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  1. Yay finally! Looking forward to hearing the rest of this album since I only heard fragments of WIP's back in july when the album was being put together.
  2. Very nice indeed, but am I the only one who hears audio clipping at around 40%? Dunno if you still have the time to correct that, but in any case, good stuff Mine is finally done also. I gotta say, during the mastering process today, it was a pain in the ass maximizing this thing. This is as loud as it can be before the compression really starts getting audible. I hope it's loud enough though. This is a remix of Brinstar 1. On some parts I changed some of the chord progression since I thought it worked really well. I hope you enjoy it bLiNd!
  3. I also was not very familiar with Super Metroid's soundtrack and I picked Brinstar 1 because for me, it was the best song to remix in a dance genre (been a while since I did dance, but I wanted to do it for Blind). Anyway, I'm exact where I wanna be on my schedule. I'm gonna mix it today and master it tomorrow so I'll have it up tomorrow evening (if everything goes well).
  4. bLiNd is a very talented remixer and musician responsible for some fantastic trance remixes on OCR. This is horrible news to hear My thoughts are with him and his family. Get well soon!
  5. Good to see a mix from Disco Dan again! Very atmospheric. And this is, indeed, just what you expect from DD remixing 'Aquatic Ambience'. Very nice.
  6. This piece is the best trance OC ReMix of the site in my opinion. I just love bLiNd's sound and the ability to create the perfect atmosphere in his arrangements.
  7. I think it's safe to say that this is my favorite OC ReMix for quite some time now. bLiNd did a fantastic job with this song. A very good aquatic atmosphere, great sound and a great arrangement.
  8. 1st post! And I'm glad I can dedicate it to this remix. This is just an amazing mix. The first time I heard it, it gave me goosebumps. I agree with the argument that the vocals could have come in earlier, but nevertheless good work! Great arrangement, great sound and a great voice!
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