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  1. i was just wondering what happened to the chiptunes. was it discontinued? or hidden by accident or something

  2. this is one of the more amazong remixes that i have heard of the dire docks. happy to hear it. I am sad tho that it didn't go through with the judges
  3. this stuff is pretty fun. seeing some remixes on this would be amazing (i really like this one)
  4. i would love to know what song you mixed, and i have been a listener at oc for 3 years and this is my first post.f i'll have to say that techno is my favorite music genre so i'll try my hardest. i don't know if twinbee is actually the name of the game i haven't heard of yet. but here goes at :44 the bass drum helps the clap a ton so you can either put the bass drum beat in from the moment the clap starts or you can use a more distorted effect on the clap. but otherwise this is an amazing song and i've already put this mix on my ipod. as for the street fighter nyc mix i'm not really a big fan of slower beats or slower progression so i don't know what to say to improve on it.