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    A nineteen year old in mid-manhattan, NY, here in college from being born and raised in Las Vegas. I strive to lead a noble life, and my passion is for everyone besides myself. I call myself a First Century Christian.

    As for music, I love a small bit of almost all of it. Some of my favorite groups are Extol, The Album Leaf, VHS or Beta, Mae, and Sam Prekop. I think you should be using and supporting pandora.com, if you care anything at all about furthering anyone's music. And, my favorite OCr artists, so far, are Braincells and Snappleman.
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  1. This is my entry for the contest--It would be pretty amazing to meet the legend and pick his mind on places of inspiration
  2. When the project is complete, submit a cd of it to pandora, in CA. This is huge ad-time, for free. Or, I can do it for you? Also, if anyone wants to team up with some artists and perform the music, somehow, or present it at a show of some live-band type nes group, I can streetteam for you in NYC or Las Vegas just some thoughts
  3. Hey all, I am new here, and plan to stick around. I am definitely a mooch of mp3s here, and have no shame about it. I am different though: I am actively seeking to benefit and promote any game music makers that want my help. NESkimos were the first band to introduce me to this amazing genre, if i can all it that. Since then I have been a big time fan of the typical Minibosses and the Advantage. I am fascinated to find so many bands doing this stuff through myspace: vomitron, bitshifter, entertainment system, powerglove etc so I guess I lean more to the 'rock' side of remixes, but it doesn'
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