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  1. Ooh, I like protips. Yeah, if I seem to be coming off badly when stating something, just tell me. God knows I can be quite overzealous when I'm fired up over something.
  2. Here's why I'm excited. It's a FALLOUT game. I've only played the first one half-way through, but damn was I addicted at the time. If they just stick to what Fallout is, it'll be good. I need to start the game up again and play full way through. I can always play another game with guns that isn't a shooter (I have nothing against shooters, BTW).
  3. Soul Calibur III - YES Despite the balance issues previously mentioned, this game is a lot of fun, and I find it just looks and plays a bit better than Soul Calibur II. Plus, I made the best character I've ever made in a Create-A-Fighter mode in this using Saint + Soul of Sophitia. And we made some terrible crap too. If Dr. Wilhelm sees this...Remember Danny? XD Metal Slug 4 & 5 - NO Metal Slug Anthology is out, and even though it's expensive, it's definitive. As much as I love these two games, just go buy Anthology if you've got the scratch. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - YES I own the PSX version, which suffers from some load times, but overall the core game is basically untouched. I like this game a lot, and picked it up for 3 bucks at my local EB Games. Fun game all around. Something to break out when you're just like "let's play something we haven't played in a while," or "let's play something totally feckin' weird." Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All - YES I cannot stress this enough, everyone must at least play these games once, full way through. This is the game that makes me wish the genre of Hot-Blooded Lawyer Action was established further than this game series. Hopefully Harvey Birdman for PS2 will be like the Ace Attorney games.
  4. The most accurate response that this news will get. I should ask for the days off from work when these games come out. I'll just put it down as a religious holiday or something. My religion has many Gods, and they are Tiered. I'm still trying to give the religion a name, but I can't decide between "A-ISM", "V-ISM", or "X-ISM".
  5. Yo. My username is Ultranoir, which I took from a description of the movie Brick, and it's a slight reference to the fact that I love trenchcoats, which are often associated with the film noir genre. I'm a friend of Dr. Wilhelm's, and I have a hard time with his precision using Scalpel Enema, and the amount of meteors he pulls out. I'm an avid fighting game fan, with a weak spot for SNK (even the bad games), usually playing Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Guilty Gear. I've liked many of the remixes on here, particularly the work of Snappleman, as I love hard, driving rock and metal music. I hope to make a lot of friends on here and be a part of what the Doc has said is a friendly community. Most of the forums I've been on sucked, so I'm hoping for you all to prove my opinion of all internet communities wrong. Glad to make your acquaintance, ladies and gentlemen.
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