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  1. Oh, I guess I wasn't paying much attention to the conversation because I didn't realize a MvM was happening. I haven't even actually played that game type yet! It'd be cool to try it out with you guys.
  2. Well geeze, I didn't expect EVERYone to bail on Harvest. I wanted to go full demo knight! Booo.
  3. I'd sure love to play with you guys... but where the heck is everyone? It seems like every night I log on, nobody is there. Is there a second server like there was before?
  4. Whee, I finally have a good connection again. Now I just need a computer that doesn't overheat. TF2 crashing doesn't mean a whole lot if my computer won't even stay on while playing. Stupid laptop...
  5. I'd probably play it. I'd love to see some kind of well-made multiplayer online game with perhaps an MMORPG feel to it almost, but isn't MapleStory or any of its friggin' poor-excuse-for-a-2D-platformer clones.
  6. I think people should stop being so picky. I don't care where we play.
  7. Well, I should probably say that I could probably play it and be alright, as long as nothing weird happens in the actual game, and I assume nothing does.
  8. Perhaps it's the hint of sexualization? I dunno. Though I guess it's not like more commercialized things with anthropomorphic characters have never had shapely female types around. It doesn't help when you KNOW the guy behind it is a furry, though. A sense of sexualization kinda just come right along with knowing that, thanks to that subculture's reputation. It's like, TMNT was just an idea somebody had that they thought would be interesting for whatever reason. This game on the other hand might actually be directly related to somebody's wet fantasies. Even if both end products are equally non-sexual... it's the thought that counts.
  9. Maybe in the second season. In the first season it's just murder. I enjoyed it, though I've been pretty much made immune to intense violence ever since Elfin Lied. Oh yeah, Elfin Lied. That's, uh, certainly an adult show. Do yourself a favor and ignore these blanket assertions. Judge for yourself.
  10. A couple of Epica songs I always thought would be great for some pivotal battles in a strategy RPG. Such as this one: This one I picture being set to an assault on the capital of some desert country. Here's a track from the Haibane Renmei OST that I always imagined being set to some weird asian-style city: I actually don't even remember how it was used in the show.
  11. Yeah, he walks all over my face most of the time. Adon is terrifying. Though it doesn't help that I keep screwing up my baits because his stuff comes out so fast. Also El Fuerte is some low tier goodness. I can't stop playing as him. EX Guacamole mixups for the win.
  12. Darlos9D reporting in. I'm Darlos9D pretty much everywhere, heh.
  13. Reminds me of a mix of Futurama and Shlock Mercenary
  14. I'm kinda sad the Zelda II side scrolling Link wasn't used.
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