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  1. So, I've never really been a fan of orchestral music. To me, it's also been... bland. Sure, there's some tempo changes and a lot of dynamics, but there was nothing interesting melodically. It was mostly... filler, I guess. But Kotaku ran a story about an HDR time lapse video called The Chapel. You can watch it here (it's really good): http://vimeo.com/16414140

    While I found the video pretty spectacular, I really enjoyed the music. I went to the composer's website (http://www.tomasleonhardt.com/) to find out a bit about him. He has a whole bunch of his music on his site to listen to or download. All of it is really good. And all of it is orchestral. This is how I think orchestral music should be. Imagine this guy doing video game soundtracks? Obviously not every genre would work, but I can DEFINITELY see my Shepard going up against the reapers to this guy's music (not that I have anything against the amazing music of the series so far, I'm just saying that I think it would be a good fit for a similar type of epic).

    Does anyone know of any other good orchestral music?

  2. So Burnout Paradise is on sale for a whopping 5 bucks. I was tempted to get it last year... is it worth the $5? I've played Burnout 3 on console and from what I remember I liked it. I have a PS3 controller that I would probably use to control it if I don't like the keyboard controls.

  3. ITT: Imagery looks for excuses to take advantage of holiday deals but fails to roll on his Convince Self check.

    If it helps, I have put 200 hours into it. Also, the mod scene is great and will add variety to it after beating it vanilla gets a little stale for you.

  4. I won't be able to participate in Steam's black friday sales for myself since I'll be getting myself a PS3 this year. I do hope, however, that they offer Mass Effect for $5 again this year so I can get it for my father who likes a) shooters and B) sci fi.

  5. That always confuses me. One time Blizzard was out of $15.00 game time codes in their online store. Makes me wonder how you run out of a digital product. But I guess there is a limit to the number of combinations in their algorithms.

    My understanding is that the store (in this case Games For Windows Live) buys the keys from the publisher. If they only bought 40,000 (made-up number) and more than 40,000 people buy the game, then GFWL needs to buy more keys from the publisher. This happened about a year ago when Steam had Prey for $5 around Thanksgiving. It was the first time I had ever seen a digital download run out of keys.

  6. Do you guys know if the convolution algorithms you are using are exact or approximate, or are your IRs less than a second long? I ask because using matlab's conv() function (which is pretty optimized, even for parallel processing) on a dry signal of 5 seconds in length with an IR 1 second in length at 44.1K samples/sec took about 55 seconds to complete (I forget the specs of the machine, but it was definitely at least dual-core 2GHz/core), which cannot be done in real time. If the convolution reverb functions are approximate and only use the first couple of echoes I can see it being done in real time.

  7. Do you have to supply your own impulse responses? How long is an average impulse response that you use? And how much time does it take for the convolution function to finish (I know it's highly variable based on the length of the IR an dry signal, but a common length would be good to know - basically, is it something like 2 minutes or 30+ minutes)?

    Sorry for all the questions, I am just trying to get a feeling for the current situation.

  8. How large is your impulse response/dry signal when using it in real time? And using the GPU is what I was considering doing. I looked at how convolution is done and it looked like it would be able to be sped up by the GPU. I'm also wondering what other types of audio processing/effects would e able to be sped up, but I am only familiar (and then only slightly) with using convolution for reverberation.

    And I don't know if this makes a difference, but this would be done for experience for me and would be free (with a possible listing of source code, perhaps even going to open source). I guess it would only make a difference if companies/individuals charge for their GPU convolution (I didn't actually know of anyone that has written a GPU version).

  9. So I'm wondering how many of you use some form of convolution in your mixes/original creations, either for random effects (e.g. drum + flute) or for reverb. Or how many of you would use it if it didn't take forever? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to see the actual use of convolution by people actually in the music community. And if it's used enough, I am thinking of looking towards writing some applications that can speed up some audio effects (convolution, a way to simulate a sound traveling past the listener, etc..). But if no one would really use it, then I'm not sure I would spend the time writing them.

    And if you wouldn't use convolution, are there some audio effects or something that you would use if they just worked faster?

  10. Whoa whoa whoa...you mean Sephire's vids, which I usually had to wait months for, I now have to wait only a week? Awesome. Are there any plans to upload your previous vids on there now (Uncanny Valley, etc...) so others who haven't seen them before will know they exist (maybe save until you go on vacation/holiday/etc..)?

    Also, I gotta say, it really does seem that you guys think of everything. Amazing work. I am seriously hoping some companies (or their employees) start watching these. Great ideas.

  11. I picked up Bioshock 2 for 15 bucks. Just the other day my fiance asked why we didn't have Bioshock 2 yet. I said "Because it's still $50." Lo and behold.... And if I had the money, I would pick up the Eidos pack. Save $511.85? HELL YES I WOULD LIKE THAT.

    I also picked up Mass Effect 2 for $24 during EA week. Been waiting for that to go on sale for a while.

    And just because I was looking for an excuse to play Mirror's Edge again, I did the story mode again just because it was EA week. I'm now going through and beating all my 3-star times in Time Trial. I can't stop playing it; it seems I go back to it after every other game or so.

  12. To be fair, I didn't say EVERY piece of music in Galaxy was boring to me, and I wasn't commenting on solely Galaxy.

    But about the game: when I saw that Link could actually run and jump on command, I was damned happy. Seriously, he couldn't jump on command without being in an attack stance in any traditional Zelda game (excluding Link's Awakening, but you needed a damned item and have it equipped in order to jump?!, and I'm excluding Zelda II here because I don't consider it a "traditional" Zelda). Also, I won't have to roll roll roll roll roll to get anywhere when I don't have the horse/faster transportation finally. I can't believe it took them this long to add such basic functionality.

  13. Final Fantasy 6?

    Final Fantasy VI's music was amazing, but I wouldn't classify it in the same orchestral sense as stuff from say, Super Mario Galaxy. It sounds extremely different, as FFVI's music wanted to stand out (there's lot of melodies, etc) and Galaxy's seemed to want to stay in the background only so you aren't hearing only sound effects. At least that's the way it seems to me.

    Are you kidding?? I can't get those Galaxy songs out of my head!

    Those are all from Galaxy 2, which I haven't gotten the chance to play yet (and do sound better than Galaxy 1).

  14. The game itself makes me very interested, especially with the (hopefully) 1:1 controls. Although, I could definitely do with a difficulty increase....

    However, I'm really iffy on the orchestral music. I have found that orchestral music doesn't fit well with video games to me. While there were a couple of songs I liked of Super Mario Galaxy, most of them are completely forgettable (I can't recall a single song, and I just beat the game for the second time 100% again a month ago) and somewhat bland/boring - too "atmospheric" and made to be background music just to have something other than silence. I always liked the melodies that video game music offered - stuff that got stuck in your head, that you could hum/whistle/bob your head to and really get into, and with this shift to orchestral music, it seems like the majority of songs have put that all away and all the games that do this type of music are very similar sounding, boring pieces of music that just fill the silence (no good original melodies, no good "groove"). Of course, this doesn't mean orchestral music can't be interesting, but I haven't played a game yet (or at least one I can remember off the top of my head) that has orchestral music that is interesting for more than a couple songs. Maybe I haven't played the right game though.

  15. Well yeah, I'll admit it wasn't breathtaking or completely original. But depending on what they do with it, it may turn out to be fun (but I certainly can't say for sure with what little bit of the game they actually showed - hell, it could turn out to be a "flick your wrist for 7 hours and you're done").

  16. Unless Killzone is like your favorite thing ever of ever and your jaw dropped to the floor for the fact that Move has buttons, how could you think that Sony won E3 when Nintendo showed off what looks to be an amazing new piece of hardware, new games that we've been asking for (DKC Returns, etc..), and a new IP (Epic Mickey, which looks good), and started it with Miyamoto "teleporting" in? Sure, Gabe Newell appearing at the Sony Press Conference was more of a surprise than a sucker punch to the nads and a pie in the face on the way down. But that's really a Valve announcement and not a Sony announcement since Portal 2 will be on the PC (and will likely be the focus of development). And the new Twisted Metal is interesting, but compared to Nintendo's, it doesn't compare. Sony's conference, to me, was "Killzone 3! Move your arms with Move! Killzone 3! PSP is for hardcore gamers! HAVE I MENTIONED KILLZONE 3!? DON'T FORGET ABOUT KILLZONE 3! OH, and GT5 finally has a release date!" Of course, there was a couple good things (Portal 2, new Twisted Metal) in there as well, but with the PSN+ (if you stop paying you lose your extra content!), the same montage of Killzone over and over again, it just seemed like they tried to fill the conference will fluff.

    ...though Sorcery looks like it could be neat.

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