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  1. Question: Has anyone here ever played "Secret of the Rings"? I've seen youtube vids, never played it. From what I see, it doesn't suck, but the only reason why I wouldn't get too into it is because it isn't as interactive, though I think it's a good idea that it's a straightforward speed game. It's definitely more geared to kids.

    I have it - but only because I got it for Christmas (my mother asked my brother if I had it, he said I didn't, and she got it for me). I have to say, the game is extremely "meh." Some parts are fun, but then you realize that stuff like jumping on top of something is excruciatingly difficult because of the really dumbass controls. You see, if you press the 2 button, you "hop," which means you jump like an inch and kinda hover over the ground for a second. To actually jump, you have to hold the 2 button, wait until you start sliding (which also slows you down - yeah, you have to slow down at least a little to jump), then release it to jump. But if you want to actually jump any height more than a couple feet, you have to really slide a little ways. Oh, and to do the homing attack, you have to shake the controller (and by shake I mean thrust it forward) at a specific time. And while this may seem all good and ok, it's definitely not once you realize that you just died because the game didn't recognize you thrusting your controller forward. But you will have died a couple times before that trying to jump to a couple platforms with pits around them because you have not pressed the jump button long enough and did that stupid quick jump, then you will have ran off the end of the first one because you couldn't stop in time, and then some more times for some more stupid reasons. There are some missions where you have to end with zero rings. Sure it doesn't sound that hard, especially considering there are plenty of places to get hit and lose your rings. But the challenge is actually in the last section of the level where there are lots of rings, no ways to get damaged, and no ways to die. It's difficult because no matter how slow you go, the controls are so wonky that it's almost garaunteed that you will get a ring somehow ("oh shit, I tried to jump onto the platform, but I somehow gained extra speed in the air and touched a ring," or "well crap, I THOUGHT I was holding the wiimote perfectly straight, but I somehow boosted to the left and got 2 rings"). And then you have to restart the entire level because you can't die in the last section, and you fail if you have any rings at all.

    Also, you can equip some "skills" to use as you level up, but some of them should be part of the game without you needing to equip them. As in "makes moving on the ground easier and more fluid." And in the air. And while sliding. Etc.

    Also, turning is stupid. And tilting the wiimote the same amount won't garauntee that you turn the same amount either (sometimes it's really easy to turn quickly and dodge the fire, while other times it's a garaunteed damage taken).

    Though I do enjoy Speed Break (Sonic go real fast zoom) and Time Break (everything is slowed down and you can dodge things easily). They are both powerups you get automatically that you can use when you collect enough soul orbs in the level.

    But yeah, don't waste your money. I would HIGHLY recommend renting it first. Maybe buy it if you find it new for $10 like I saw at Walmart a little while ago. To me, it's not worth $20. MAYBE $10, but even then it's a little stretch.

  2. I don't want to derail the thread or anything, but the level design just bored me simple as that. It was too linear even on the levels with larger planets, and looked like every Mario level ever vomited on the screen. If you want a game that came out around the same time that actually was creative go play Portal. If you want a rehash of Mario 64 without level design even approaching the same caliber, play Mario Galaxy.

    Plus, the controls were much more stiff and awkward than from Mario 64. Mario 64 had delicious, fluid controls.

  3. I am totally in agreement of S3&K being my favorite sonic game. Hell yes. I have played and beaten it so many times, and I keep coming back for more. Sonic 2 was great as well, but S3&K definitely tops it.

    At this point, I bet a couple fans could put together a better 3D Sonic game than Sega.

    I don't need anything more than Dr. Ivo Robotnik trying to take over the world while (an average height with the regular shoes) Sonic/Tails/Knuckles (and no one else except maybe Metal Sonic as a boss) travel through various zones with 2 or 3 acts per zone collecting emerals via special stages (which are hard enough that most people don't collect all the emerals the first time through the game) and defeating a boss at the end of each zone, with Robotnik as the last boss. Though maybe walljumping would be a neat addition to gameplay while maintaining Sonic's "Way Past Cool" attitude of the day.

  4. I will definitely be adding more later. I don't want to put a lot of work into the midi when it can be spent elsewhere. I just wanted to get feedback on the arrangement/where I'm taking the remix. I think that adding more to the arrangement will detract from the theme of a spy (that being one of lonesomeness and individualism) by making the arrangement too busy. That being said, there will definitely be some high strings in there, it's not going to be solo piano. I haven't decided on what else to use though, and I'm not sure how the next section will be played out.

    Edit: I went through and imported everything into Reason and rendered it as an mp3. It's still piano-only at the moment, with no velocity work or anything yet, but I think I'll stick with this style of piano (and old grand). Next I'll work on getting the strings in there.


  5. So I got this musical idea/theme a while ago, and couldn't think of what song it would go with. I was listening to some music a little while ago, and A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup (from Sonic Adventure 2) came up in shuffle, and I immediately thought of using the intro I already had written with it.

    I only have a little bit written, and so far it's just using Finale with a keyboard setup. If you can't tell by listening, it's set so far to be reminiscent of a spy. I'll probably call it something like "Psst - The Pumpkin's a Spy" or something using the original title more.

    I am mainly looking for criticism of the arrangement, since all I have is a midi at the moment. Think strings and maybe some light percussion to be added to it; it may help with where I'm going.

    If you haven't heard A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup, here's the link:

    And here's the link to the very early wip:


    Now in mp3 form: http://www.box.net/shared/gu82fbgguf Note: I'm not sure which style piano I'm going to use, but I think I like this style (an old grand style, adds more to the spy theme).


  6. Just wanted to address this. Using Putty to connect to a UNIX machine is not using a Windows machine to do your programming. You're not developing anything on the Windows box. You're doing all of your developing on the UNIX machine. :roll:

    Haha, I know. I was saying how there was a program for Windows that allows me to connect easily. I meant that when I said "In this case, I am...". Though I do agree that it is not clear, at all.

    Anyways, in my experiences I have always found unix/linux to be FAR easyer to code in than windows (especially for general purpose command line type programs)

    What do you mean by "easier to code in"? Because I find it much more painstaking, because I have to use pico, vi, vim, etc..., all command line applications, which I find quite annoying. I much prefer Visual Studio and NetBeans IDE for programming. Or do you mean easier as in "all I gotta do is type 'vim Hello World.c'?"

    but yeah, Ive never every had a problem with mac keyboards or mice, always super responsive for me.

    I've never had a nice keyboard for the mac, it's always been the standard keyboard you get with the desktop and it's always been awful (and unadjustable, as far as the physical height of the keyboard off the ground).

  7. Argh, I really dislike the hate that comes from people when I say that I don't like macs.

    umm.. what?

    Try programming in C or C++ without having to pay for Visual Studio, or having to run cygwin and have to include the cygwin.dll with every exe you make.

    It's easy. Install Visual Studio Express. It's free, easy, and a very nice IDE for C/C++ applications. I have used it especially for OpenGL coding, and I loved it. Not to mention that it is free, and I can do whatever I want with it (you would think that the express version would be like a sort of "limited" version, but I have not found anything that I cannot do with the express version).

    By your response, I am assuming there is a free C/C++ compiler for macs? I'm asking because I do not know, as I have not had a need to program in C/C++ for a mac (as I generally do everything I can to use a Windows machine over a mac).

    Let me put it this way.

    Linux is based off Unix. Mac is somewhat of a different flavour of unix (graphical unix if you will)

    Yes, I know, as I'm sure a lot of people do (well, unless you are the sort of person who buys a mac because it's "trendy").

    and what "any languages" are you talking about? I have a sneeking suspition that you are talking about web languages, or a portable language like java.

    C/C++ and Java mostly since they are the most commonly used; however I have also programmed in Lisp, Ruby, PHP, Prolog, and some others using a Windows utility called Putty to connect to my university's Unix machine. In this case, I'm referring to Putty, which is extremely easy to use to connect to the machine so that I am able to use those languages. I have not found a language that is difficult to program in for Windows.

    <keyboard/mouse rant>

    I mean how the keyboard is stupidly unresponsive and difficult to type with (as in the keys are not sensitive), and how the mice are generally, in my experience, to be somewhat sluggish (and I have not had the chance to use a two-button mac mouse).

    Again I'm talking from the perspective of using pretty much every different flavour of OS, and I also have a feeling that you are just one of those "WINDOWS RULES MACS SUCK" people, who dislike macs for no real reasons.

    I have used a variety of OSes, from Windows to Ubuntu to Mac OS X and others as well. I have to regularly use Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X (though I think some of the machines I've used have Leopard on them). By regularly, I mean I presently use Windows every day, Unix a couple times a month (it used to be more though), and Mac OS a couple hours a week. Why do you think I am one of those anti-mac people for the hell of it? Yeah, I definitely prefer Windows over other OSes, and if I don't like an OS, I have reasons. I hate navigating around the file system in Macs unless I know the absolute path name of my file, opening files in Macs (I tried to open a simple Java file and it took me a couple of minutes of searching online to open an editor that wasn't equivalent to notepad's functionality) and it turns out that the reason I couldn't find it looking through the the applications folder was because the name wasn't anything descriptive about it's use, and plenty of other things (it seems that every time I use a Mac for more than an hour I learn something else I dislike about it).

  8. and the Mac platform is more suited for programming

    Wait...what? How? I can program in any language in Windows, easily, and I don't have to put up with the shitty mac mouse and keyboard (as well as other things). Am I missing something?

    Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to Windows 7, especially once I get a Core i7 920. So far, I've got a nice case and a hard drive...only lots more money left to save!

  9. Try both the variable bit rate and average bit rate algorithms for encoding, I used Audacity 1.3.6 and I was able to cut mine down to 5.9MB using the ABR (average bit rate) at 128 kb/s.

    I agree on cutting the repetitive sections, that's the main issue I am having with it. The middle seems to go on and on, while the intro and ending are great. I think it would be a good idea to cut some stuff in the middle out anyway. And definitely bring out those church organs.

  10. Totally like the solo, and it transitions very well. You should add more in the mix somewhere. Though I gotta say, because I like sax, it's over too quickly :P. But that could be because that's the only section you've done so far, and it's not yet included in the rest of the mix.

    Something that would make it sound a little better (that I think):

    Add another sax. Totally. What's better than a sax? Two saxes. For example, I have a alto sax and soprano sax following for the most part the same melody an octave apart with each breaking off here and there for a note or two, with the alto panned a little to the left and the soprano to the right a bit. Or maybe for the second "loop" of the song (where you do the same as the first half), instead of a sax solo, have a sax duet, like I mentioned above. This would add more to the song, and make it a "loop but not a loop," while definitely keeping it fresh on the ears and mind of your listeners. Take it, run with it, or leave, up to you.

  11. Up to date now.

    I submitted a song a week (on the 7th) before the newest edit (the 14th, today), and it doesn't appear in the "To Be Judged" and I haven't been sent a rejection letter. Is there a cutoff date for the submission email to be added to the "To Be Jedged" section?

    To the judges: on average, how long does it take for a mix to be accepted, but not posted to the site, before you realize "Oh dang, we should really post that..." I ask, because there's a mix (Vision of Celes) that was accepted on September 8th, 2007, which was well over a year ago. Do you usually try to space out games/genres and the like? Or in this case are you just waiting for an update from the ReMixer? It just seems to me that a year and 3.5 months is a long time to wait for a mix to be posted to the site (if nothing is outstanding, as in waiting for something from the ReMixer/etc..).

  12. I love Hydrocity. Gotta be the best track of a Sonic game. Your piece is great as well. It does need more variation though, but you obviously know how to add variation in, it shouldn't be too difficult to add more. You could also vary the timings a bit (by a couple milliseconds and such) of each note to sound less rigid, especially considering the genre you chose. I think the intro needs a little more variation as well.

    Do us all a favor and don't forget to work on this more and post it here on the WIP boards, alright? I'm looking forward to more.

    Oh, and Xenon, you got sax in your remix that you've started for Hydrocity? If so, that makes you, myself, and hRook all working on hydrocity, and we're all throwing at least a little sax in it. Now we just need Prophet to join us :P.

  13. there's way too much professional crap out there for this stuff - that's the problem. people need something explained in a simple, easy-to-understand format that'll allow them to make their own decisions.


    also, since we're on the topic of grammar, here's two to use the edit button for :< (i'm understanding more and more why larry loves that smiley)

    Bah :< Everyone makes typos.

  14. No caps for sentences starters? For shame. Oh, a little typo (search for "thing nanometer-sized"). I think you were meaning "think nanometer-sized"). Skulltrain? Did you mean Skulltrail? Also, it might be worth it to say what a die is, as you reference putting two cores on it, but not what it is. "intel’s core 2 duo, the laptop varieties of Celeron dual-core, Pentium D, and amd’s athlon 64 x2 and laptop-based turion 64 x2 processors without even flinching." I think you missed something of the meaning "beat single core out of the water without even flinching." "is basically an compilation." "since the e8400 si a dual-core"

    I don't know if you care about typos, but if you do, here are some I found. Good read by the way. Looking forward to other sections.

  15. Awesome. I was a fan of your Day & Night mix back when you posted in here on the WIP boards. Love the percussion (little bell type things?). A very epic sound going. Besides the little bells, you don't have much in the high end, and it sounds a little...squashed. It's also a little repetitive. I suggest perhaps throwing in a little sax here and there? Maybe? Or is lava zones and sax too cliche?

    Definitely nice start, but there doesn't seem to be much of a melody, it sounds more like the background to a movie. And while that may not be a bad thing, I think it needs something more (and perhaps that has some highs in it).

    Can't wait to hear more!

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