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  1. This was indeed, as you said, "a fun, high-energy" mix. It's not Advent:OWA and it doesn't pretend to be. (No one can ever make a remix comparable to the Advent Children version.) It's not definitive; it's a fun take on the song. To my own interpreting brain, I almost saw it as slightly tongue-in-cheek. Yes, Sephiroth is rather awesome, but at the same time, he's also an overhyped, disturbingly girly, emo, easy-to-beat, etc etc bash bash. This song expresses that dichotomy of feelings gamers like myself have about him. And it's just fun to listen to. Unfortunately, I have to agree with some people on one point. It was getting truly awesome near the end with the guitar solo, and then it cuts off! How disappointing.
  2. Oh, that's what you meant. Well, you've definitely got a point there. However, I think Hector is very, very unlikely. He would not only be powerful, but it's unlikely that he'd be slow like Bowser to compensate. And then he'd have the axe. He would be like Melee's Ganondorf with double the range. Waaay too cheap. (Hence why I don't want TP Swordslinger Ganondorf to show up.) Logic, this is fanboys. Fanboys, this is logic. Now I know you two don't normally get along, but...
  3. The swords of Meta-Knight and Pit are so freakin' short that they don't really count. As in they don't give a character ridiculous reach, which is undoubtedly what you (and I) find so cheap about sword users. If Lyn and Ike had replaced Marth and Roy as I had hoped, there would have been two non-Link sword characters, just like last time. (Link is entitled.) Oh well. Although, this Assist Trophy has possible... unintentional strategic uses. Fanboy: ZOMG it's Lyn, I can't stop ogling her, ARGH I WAS DISTRACTED AND NOW I AM DEAD
  4. Charizard... smashes rocks... with its head. ...Words cannot express how disappointed I am... ...part of me is saying, "It's beta, they'll change it, sure they will, there's no way they would go with something that stupid..." At least Squirtle's water effects look freaking awesome... and I am not surprised that Ivysaur has no third jump. At least, I bet he doesn't,
  5. Well, so much for Andross as a boss. Oh well, Wolf is still a possibility. Or Pigma in a giant robot. ......Oh wait, Robotnik and Dr. Wily would sue his ass. Maybe all three of the current members of Star Wolf take on Fox in a 1-vs-3 melee!! ...right, and then the dude from Zombies Ate My Neighbors shows up as a playable, I find a million dollars in a street gutter, and it starts raining chocolate syrup. ...Actually, Zeke from ZAMN with all of his wacky weapons would be a hilarious character. Aaaaanyway, I personally loved the voice-acting in Star Fox 64. It was so cheesy that it was great. "Only I have the brains to rule Lylat" is an absolute paragon of groan-worthy archvillain banter. If you wish to contend this assertion, please do it, as I welcome hearing other cheesy villainous one-liners.
  6. All right, fine, forget it. I just don't like AC, and think that having a Brawl character from that game would be stupid. Obviously, my personal opinion does not count as a viable reason for a character existing or not, so I'll drop this argument and just silently hope that it doesn't happen.
  7. I don't think it was that obvious of sarcasm. Seeing as I don't know who is who on this board, for all I knew you were a stupid n00b saying stupid things. I apologize for assuming the worst. I plead mercy on the grounds of the internet's inability to convey sarcasm. If it helps, I'm even bad at picking up on sarcasm in spoken conversation, so I'm not surprised that I missed it. (I should have known that the Arbok/Persian/etc was a joke...) I'm just saying that logically speaking, a character from a game that involves building a world through social interaction and item-hunting seems ridiculous. What's next? A playable Sim (The Sims) or Nintendog? No, wait, those games have Assist Trophies. How about the protagonist of Harvest Moon instead? (To any lunkheads like me, the last four sentences were dripping with sarcasm.) While the idea of Miis replacing Fighting Wireframes is my favorite of the Brawl theories I've heard, using Miis or such "life simulation" games as playable fighters is ludicrous and a waste of a character slot. Nintendo, if you have to stretch that far to stick new characters in your game, you probably have enough already. That genre makes no sense whatsoever. ......Of course, I expect the argument that Captain Falcon from FZero was from a genre that didn't establish him as a physical person at all. My only rebuttal to that is that at least Cap is a muscle-bound spaceship pilot that works as a galactic bounty hunter. The AC guys are chibi anthropomorphic animal people that buy wallpaper and dig for vegetables. What're they gonna do to me, use their terrifying Rearrange Furniture attack? At least G&W had a wacky, variety-filled moveset that established him as a half-joke, half-homage character. He was put in the game for the fun of it, and also as a tribute to the father of Game Boys. He has a legacy to explain his nonsensical appearance. AC does not.
  8. Whoo hoo! I was right! Let the badass gigantic non-playable bosses come forth! Ooook, says you. I find a TR trainer to be highly unlikely, though, as it's a lot of extra animation and crap when they could just use Mewtwo. I'm also holding on to the idea of Ridley, as he's a fan favorite... though this is more because of my own hopes and dreams than actual theory To add on to a previous theory of mine, I think Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo will be working for the SE, either willingly or not. Bowser and Ganondorf could be morphed into Giga and Ganon, respectively. As for Mewtwo... I don't know, maybe he'll have some godlike mega-psychic dark powers or something. I dunno. But I find it highly unlikely that Petey is the only boss from the Mario universe. Come on, it's Petey Pirahna! He's not an archvillain! Also, perhaps different characters will have different bosses, even if they're from the same universe. Mario fights Petey and Luigi fights King Boo, each one from their respective "E. Gadd Backpack games," but both still fight Giga Bowser in the end. (What if Kamek summons Giga Baby Bowser?! Haha.) The theory of Wart is amusing, and actually not too ludicrous to be true... though I immediately thought of Scooby-Doo: the Movie 2 when Scrappy Doo turns out to be the ultimate villain, more as a gag than anything... Why are you all so hung up on the idea of an Animal Crossing character? Just because there's an AC stage? That doesn't automatically mean that there's a character, too. I mean, how the heck is an AC char supposed to fight? It's just not logical.
  9. Really? Cool. Did not know that. And apparently people will take me up on the Forward-B thing. It would work for Running-A too, I just see it as a Forward-B because it's one of his signature moves. He needs all the signature moves he can, as he doesn't have many. The orange bomb would be fun... as long as it can't be used too many times in rapid succession. We'll just see when it comes out, no?
  10. Well, I predicted that one a while ago. Peanut Popguns and Rocketbarrel Boost and all. (Ten bucks says that Forward-B is his signature Cartwheel Attack, not that anyone will take me up on that.) It's still cool though! Super-fast Monkey-Fu Diddy is gonna be schweeeet... Though, like many others, I also lament that Dixie is now very unlikely... WHY DID YOU REPLACE HER WITH TINY IN DK64, NINTENDO?! WHY?!?! Also, random thought: her name is Dixie Kong. I'm now imagining the bizarre yet amusing idea of a chimpanzee with a Southern accent. Why did I not notice this before?...
  11. Whoohoo giant bosses! I always had this joke idea for "Evil Smash Bros" where all the bosses are playable. Obviously, this is a horrendously stupid idea, as Mother Brain, Ridley, Andross, etc. would be outrageously overpowered and/or impossible to control. That, and almost all of them would be "slow yet powerful" characters. Here's my new crazy idea: they could be non-playable bosses in Brawl. Of course, not all of them should be giant platformer-style bosses; then they would all be Master Hand remixes of "dodge huge attack, use best move, dodge, repeat." There would also be bosses that would offer a fight like any playable Brawler; these could be Dark Link, Dark Samus, Wolf O'Donnell, Dedede, K. Rool, Black Knight (FE:PoR), etc... they could be simple modified palette swaps or original characters. Again, none of these bosses would be playable, but they would provide an extra, or at least new, challenge. End of crazy ideas. Also, perhaps the villainous playables are only unlockable after you save them (by brawling, of course) from the brainwashing of the Subspace Emissary... (Bowser, Mewtwo, Ganondorf, Metaknight) It certainly would explain why they have the Halberd. Though the idea that they already stole it makes sense too. Another also, I really hope they give each character a different storyline, even if it's only slight differences or a rearrangement of the level sequence.
  12. Amen to that, brother! I've been thinking that for a while now (I always imagine it in the style of Soul Calibur, though however Square would set it up would be awesome). Also, I lol at !Nekko!'s image, because that seems to be what a lot of stupid people are hoping for. I'd like to see how the Moon would fight. "Drop Down From The Skies Attack: The most powerful attack in the game, but it takes three days (Wii clock) to connect." I hate to reveal my ignorance, but is Castlevania from a third party? That is most definitely a game series worthy of a character. (Although he/she would most likely be using a whip, which is at least as evil as a longsword, but oh well...) Speaking of which, I will speak no more against Marth and Roy. I just suck at the game. I admit it. It's fun, but I get my butt kicked a lot of the time.
  13. OK, fair enough. I knew I was going to get shot at from multiple directions. But I do feel better after getting that out there (in regards to Penfold) I will concede you have some good points, EazyP. I suppose a fighting game is what it is, with inequality and tournament-talking. And it is true that I have no knowledge of what the new characters will be like. (WW Link and Z-Samus could be very different from their counterparts, I suppose you're right... though Samus fighting Samus bothers me, I guess it makes an interesting game.) I'm still mad about Marth and Roy, but I can let it go, cheap-shot swords and all. Switching them out would be cool... I mean, there's a lot of FE games, and many chars are somewhat similar... it would keep it interesting. (Lyn and Eliwood? Eirika and Ephraim? Anyone? Bueller?). Buuut, I'm not giving up on two characters that I consider the epitome of worthlessness. It's fun conversation anyway. Here's my legitimate argument against Dr. Mario: Luigi already exists. He is a Mario clone BUT he has always been similar in ability to Mario in every game he's been in. Yet with his funky moveset, he's really not a Mario clone at all; similar yet very different in playing style (Luigi is one thing I applaud the Melee creators on). All I'm saying is, regardless of how good Doc is as a fighter, when Luigi exists, do we really need another Mario double gumming up a character slot? Especially from a game that isn't quite "iconic"? (And no, I don't count Wario as a Mario clone at all, I'm sure he will be very different.) And as for Pichu... Y-Link is noticeably different yet equal to normal Link. Pichu is just plain worse. And no one likes Baby Pokemon. On an unrelated note, anyone else bothered by the fact that in Melee, Pikachu or even Pichu can defeat Mewtwo, which could never happen in the Pokemon world?...
  14. What happened to Smash Brothers? In the first game, it was just fun. Now we have clones and overused franchises, psychos talking about "pro play" and unequal characters. I'm sorry, but sometimes I feel like Melee was just a moneymaking opportunity. I mean, Pichu? Young Link? Dr. Mario?? Are you serious? How are these seperate characters? (When the heck was Dr. Mario an iconic enough game to merit a Smash Bros char, clone or not?) And I know a lot of you won't like hearing this, but Marth and Roy were definitely in there just to promote Fire Emblem (which is funny, because FE is so good that it didn't need the promotion). Sure, Link can get away with using a sword, he's Link. But bringing in two characters with (relative) 6-foot wingspans is cheap. These five are characters that should have NEVER EXISTED. (Falco and Ganondorf, at least with their current movesets, probably shouldn't be in there either, but I'll be conservative.) Even worse is all this inequality. I am so sick of everyone on earth playing as Fox/Falco, or Marth, or whoever else you guys consider good. In the original, everyone was about equal. Admittedly, a few like Falcon and Ness were somewhat better, but it wasn't outrageously imbalanced like it is today. I could play as Yoshi or Kirby (easily my two best, I whupped up on people with my signature Red Yoshi) and not get laughed at and subsequently clobbered. The problem is, Brawl is already going to be no better. They already revealed a clone: Zero Suit Samus. I am pissed about her creation and I'm surprised more people aren't. What I can't understand is that you guys are actually clamoring for her and WW Link and the like; you want each character to have 3 or 4 different versions rather than some variety and originality? Don't sell us so short! I, personally, would rather see completely new people, but maybe I'm just a crazy person. Oh, and as for Snake... Give. Me. A. Break. He does not fit in the game, the overall feel of Smash Bros whatsoever. What's he gonna do, sneak up behind Mario and slit his throat? Snake is in the game for one reason alone, and it begins with an $. As a random final note, I'd also like more variety in the stages... having 5 Mario stages is kinda lame.