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  1. I've only ever played that game on an arcade emulator, but it's amazing. Did you know that they made a sequel, called D&D: Shadows Over Mystara? It's actually ten times better than ToD, which is impressive in it's own right. They added more characters and equipment and stuff. I agree in every respect to Penfold's post In addition, renting out the space to parties and junk would be one of the better things you can do, especially for a business like that. Have some kid-oriented games and whatnot lined up. Also, someone mentioned the anime and advertising thing? They're completely right. Don't isolate a group. Lord knows I got turned off because of the presence of Inuyasha on the main page, and like the previous poster who addressed this said, some teenagers hate anime in general with a passion. You want to appeal to today's generation, and the entire generation. Sure the anime nights are a good idea, but keeping them low-key is better, alongside word-of-mouth. Advertising the place as urban or futuristic has always worked for a lot of products and places, and here it wouldn't do too bad. Penfold mentioned guerrilla marketing - what better way to market to an urban area than getting an artist to spray-paint your logo? I'll let you mess with the legal stuff, I've no idea on much of guerrilla marketing stuff. Good luck with it. Take every idea into account, and think of the outcomes and possibilities. As a fellow entrepreneur (I plan on opening a hobby store when I get out of school), I wish you well!
  2. If it hasn't been mentioned yet: Poodle from one of the Beatmania games.
  3. Main Ringer: Mass Destruction - Persona 3 (embarassing but wicked). Friend Ringers: Jumpin' Jack Flash (for the friend who would never shut up about S-Ranking JJF on Elite Beat Agents), and Tank from Cowboy Bebop (for Dr. Wilhelm).
  4. With that much of a selection, it rivals my arcade by about nine-thousand-and-one times. I've never actually seen a back-to-back cabinet in person, and the fact that you have a Guilty Gear machine at all pleases me. I'd settle for XX if I couldn't get Accent Core. Lord knows the XX set is probably a bargain bin item for arcades. Bemani rhythm games, even just a DDR machine, are must in any arcade. Hah! You guys have Silent Hill: The Arcade? I'm actually stoked to try that game just for the fact that it's so completely unfitting of the Silent Hill series. Mario Kart GP 2 would be a really fun game to have here - everybody friggin' loves Mario. Why Nintendo(/Namco, since they produced it and whatnot) doesn't bring it over is beyond me.
  5. @Brushfire2004: There's a new Ouendan coming out? Shit, when? I love those games. I'm just glad that I can call "hot-blooded attorney action" an actual genre due to Harvey Birdman's arrival. Thank God for Capcom picking up awesome licenses. Shit, Fire Emblem DS looks pretty hot. Though really I don't see much of a difference, except that the screens I'm seeing look more realistic (read: brown). @The Damned: Much the same - I'm looking forward to a few more titles scattered over this year and next, but I'm not going to buy absolutely everything. I refuse to buy a Zelda game out of the principle that at least three of my friends have bought it, and Zelda games are short - thus it's a good loaner title. That's how I got my mitts on, and finished, Twilight Princess.
  6. We used to have a DDR Extreme machine that I used to play on, but it broke and they ended up copping out for an In The Groove 2 machine. Let it be known that Starcade is just as cheap as the arcades you find out in the boondocks. Luckily I've gotten into arcade shooters a bit more, because with House of the Dead III and Ghost Squad, I at least have something to play. I wish our arcade would pick up a Guilty Gear XX Accent Core machine, but those things are hella expensive. Plus really, the people I know, plus one guy we don't, play Guilty Gear. At least bring back a Street Fighter II machine!
  7. What on Earth prompted you to do that? Seriously, trolling is uncool. That is a ton of games. Actually, probably a good few pounds, but besides the point. And a good few of them will actually be playable (here's to hoping Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is). The new look for Advance Wars is really drawing me in. I liked the look of the old games too, but for some reason I like this look better. Maybe because it's slightly more realistic in it's portrayal of war? Iunno. Front Mission is going to be great too. It's a classic. It looks more like a port with some enhancements, but that doesn't bother me - it's a good strategy game. Unlike the mediocre stuff that's already come out for DS, like Luminous Arc and, dare I say it or my throat will bleed, Hoshigami DS. How that game ever made it past the Playstation era I'll never know. Dementium: The Ward looks like a really good survival horror experience for DS. The two horror-related games I own for DS are too cheesy to be considered scary (RE:DS and Touch The Dead). Seems both DS and PSP are attempting a survival horror game each (PSP's got Silent Hill Origins). Here's to hoping the results are good!
  8. Sounds good. I wish we had some better machines at our arcade out here. Only card-giving one, like I said, is the Tekken 5 one for record-tracking and character customization options. MvC2...Used to have Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II machines, but those eventually broke down. Now all that's there besides T5 and MvC2 is...*shudder*...In The Groove 2. Don't get me wrong, I used to play DDR, But goddamn are the people here freaks.
  9. As embarrassing as it is, I want to play that game somethin' fierce. I hunger for new fighters constantly. And I mean, come on, if Hokuto No Ken looked like shit when I first saw it, all the bad opinions about this one are bound to be wrong - unbalanced as it is, Hokuto No Ken is one of the most fun fighters I've ever played. Speaking of which, mains in HNK: Kenshiro, Shin, Jagi.
  10. Maybe you should search up a proper tutorial for Aquarian Age before venturing into the arcade. Couldn't hurt, for sure. What is the customization in MSG:BotB like anyway? I saw on the card that you seem to have your own custom symbol for your platoon or something. Customization in any game is a big deal for me, whether it be a small detail like a platoon symbol, or large details like character creation. Also, that comic is from the Perry Bible Fellowship. Search it up, it's an awesome webcomic (though some comics are fairly NSFW).
  11. Oh God do I ever want to play. That's actually the nerdiest and best thing ever. I'd probably go with a Close-Combat or Short-Range unit given my playing style in most videogames (all guns blazing, baby!), though Sniper units interest me as well. I'd be particularly interested in using a MS-14A Gelgoog or an RX Gundam unit (probably the RX-78-2, given my liking to mechs used by main characters) for Short Range, and for Close Combat, definitely the RGM-79FP GM Striker, RX-79[G] Ez8 Gundam Ez8, or MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom. Holy crap, even I almost don't understand what I just wrote. This shows my dedication to wanting to play Japanese arcade games. TT-TT
  12. I bought Accent Core, but I haven't been playing it a lot. I've been really busy lately with school, so my DS and PSP really get the most lovin'. But I use A.B.A, Sol, and dabble in Order Sol now and then. Been practicing with A.B.A and damn can that living dead girl pressure. I'm excited to see all the team supers, like Rock and Terry's. Plus playing as Asura again since Samurai Shodown Pocket 2 will be nice.
  13. The appropriate reaction to any mention of MvC2. I would love love love to go to a Japanese arcade. It's on my list of things to do before I die, being a subtopic of "Go to Japan & Cry In Akihabara". As for the whole cards thing, I went apeshit when I found out that the Tekken 5 machines in the arcade in the mall did the whole stat-card thing. I don't care if I'd wasted 6 bucks, I love that kind of stuff. It's pure gamer cred, chummer. Sadly I threw out the card when I was cleaning my wallet. I'd like to do that up again, actually - the Tekken 5 card. Bring in my PS2 controller so that I'm actually capable at the game, or otherwise learn my way across an arcade stick. After all, the machine's no longer a goddamn dollar to play. EDIT: After looking up stuff on some of the games that were mentioned (Aquarian Age and Gundam, specifically), my desire is increased tenfold. A TCG arcade machine and a wicked mecha simulator? Somebody send me to Japan! D:
  14. Been a while since I've been here. I'm starting to browse the forums again, so I figure a new sig is in order. I was wondering if someone could make me a sig featuring A.B.A from the Guilty Gear series. For the record, here's what she looks like, so if you've found any keen art featuring her, you'll know. Thanks in advance.
  15. I've heard a mixture of water, honey, and lemon can do wonders for your throat when you're projecting your voice. That being said, I'm a loud person naturally, so for the Sci-Fi con we run here, I had to yell a lot. And it made my throat raw. Thus they're giving me a megaphone. Though I may concoct that wonderful watlemoney mix, because if it's anything like last year, I'll be yelling about fighting games a ton. I'm also a singer, but that's a story for another day.
  16. On the subtopic of pirating, most of the stuff coming out these days isn't worth the money I pay for it unless I'm doing it with friends. That being said, don't waste your money on Resident Evil: Extinction unless you're going with friends like I did. There's a ton of DS games going to be coming out. There are some Japan-only titles I want too, like Super Robot Wars W, but damn does Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword look interesting. The control scheme is enough to make me want to give it a shot. If you haven't heard anything about it: http://kotaku.com/gaming/ds/ninja-gaiden-dragon-sword-ds-impressions-302661.php Seems pretty fun to me. Other than that, there's nothing I'm extremely excited about yet. Maybe the new Phoenix Wright in October, and Front Mission really piques my interest, because the DS needs more giant robot fighting. The pre-Christmas releases will be nuts for a lot of people to pick up. x_x
  17. My biggest issue with SSF2THDR is the fact that they're just slapping on the new art and whatnot, while keeping everything exactly the same, which could be considered both a pro and a con. Sure, they do want the game to play the same, but keep in mind that most of the damage in the SF2 games was randomized, and you'll see where I worry. But regardless, I'm pretty stoked for it. It's one of the reasons I'm picking up a 360.
  18. Yeah, they just never hit North American shores. Can't even play them by less-than-legal means, because of certain issues (in a soft-mod, anyway). >.> KoF XI freezes up, and Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum doesn't even play. Touche, SNK-Playmore. Touche.
  19. Holy flying shit, why does that look hilariously awesome?! It's a fighting game based on friggin' Les Miserables! What the hell? XD
  20. He sold it to get Pokémon Pearl Version actually. But don't think any less of the guy - it was a good idea at the time, considering everyone was pretty "ZOMG!" on Pokémon (though that didn't last). I want to pick it up myself. Like most of the DS' Nintendo official games, it's just a pick-up & play fun time. Such is the difference between a Belmont and what Soma Cruz is (for those who haven't played the game yet). My DS collection isn't too extenstive, but it's mostly full of games I consider have replayability and pick-up value, which is really important for a hand-held. Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Justice For All (labeled under A for Capcom's attempts to make it stand out as the title) Cooking Mama Elite Beat Agents Final Fantasy III Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Pokemon Diamond Version Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Touch The Dead Not a very large collection, as most of the play-&-finish games my friends decide to buy, so I just sort of take a lend of their games and play or finish them. I need to pick up some more pick-up and play games like Tetris and Mario Kart, but other than that, not bad for a frugal shopper like myself.
  21. Sweet fancy Moses, that is some of the best sig-work I've seen! Thanks a bunch for the awesome Sakura sig, Doulifée!
  22. Haven't seen anything of anyone besides Ryu, and most recently, Ken and Akuma. EDIT: Didn't realize there was already a link to the newer pics. Oops. It's hard to believe that those images are sprites. But when I look at the work in Odin Sphere, and the textures on the pictures, I can suspend disbelief and think that this is going to be absolutely fantastic.
  23. Hey guys. Here goes my first sig request. Like Dr. Wilhelm, I'm a fighting game fan, my fandom lying mostly in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, Street Fighter, and the King Of Fighters series. My favorite characters for these series are as follows: Sol Badguy, Sakura, and Rock Howard (in whatever games he manages to be in). I'd like a signature featuring Sakura or Rock solo, Rock and Sol, or all three of these characters, with my username somewhere on it. If need be, use the art provided. Otherwise, go with your design idea. I'd like it to reflect the maker's personal style or make. http://www.guiltygear.ru/images/charsets/ggxxac_cs_or.gif (Sure it's Order Sol, but damn does that art look good.) http://www.fightersgeneration.com/characters3/rock-ngbc.jpg And I cannot find any satisfactory art of Sakura. So I'll leave it up to your discretion. Thanks a bunch!
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