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  1. I was actually just showing that I had done some step files to some OCR mixes so that if people were already looking for some OCR step files, they would have a couple to try. If you want to put them in the pack, that's fine, but you don't have to.

  2. I did A Nightmare Before Kefka a while ago:


    I was quite happy with how it turned out (very paddable - I've done it). The most fun was the 48th/32nd notes-mix near the beginning (there is a heavy/hard difficulty that doesn't have them, and an oni/expert chart that does and goes exactly to the music). Of course, I didn't do any editing of the song (it's just not the same being cut). That was also the song that made be create a very small program to automatically generate .sm-friendly speed-ups/slow-downs so that I wouldn't have to manually create bpms for a full measure at a 192nd-note resolution. It makes the slow-down and speed-up of ANBK keep the song in perfect sync.

    Edit: Actually, it has been a while. Because I definitely forgot that I ALSO have done Oil Spill by analoq (from the Sonic 2 album Hedgehog Heaven), which is also paddable (and I've passed it): http://www.bemanistyle.com/sims/simfile.php?id=15729 of which I really like how it came out (except for the hands section near the end, I think it's a little too "involved" now that I look back on it...)

    and Darkesword's Hot Ice: http://www.bemanistyle.com/sims/simfile.php?id=2260

    Keep in mind that Hot Ice is a pretty old chart...

  3. I've been watching it since it started airing in Japan. I was pretty surprised when they landed on Namek in episode 19. I haven't seen the show since it aired on Toonami, so this has been quite a nice way to watch the show again.

  4. Just last week I was wondering if you had released a video that I had somehow missed.

    As always, a great video with some good ideas. I (again) eagerly await your next one. I haven't played too many moral-heavy games, but the ones I have played you could tell it didn't really matter what choices you made. I played Bioshock not too long ago and was pretty disappointed with the fact that harvesting or saving the little sisters changed nothing. I think there's like one line of dialog or something that's different. Whoo...

  5. I guess I may as well just ask it here.

    Has anyone had any experience buying anything off Glyde?

    I have (used the $3 off kotaku coupon code, so with shipping I paid under 3 bucks). I'm still waiting for the book to come in, but searching and buying were easy as hell. It's supposed to get here the week of the 1st, and if I remember when it comes in I'll post here again.

  6. I have always been a fan of Privateer 2: The Darkening (it's not a sequel). Clive Owen and Christopher Walken? Yes and yes. Though it did come out a while ago (1996). I just recently went through and played it again actually. After that I tried Freelancer and was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, besides the X series, I don't know of any recent space sim games (it's a dead genre at the moment, since FPS games took its place several years ago in the popularity department - it's hard to pitch a space sim to a publisher these days). I've also heard that Tachyon: The Fringe and Freespace I and II are great space sims, though I have yet to play them.

  7. I was gonna say...get an ITG2 dedicab. So much better, plus you can play awesome marathons (like Windeu's insomnia) and it's easy to hack and add all the songs you want to. Plus it looks better, has a better refresh rate, and is widescreen. Plenty more mod options. But I'm sure you know this already.

  8. Yeah, the soundtrack is pretty good. What console would you get it for? I unfortunately have it for the Wii, and while the daytime levels are a hell of a lot more fun than the nighttime levels, looking at videos online tells me that the PS3 and 360 versions are a LOT better than the wii version.

  9. I used to read the Sonic comic all the time, I have all from 25-125ish plus all the 48-page specials and mini-series from around that time, and some from before that. I stopped for some reason, I don't remember why (probably money). Spaz was my favorite artist, BY FAR. ANd I do have to say, while I don't necessarily like Ken Penders drawing, I loved his inking. Spaz/Harvo was my favorite team, without a doubt. Remember issue #56? Super Sonic on the cover against Manic Magul (?). Wonderfully drawn. When I was younger, that cover actually made me start drawing free-hand trying to draw like that instead of just using tracing paper to "draw".

  10. I actually think this is fine, if not perfect, as it is with piano + sax, and I think a key change might change the overall mood of the piece, although it's tough to say if a change to a different minor would hurt.

    Personally, though I've commented on perhaps changing a bit here and there, I think it's wonderful the way it is, and any changes made should be small ones. If you do change something though, please don't change the ending (2:43 onward). It's perfect.

  11. Man, I can't believe it's December again... and like I've said every year thus far: Don't forget to give the WIP forum a visit in between reviewing submitted tracks. While it's good to review finished works, it's definitely good to review/critique works in progress.

  12. Wait wait wait...

    Did they just pull a Capcom on Smash Bros. Brawl, or is this like some kind of unofficial thing, this SSBB+?

    Basically, the community decided that Brawl wasn't all that much fun in regular form, and actually decided to do something about it rather than bitch bitch bitch. So they did. And Brawl+ is the result.

    I stopped playing brawl a while ago. I started using the time I spent playing brawl and played melee more. I'm having more fun. And hosting tournaments for all of NC and for anyone who wants to drive here.

  13. I wanna know what the music's gonna be like. If there's any chance they'll go back to the kickin electro-funk music of the old sonic games, then the game can suck as much dick as it likes and I'll still buy it.

    Oh yeah. Bring back the style of Sonic 3 & Knuckles please. Drossin? Hooooo yes please.

  14. While this didn't happen to me, it happened to a friend of mine a couple years ago. We were hanging out at his place playing Super Smash Brothers Melee, and at one point he went walking through a door frame. He did kind of a jump forward thing but tried to stay on the ground. He stopped for minute perplexed as to why he did this. Then he said "You know, I just tried to wavedash."

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