it all works out for the best :)

    Just saw the album trailer for FF6 was released. Not sure how long it usually takes for an album to release after the trailer comes out, but does that change the pacing/timeline of FF9?

    Dang I already named it Spirits of Gaia before I submitted it to the panel and went to bed, y'all was too slow :'( Now they won't be able to insert a name change for up to a year. :'(

    I might just stick with Spirits of Gaia unless it is SUPER easy to have the name changed for the submission email and stuff. Then we could try to go with "Diamonds are a Yan's Best Friend" but that might be a bit long / wordy for eventual printed artwork. :-o

    Awww :( When Fishy said he approved of it I was hoping it would be chosen. I wanted to contribute to this album in one form or another. Naming a song would have been pretty cool.

  4. The "Original" Fairy Battle can be found on youtube. HERE.

    Also, as was said previously, it is a song used for "Non-hostile" encounters the Main Characters sometimes have with strange critters that demand random items from the players in order to complete a side-quest. No matter the genre/style that is going to be used for the remix, those two things I mentioned is going to have impact, and should be taken into consideration for the remix's song name.

    All the items you give are gemstones of some kind, so why not a play on that? Like the last one is a diamond, so maybe something cheesy like "Diamonds aren't just for girls", "Diamonds are a Yan's best friend" or something ridiculous like that.

    Dem greedy monsters and their jewels.

    Remember it also plays for the Ragtime Mouse, so any kind of play on that and his pop quiz would be just as appropriate.

  5. I'm thinking of doing an entire Thunder Force IV arrange album someday and if I do I will definitely revisit this song and make an entirely new version or make this one even better.

    Not only is this mix awesome, but I fully support this. Thunder Force IV has some really amazing music and has always been one of my favorite game soundtracks. Needs more love.

    Great job on the remix! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. Yar. I still need to get Fairy Battle in before the cut. MAKE SURE I do it! I mean, tell me before it's too late. I can whip it out in a day or two, I just need that stress to get through the window in the meantime I've got some gigs that'll hopefully get me a little moneys

    Hey! Get started on Fairy Battle :)

  7. Well I have to say as a huge metal fan, and Final Fantasy 9 being my favorite FF game and soundtrack, that I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    I'll agree with what Melbu Frahma said in that some of the transitions didn't work quite as well as others. I should say transition though - the only one that felt off to me was going from Hunter's Chance to Theme of the Tantalus. Maybe it's just the different music style in general for those two pieces, that's about all I can think of.

    Overall great piece. Will definitely have this on repeat for a while.

  8. I typically don't post in the WIP forum because I have no musical talent and as such cannot give proper feedback.

    But this is really good. Yeah it has more of a cover feel to it than a straight up remix, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    It really does spark that nostalgic feeling and overall feel of the first game (as Mirby pointed out) which I find particularly incredible. That feeling is something the other games never really captured again. Really pulls on the heartstrings.

    That little bit at the end that sounds like a music box (I believe it's used throughout, but is a bit more prominent here?) really adds to it as well.

    Great job. I love it.

  9. To play from the beginning of the actual story... you would start with which game and continue in what order?

    Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, CoM/Re:CoM, 358/2 Days (can come before CoM as events start near the end of KH1), Kingdom Hearts 2, Re:Coded, Dream Drop Distance

    If you want the extra cutscenes and bonus endings then throw in the Final Mix games as well for KH, KH2, and BbS.

    The only downside to all of this is that all of these span five (four if you only play Re:CoM) different systems, which not everyone owns. Hell the only reason I have them all is because I ordered the special edition KH version of each one (GBA (original CoM), DSi, PSP, 3DS). Probably not the brightest idea ever, but like I said it's the only series I collect everything of.

  10. Kingdom Hearts is the one game series that I collect everything of. That being said, I'm more giddy than a school girl right now. I've been wanting to play from the beginning again.

    Presumably, a -2.5 HD ReMIX- is on the way too, possibly of BBS, 2, and the cutscenes from Coded, but that's just speculation.

    And I really hope this goes from being speculation to a reality.

    Now that this has been announced, next thing to wait for is to see what kind of pre-order bonus comes with it.

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