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  1. i'd be happy to give you them for w/e u wanna give me just pm me I can do it on someday =P just pm me i'll see what I can do I am the guy who will give away any pokemon if u are nice =)
  2. 223 hours logged and 271 pokemon caught mostly just trades and then trade back for evolutionary purposes
  3. dang that sucks oh well can't have everything =)
  4. Ok saving an elekid for supreme a squirtle and cyndiquil for raenok can you guys give me your FC's and Names in pokemon? and raenok I have other fire-types that I can breed anyone here just leave a pokemon request I will most likely be able to get it =)
  5. Havn't been to this forum for a while but here I have some breeds that I am willing to "trade" here: Lapras Spiritomb Turtwig Cyndaquil Chimchar Piplup Bulbasaur Squirtle Growlithe Mudkip Elekid Eevee Anorith Cranidos phione (does not evolve into manaphy) sucks X( Soon enough I am going to breed totodile and etc. if anyone is looking for a pokemon pm me I would be happy to breed for someone of a friendly status =)
  6. I'm in my kantonians will pwn! >=) sweet pies time to release your strength after a long time!
  7. what pokemon do you guys think is the most easiest and quickest way to trade a pokemon over gts or wi-fi and that is breedable? I think it is piplup starter everyone wants one =)
  8. I'm having a hard time catching cresselia I follow the marking map but it moves sometimes cresselia doesn't any tips besides mean look and master ball?
  9. Hmm my bad I have been given misleading information =P oh well just got phiones 1 manaphy but that sucks phione doesn't evolve? hmm oh well but I have many 3rd stage evos of many pokemon ask me we might do a trade for a certain pokemon
  10. I got all 3 starters, phione (pre-evolved form for manaphy), riolus, and eevees anyone up for trade? (I caught ditto on route 218 while using poke radar I love that toy XD) just pm me or reply on this topic =) My FC: 2492-0619-4420 Name: Josh
  11. do you have an extra ditto laying around that you might be willing to trade? Or does anyone have a ditto willingly to trade I do not have any rare pokemon to trade but I can breed my manaphy and then trade it to you (manaphy breeds and egg and hatches as phione) I can do that or trade you a starter I have all 3 (but I need ditto to breed =P)
  12. Anyone wanna help out other people catch pokemon or tips? We can trade and meet up in wi-fi connect. do all that here!(Not sure if there is a thread already about this but others seem so unorganized so I thought I could just start a new one... Lolz just thought we'd put this here since a lot of us need help with catching or geting pokemon... Anyone know how I can get a spiritomb?
  13. Hmm I'm not sure... is it possible to catch shinies or are they like a glitch because I caught a shiny raticate by luck (just training) but this hasn't happened to me (or at least don't think so) I don't really look at them until pal park but none of them seem shiny... also is there someone who can help me where to get spiritomb?
  14. Here's a list just incase anyone wants to do a trade =): Cranidos x3 Anorith x2 Aerodactyl x1 Shieldon x1 Omanyte x1 Kabuto x1 If anyone wants to trade pm me =) my FC is 2492-0619-4420 my game name is Josh =)
  15. Hi my name is Josh and that is the name of my guy in Pokemon diamond which I currently play just to train and battle and trade basci stuff =) umm I'm male 13 I love piano, computers, and sports =) I am not a member of many forums I might have a few problems with spamming not the horrid kind maybe a double post once in a while but it will eventually die off sorry if I do though...
  16. sorry for the double post but just couldn't wait this long soz =P I have the thunderstone if you still need I don't need a good pokemon but pm me the pokemon your willing to trade and I'll respond see if we agree =) P.S. I have diamond =)
  17. ok my FC is: 2492-0619-4420 I play diamond I usually play on from 4-8 o clock evening or 4- 6 depending on the day but I also play other games so just pm me or reply to let me know you wanna battle I'm adding other people to my PP and you guys can add mine so that we can do wi-fi connection =) and my Pokemon Name is Josh
  18. thats pretty smart =) my lowest when I fought them was 45 highest 56 or 57 can't remember I mostly had revives and hyper pots. (about 43 revives and 70 hypers) =P