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  1. I have logged into this account for the first time in probably five years or so just for this contest. Well played, OCR. Well played. I freaking LOVE Uematsu btw
  2. Shenmue - Dreaming While I Wake by Arkimedes
  3. In Soviet Russia, YOU eat Kirby!
  4. I just got a mental image of kirby eating Ridley. Awesome.
  5. Nintendo DS: Elite Beat Agents Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney
  6. You'd have to fight Diablo's ghost in Diablo 3. Duh. (Note: I've never beaten D2, I don't know how it ends)
  7. Goomba would completely decimate every other combatant if they let him in.
  8. Playing 4-player and having all of the players choose Pichu is actually pretty fun. The little guy is stronger than I thought. Also, hi, I'm new here.
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