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  1. i'd be happy to give you them for w/e u wanna give me just pm me I can do it on someday =P just pm me i'll see what I can do I am the guy who will give away any pokemon if u are nice =)
  2. 223 hours logged and 271 pokemon caught mostly just trades and then trade back for evolutionary purposes
  3. dang that sucks oh well can't have everything =)
  4. Ok saving an elekid for supreme a squirtle and cyndiquil for raenok can you guys give me your FC's and Names in pokemon? and raenok I have other fire-types that I can breed anyone here just leave a pokemon request I will most likely be able to get it =)
  5. Havn't been to this forum for a while but here I have some breeds that I am willing to "trade" here: Lapras Spiritomb Turtwig Cyndaquil Chimchar Piplup Bulbasaur Squirtle Growlithe Mudkip Elekid Eevee Anorith Cranidos phione (does not evolve into manaphy) sucks X( Soon enough I am going to breed totodile and etc. if anyone is looking for a pokemon pm me I would be happy to breed for someone of a friendly status =)
  6. I'm in my kantonians will pwn! >=) sweet pies time to release your strength after a long time!
  7. what pokemon do you guys think is the most easiest and quickest way to trade a pokemon over gts or wi-fi and that is breedable? I think it is piplup starter everyone wants one =)
  8. I'm having a hard time catching cresselia I follow the marking map but it moves sometimes cresselia doesn't any tips besides mean look and master ball?
  9. Hmm my bad I have been given misleading information =P oh well just got phiones 1 manaphy but that sucks phione doesn't evolve? hmm oh well but I have many 3rd stage evos of many pokemon ask me we might do a trade for a certain pokemon
  10. I got all 3 starters, phione (pre-evolved form for manaphy), riolus, and eevees anyone up for trade? (I caught ditto on route 218 while using poke radar I love that toy XD) just pm me or reply on this topic =) My FC: 2492-0619-4420 Name: Josh
  11. do you have an extra ditto laying around that you might be willing to trade? Or does anyone have a ditto willingly to trade I do not have any rare pokemon to trade but I can breed my manaphy and then trade it to you (manaphy breeds and egg and hatches as phione) I can do that or trade you a starter I have all 3 (but I need ditto to breed =P)