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  1. Oh no! You low-pass filtered the Bassline! I feel it drowns a bit, even on my high-end Phones... The sax mods are indeed good. The break after the drums at 1:50 is really cool done. As it steadily builds back up, it gives me an exiting feeling, and then the scream and solo organ... "Is this battle finally over?" crosses my mind... The slow-mo-ish build is really building tension in a good way. Then a soothing Piano break, followed by the in-your-face lead. Although it really comes in "loud", it does work very appealing IMO. 5:41 now: it kinda shrieked there for a second, with the lead playing such high notes. Okay, that was al written while I was listening. Overal speaking, this has become a very interesting piece, with a lot going on. The "cluttered" joints (as mentioned in earlier replies here) really don't sound that dense at all. In fact, I find it quite hard to pull off this kind of traverse methods, so I believe you've done an excelent job. Going back and forth between the "heavy artillery" drums, and the easy, somewhat soothing intermezzo's makes the journey that this piece provides all worthwhile. Although I do believe you could give the last 20-30 seconds a tad more lovin' (or so to speak), it does add up as a nice finale. As I mentioned in the start of my reply, bring back just a little upper-band to the bassline, just enough to keep it more clearly in the foreground since it goes bannanas and really sets the mood in the beginning. Anyways, Excelent piece, Excelent arrangement, Very interesting use of "simple" samples and of course some kick ass drums to boot! Big Thumbs up for this!
  2. Dafydd, I did make some changes here and there before submitting the final, but I don't want it to be public yet, so that's why I haven't posted a link here... in case it passes, well, you can check it out, in case it doesn';t, well, I'll come back here
  3. Wow, I actually thought this thread died, but it's just that I forgot to subscribe to it... D'oh! Anyways, After some long waiting, I finally made a newer version... Download it HERE I took on the advice of making some decorations, and I tinkered a bit with the Soundscapes in general. I pitched it up a few semitones, and added the missing section from the source in the arrangement. Last but not least, I made a very short intro, playing only the bassline for 1 bar. Just 'cuz... In the end where the Strings finalize the piece, well, the musicbox keeps playing around "random" notes, like it needs rewinding, or something... Anyways, My guess is that this is a major upgrade. Still, it might be lacking something, but I can't seem to put my finger on it... Comments, anyone?
  4. Well, I finished the Final, and it's making it's way to the submission inbox now... Wish me luck and cross your fingers!
  5. Hi there, I was just playing some Smash Bros Melee, and within the castle I just kinda started humming the James Bond theme... This is what resulted in my repetoire Download Link VS James Bond WIP (MP3 128kbs 1:15) Any comments..?
  6. Hmmm okay, I'll cut a bit on the reverse Cymbals then. My headphones are quite bassy compared to my Audio Set, so I guess I EQ'ed the lower ranges down too much. I'll fix that in the final. After that, I consider this piece done and probably will submit it. Metaphist, thanks much for the quality feedback!
  7. Uhmm... K, Which platform was the game brought out on... Seriously, I've read about it only here, but never saw or played the game itself... Ah, I'm getting off-topic... Just PM me, if you feel like it.
  8. Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy... I'm Laughing myself to death, seriously, this sounds like "Mario Meets Kirby" and it's just... Brutally cool...! Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy...
  9. Indeed, but the overal feel is good. Hey HoBoKa, guess your drum skills aren't as bad as you think The beat is done good, except for that transition at 0:56... The cowbell doesn't fit in IMO. But! Great work so far
  10. Ahhh! The Basic Squary baseline is so... Cool! How dare you pull off such a cool plan! K, Back to the mix: It kinda sounds like from Golden Sun, or something, I don't know Lavos or this source in perticular, but this is cool stuff nonetheless! I'm subscribing now, I want to hear it when it's done!
  11. Ahhhh finally! All stuff is done and all of my precious data is safely transferred and back Online! Happy new year to all, and of course, happy mixing/listening!
  12. Ah yes, My server is backing up files, prior to upgrading some hardware. Due to this process, most connections (if not all) will be blocked... Sorry for the inconvenience. According to the estimates, the work should be done by monday morning, so until then ALL my links will be broken most of the time... To Admin: Please give me until wednesday before removing my links and threads. Regards, Arthur
  13. Ah, Finally I believe this is done. Maybe some fine tuning and minor tweaking, but this is how I want it to be: Download Enter The MetalMan V4 (MP3 128kbs 3:24 3.11MB) Changed the 2nd lead and added reverb for it. Could be too much though, let me know if it is). Tweaked around with the other instruments, and a tad with the arrangement. Thoughts, anyone?
  14. Added some variation in the lead synth, as well as some finetuning to the instruments. Download Enter The MetalMan V3 Thoughts, anyone?
  15. Oh well, There's some interesting feedback in the judges corner, so maybe I should give that one up... Once I got something in my head, I'm not likely to change it, so... They did mention my sample quality, which I take seriously! I began downloading preparations for some new stuff, plus I got two other WIPs at the moment posted in here anyways, from which one is going to be my next sub... Uhmm, okay... Why am I doing all this in your thread? - - - - o - -
  16. Yeah, the synth coming in at 0:47 is soooo J.M. Jarre like Super cool, I still think so... Up to 2:02 sounds very good, Don't change that is my vision. But the beginning of the trancy part is really nasty, I can't make heads nor tails out of it,as it is too saturated with sounds, and the kick is distortingly loud. After a few seconds though, it is sounding a lot better, but still distorting (as in lower the volume) kick... I'm kinda waiting for a solo that never comes... Then again, it's improvement from the first version. You're on the right track! Needs more variation though... BTW, my Zero's Final Stand got No'ed... T_T.
  17. yw, anytime. I'll subscribe to this, if you don't mind, 'cause I'd like to hear the final result
  18. Well, I don't know the source, so... I'll try to give you an honest opinion on the rest though. Please do note that, although I mix things, I have no mixes currently on OCR (Don't count the WIP board). I do have one work going through the judges panel at the moment (MegaMan X - "Zero's Final Stand"). Anyways, I'll write comments as I'm listening... I like the Creepy/Drama intro for sure, the piano entering at 0:27 is just perfect! I get a creepy feeling now, something big is goin' to happen... A lot of Buzz at 0:48, sounds good though... Brutal Synth at 1:00, Tempo seems to go up... 1:57, the entered synth is good, then the beat drops in. 2:30, some background synths come in, they feel odd for some reason, I can't put my finger on it. 3:20, get's a bit more quiet, and at 3:31 the beat stops. Summary: You mentioned the drums yourself, so I will not. (Or I just did, didn't I?) First, Except for the Background Synthing from 2:30 to 3:20, the core doesn't seem to change towards the end, I wouldn't call it repetitive just yet, but it's comming close. When the beat "dies" at 3:31, maybe you should let at least the hihat continue for a bar or two? I totaly dig the intro though, nice work! But the Trancey part from about 2:00 towards the end needs work/polish. Some kind of solo perhaps, or bringing back the piano sounds like an idea. What I'm trying to say is, you're creating the atmosphere that something really (and I mean REALLY) big is going to happen, but it kinda doesn't com to it (yet). Definitly a good start though, it's really prommising! I'll keep this tracked for sure! Anyways, don't change the synth at 1:00, it's perfect as it is!
  19. If you're referring to the section between 2:24 and 2:47, then Yes, I could add something. The reason I have not yet done so, is because I was affraid it would start to sound to crowded, but I can always try.
  20. Made some minor changes in the Guitar Lead, The Strings were brought more to the Foreground, and the Choir more to the back, as well as pitched down an octave for the contrast. Dramatic Ending sequence added, purely Strings... I tried to make it sound like someone dies. One of my colleagues described it as "touching his sensitive string", so I guess it came over well. Your comments please, Oh mighty Remix Fans and Makers!
  21. Uhm, okay, so now I have 2 MM2 Mixes here... The thing is, I finally got some decent String Samples, I just died to try them out, and this was the first melody that came across my mind... Anyways, the full title of this track is "The Pain Behind Wily's Evil Deeds", it's a mouth-full indeed... Download "The Pain Behind Wily's Evil Deeds" (MP3 128kbs 3:08min 2.88MB) Version 2 Available: Download Version 2 (MP3 128kbs 3:56 3.61MB) The Breakdown: I didn't use the full source tune (MM2, Dr.Wily Stage 1&2), but what I used is put to good use. It may sound a bit repetitive, because I payed a whole lot attention to the minor ambient changes like the velocity and reverbs than the actual arrangement in general. I used a simple Guitar, my newly added Strings, a Choir Sample to accompany the Strings, and a damped MusicBox in the background. No drums. Now for the Big Issue, Should I explore this more, or should I tweak what I have now...? (Or is it plain done haha, just kidding, I have a bit more plans with this, including extending the ending to take it to even more dramatic heights... EDIT : Darn it, I forgot to mention, I made this again with Orion Platinum V7.1, and a SF VSTi Plugin (InterContinental)
  22. Hmmm... I a bigtime Zelda fan here, but I don't recognize this at all, perhaps only a very liberal form of the NES Dungeons / Color Dungeon from Link's Awakening DX, but that's it... I must say I haven't played the Four Swords, on either GBA or GC, and Majora's Mask on the N64, so IF this is a Zelda thing, it could be only from those games... Highest probability is that someone thought it sounded like the dungeons in the NES version, and labeled it accordingly...
  23. Version 2 is up, Link is added in the First Post Added a Synth Solo at the 2:00 mark for breaks, and just a tad of reverb for the enviroment feel. Some slight changes to the basic instruments, especially the Vibrafone, which sounded a bit Over-disharmonied... or something like that... on my headphones. A slight change in the drumbeat (Barely noticable) when the solo synth is playing, and a bit of adjustment in the mastering department.
  24. Hi there, I hope some of you remember my restyle of the MetallMan Stage of MegaMan2, which I posted some time ago in the Non-Remix forum (Now it's gone, so don't go searching for it )... I decided to make more out of it, and I am pretty confident about the result! I used some Sawtooth Synths, a Distorted Square, and some Early 80's Techno Pop Drum Samples, which I recently dug up from one of the thousands of discs I have spreaded out accross the house haha. Anyways, Comments and/or Suggestions are welcome, so don't be shy. :arrow:Download Enter the MetallMan (MP3 128kbs 3:22min 3.08MB) Version 2: Download Here (MP3 128kbs 3:22min 3.08MB) Enjoy! As Always, made with Orion Platinum (now V7.1)
  25. Hah, basic synths... I was a bit affraid of that... I'm still tuning the most if them, since all my presets were gone as well, but I'm working on it... And the guitar is just my favourite, maybe because MMX was (and still is) my 2nd Favourite Game Series, I feel it simply Rocks, and Sonic, well, stands for speed, so IMO loud rock music suits it best... I don't have much other Overdriven guitar samples anyways, so mostly I stick with this one... I could do some tuning, and maybe add some distortion, or pitch the sample pool a nodge or two. I expect an update in a week or so, since this week will be a busy one. We finaly got another apartment, so my wife and I are planning a lot of goodies we have to buy like paints and stuff.
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