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  1. Hey guys. Looking for some comments and/or critique on a mix i'm trying to finish. It's a bit of a techno-ish remix of Phantasy Star Online's entry into the crater BGM from episode 4. I've been back and forth on it, trying to spice up each version and while I see the progress I don't see it where I want it to be. I'm also thinking the intro is maybe too long and the bass is too loud. Remix
  2. Trying something new for a change and figured I'd come here for some critique since people here might actually have an inkling on the theory behind '80 electropop. Not to mention any mastering tips I can pick up. Let me know what you guys think. I might have used too much reverb in some areas.
  3. Fruity loops 9. I'm still not really accustomed to DAWs yet, but I'm getting there.
  4. Remix: Out from the lurk-edness comes another thing I did. It's sort of a chillout house/techno type remix. Looking for any way to improve on it. I technically have an even more under developed version but, it's obsolete.
  5. So this is my first attempt at 'rave', which probably isn't a good idea seeing as I only have one VSTi besides everything else that comes with Fruity Loops, but it didn't hurt to give it a shot. As usual, covering songs that nobody has love for. Download
  6. Thanks guys, sent the mix back to the workshop and hope to turn something out in the near future. The computer I used for mixing is down for the count at the moment so it'll be a bit.
  7. More fooling around with house and techno blends today. Familiarizing myself with FL loops and patterns so I've got a repetitive remix here of the "You're fired" theme from SimCity. MP3 Source Welcoming any critique.
  8. Another attempt to familiarize myself with a program I've been using for half a decade. Source is Rainbow Road.I was kind of winging it when I was doing the mix. Usually when I try to do some type of house/techno mix I use unfit drums. I think this time I might have just lacked some percussion. Direct Link Source
  9. Haha, I remember plucking this off the WiP forums sometime in January wondering if it was ever gonna make it. Extraordinary.
  10. They're just doing collab on a remix, silly.
  11. Aye, the Twinbee remix is indeed from the original Twinbee. It's the tune that plays when you collect tons of blue bells. Sources added to original post.
  12. After many years of creating midis for VGMusic and fiddling with with them to make them into 'high quality MP3s' in FL Studio, I've decided it's time I actually tried to do something 'professional'. Not professional in terms of literal ingame music, but as much content as I listen to off japanese doujin websites or from OCR. Compared to all the other fruity loops stuff I've done that's on newgrounds, the following songs were done specifically for fruity loops, in fruity loops and for experimentation in fruity loops. I'd like criticism on mixing, samples, anything that would help me realize ho
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