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  1. I don't even want to remember how bad I was back then. I tended to so over the top with my early work that half the time it took too long to load. If you pursue it to the end though, you will find your style and you will succeed.
  2. I wouldn't sweat it Zephyr - most here aren't really that picky, so if you look up on the usual places for the appropiate boss render that looks sweet, slap it on and jazz it up with some PS magic, it should be perfectly fine. Unless he responds otherwise. Heh, we got a few things in common when it comes to PS.
  3. DFK... ...DragonFireKai? By the way, very nice sig.
  4. I built mine about seven years ago and it's just now getting to be completely outdated, but even without the cost factor it really is a lot of hassle to construct a pc unless you know exactly what your doing, have the time to do it, and know how to deal with it if something goes awry. Same with me, though they put those things on there for a reason...
  5. You coulda posted in the actual thread, but it's no big if you announce who your taking. He who asks will recieve: Enjoy.
  6. Super Smash Bros Melee - YES Fine points have already been touched upon, so if you love any type of fighting game, buy this. No questions asked.
  7. Heh, I had that impression in that even when we were covering series, finding the best of the best within that series was acceptable. But if we aren't splitting hairs down to microns here, then I reverse my vote on Jak II to a YES. (It really does improve upon many aspects of gameplay, and despite the fact that Jak III wails on it, the game series wouldn't be complete without it) Back to the votes: Metroid Prime 2 - YES I have a little more unique perspective on the games because when I played the series, I played them out of order, and at that time I thought the first one was boring. After a while though, there were some clear differences, and even though I do agree with the rest of the guys in that MP1 was better, MP2 still has more than enough life for anyone who wouldn't mind repeats. (or like me, just wanted more Samus ) Sure, the agenda starts out the exact same way and killing Ing is nowhere near as fun as wasting pirates, but the worlds are just as impressive in their scope, the puzzles are on the same level, the music rocks, there was some difficulty in areas, and overall, it's just Metroid trying something a little different for a change. Dragon Quest 8 - YES If there's anything this game proves, generic can be just as fun as innovative. This game does nothing new, but does it so freakin' well that you could care less. Awesome music (there's a pathetic amount of tracks in this game, but 99% of them are excellent), solid gameplay, massive overworld exploration, and enough side quests to keep you busy for a while.
  8. Shadow of the Colossus - YES This was everything I expected from an epic and more. The graphics are spectacular to the point where they are borderline art, and the battles with the 16 creatures from the title are jaw-dropping fun to play and watch. While the camera was sometimes difficult to control, the feeling of complete awe when you face your first colossus down makes SOTC, without a doubt, one game that nobody should miss. Kingdom Hearts - YES Though some (maybe most) will roll their eyes on this one, KH is a fun game for both kids and adults. The story is original and fits very well within the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney, and its that odd combination of story and great platforming and fighting mechanics that makes this a worthy buy, or at least rent.
  9. Jak II - NO The Jak & Daxter series was something I picked up early in the PS2's life, and then never really got back into until recently. I was impressed with the first installation's evolution of Crash Bandicoot's platforming and enjoyed it immensely. Years later, I picked this one up from the local Blockbuster in a fit of boredom and was surprised again by the improvements they made to the series. But since playing Jak III, it doesn't hold the appeal nearly long enough as the third since it pretty much trumps it on every level. Long story short, the game is great, but because it's only like the trip from home to the beach, it pales compared to what other destinations in the series have to offer. Buy it if your a fan, rent it only if you want something to pass the time before the real fun in the sun begins. FFXII - YES I've enjoyed a lot of Final Fantasies, and even though I disliked a few things about this version in a few major areas, it's definitely a must-have for anyone who's willing to try it. The story, gameplay, and style are very different from anything the series has produced before, but still manages to be what any classic FF game is. While I felt that the story left too many holes and never seemed to have any clear direction (I still can't figure who was the main character) The gameplay was surprisingly fun and the sheer depth that they packed into this game with mini quests, areas to explore, and other extras made me stop caring about all the flaws.
  10. Burnout 3 - YES It is one of the greatest racing games for the PS2. Sharp graphics, awesome modes and solid multiplayer action was what got me into becoming a fan of the series. Totally recommended for those who'd rather skip the concept of proper racing and vent a little rush hour steam by shoving the nearest vehicle into a semi.
  11. *Reaches to pat Bummer on the back, but knows better and grabs some Cheetos* At least you've got gold - I know mine's ending in flames. ....how long has this thread been inactive?
  12. *slaps forehead* heh, point taken. And sure thing, take your time.
  13. Since when does it allow anyone to unleash their skill? No fan of animation, too many painful memories of sigs gone awry.
  14. Two more... (For the rare Our Lady Peace fan)
  15. I've seen his works and I agree that he's excellent, I'm just not sold on that one...
  16. Not finding anything in the usual places, unless you want to count this: I'll keep an eye out for anything else, but it's uphill from Altavista. Expected, but appreciated. I intend to do a lot more.
  17. Here you go Maco, enjoy. http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/3884/maconx7.jpg
  18. Good evening fellas, just noticed that the sig_shoppe was online once again and thought I'd donate to a good cause... More to come soon...
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