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  1. What's wrong with the Chrono Symphonic Version? Is it that I need Compyfox's permission too? Or do you just like this version better?
  2. This song seems perfect for the Millenial Fair, to make the world seem happy right before Marle and Chrono are sucked into the past. The clapping at 2:48 seems a little bit too synthetic, though. Other than that, this is music that I would put into my Chrono Trigger Movie! By the way, Darkesword, I'm trying to get permission from all of the remixers on the Chrono Symphonic project to use the remixes and script in a live-action Chrono Trigger Movie. Do I have permission to use your Remixes?
  3. Look at this website for the real, unorchestrated version of the song performed by BUMP OF CHICKEN (No, I am not yelling): http://www.puresquare.com/Starry.php?lf=tales/abyss/index&g=tales/abyss/nav
  4. I'm wondering if anyone minds if I start making a movie with the soundtrack and script of this project. If you have any objections, please tell me. I'd like to get the permission of everyone who helped with the project.
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