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  1. Ah... Due to some >insert random name-calling here< idiots at my Data center, my server was forced to bind with another IP address... It should be resolved now, as I am updating the links. I've tested this link and it's working again sorry for the inconvinience
  2. This is a really early WIP (about 1:30 long) about MegaMan X 1's Zero theme and the talking stuff where zero dies, and much of the arrangement and mixing and stuff is yet to be done, but I kinda need some quality Orchestra strings samples... My strings are, like, pulled out of the GM soundbank and shoved straight into a sampler... I can do a lot with attack/decay, and some heavy reverb to mask it all, but I'd rather have something better than shhh---. So, if anyone can help, Thanks ahead. The guitar sounds like the mood I want to create, although it's just a synthesizer. Feel free to dissagree though. Here's the WIP. (128kbp MP3) Anyways, about the song, I kinda want this feeling you get from just this ("drama", in case it isn't obvious...) to amplify throughout the song, and maybe adding some melo-over-dramatic ending of some sort, but that's yet to be sorted out. I'd love to hear any other thoughts as well about progressing to some other style or something. EDIT: Version 2 Now available for Download! Since I was cut-off from pretty much all of the internet the past couple of days, I decided to work on this track... I pitched it about 5 notes up, because the strings & guitar come out better that way. Also, I fine-tuned the plucked string module for some more ambience, and added some panning to most of the instruments to create a more spacial enviroment sound... or something like that... It worked out pretty neat, if I may say so myself. Maybe I should work on the solo toms a bit, 'cause they don't sound the way I want them to, yet they add to the mood in a positive way... I Especially like the way the familiar sounding overdriven guitar brings back memories from 3:46 to the end. Let's see if you guys notice which stage those first bars came from ^.^ (Maybe It's time I took out the good ol' SNES for some Maveric Hunting, eh?) Here's Version 2 (Still WIP, 128kbps MP3)
  3. This is some awesome work done! It's just that ending... I't really low in volume, and a lot of hiss is the result. But that asside, This is deffinitly a Masterpiece in-the-making! BTW, I just recently joined, but listened a lot longer... I do remix myself, but I'm not NEARLY as good as this... Well, anyways, I'll say it once more: This is Awesome!
  4. Thanks alot guys, I'll try and add some groovy original stuff to it, to make it more different from the source material. Consider this a WIP now and of course, I'll keep this thread updated as I progress I listened to LinearGroove, and I see what you mean... I guess I've been making remakes for far too long XD...
  5. Hey, Actually, this was inspired by the mixes of the Chaos project, which I believe recently finished... I just kinda felt like doing this when I had a sea of free time at my hands, and my wife was nowhere to be found, eggcept at work that is heheh... Anyways, this is a mix of the Act1 Boss, Act2 Boss, and the Final Boss, with a nice Overdriven Guitar as the main lead, and some synth strings to back it up. If you listen closely, you can also hear a kinda harpish sound, which is actually a heavily distorted musicbox. The Orchestra Hits?... well... I just love the Orchestra Hit sample I have, and use it a lot... Maybe too much... Maybe... Here's the link before I go off on a tangent: Download: Sonic And Knuckles - Eggman's Masterplan (128kbs MP3) Comments and/or other stuff welcome! EDIT: Version 2 WIP available: Download Version 2 (128kbs MP3)
  6. Hi everybody, I'd like to submit this, but somehow I'm a bit concerned about using to much of the original source, as I sampled the original track from the Gameboy (And of course some sound effects)... I also used two Filtering Intro's, but they actually came out the way I wanted. I thought this up when I was reminded of the time I kept humming and whistling this tune for days... Now that I'm done with this, my wife is cursing me for doing it all over again... Original Song: Tetris BGM Type A from the GameBoy System Download: Tetris - Portable Annoyance (128kbs MP3) Comments, anyone? EDIT: I just finished adding some new bars and a solo of some sort, straing a bit more from the source. Now why does it remind me of a Tom & Jerry videotape I watched when I was young...? Dunno, but it came out pretty nifty. I also made some major changes in the first minute or so, where the simple square just copied the source is now totally different, and at some point (1:04 to 1:29) there's this double transition. It sounds weird, and a bit unnatural, but that's intentional. The bassline is still the same though, and I just couldn't remove the humming part... A friend of mine said, and I quote: "That sounds so totally dorky that it's actually funny." Guess I'm the dork since it's my own voice... Sampled, but still... Anyways, listen to part II: Download: Tetris - Portable Annoyance Mk2 (128kbs MP3) Hope this is a bit more OC style And as described in the update: Download Tetris - Portable Annoyance Mk3 (128kbs MP3) And now for Version 4: Download Tetris - Portable Annoyance Mk4 (112kbs MP3)
  7. Hi all! Well, for starters, this BGM was actually an enhanced version of the original Zelda dungeon BGM, and I fell for the bells of the enhanced version... I implemented them here as well, as a fairly detuned musicbox-chorus. The Drums come from the game The Minish Cap when you enter the Royal crypt (Which BGM is yet another version of the original dungeon BGM), and to be honest, I like the way they complete the dramatic and creepy feeling. Well, I improvised the sawtooth in the end, but... Maybe it's too much. You decide Overall I would say, for a song that's bound to be repetitive, improvisation is almost nescesary Download: The Legend Of Zelda: The Ancient Dungeon (128kbs MP3) Until Next Time
  8. Sounds cool! I don't know that many people that can actually hit that high note! (I don't sing professional, but more or less as a hobby and I don't make it without chocking out...) Your voice is just fine, neglecting the fact that the pitch is a tad off on a few notes, but hey, nobody's perfect anyway. I wouldn't do better, so I don't have the right of complaining, right? Stick to your voice and I'll be looking forward to the final result
  9. Hi there! Yes... Another MegaMan2 Remake... This time I throw in probably the mist remixed song for this game. As always, I tried to keep the original flow and style of the melody, and improvised just a little bit on the 2nd voice, which isn't decently noticable in the original in my opinion. The drums have a big-time compressor put on them just to move the accent from the Dum-da-da-dum-da-da sawtooth bassline a little bit... Anyways, I just liked the sound of the Snare this way Download: MegaMan2 Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2 (128kbs MP3) Enjoy
  10. Hey! Well, for those not familiar with the term "Remake", Allow me to explain: A Remake is basicly put taking an old song, and make it all new again. That is, without changing or rearranging it. (Or the least possible). I've got some tunes done now, so I decided to get them on here without delay! Download: MegaMan2 MettalMan Stage It's hosted on my Private Server, so everyone should be able to download it. (It IS a bit limited in the bandwith, so no complaints about speed please...) If you want it that badly, Right-click and "Save Target As..."... m'kay, On with the Track: This melody always got me in the mood, as it was the second Boss I always challanged in the game... I've tried to keep it a bit moody/shady, while the overall Factory feeling shouldn't be wasted... Pretty nice, if I say so myself... Of course, if you feel differently and have some pointers, I might be able to pull off a better version... No promisses though... Well, for now, Enjoy!!
  11. Link to the Station I do my stuff on: http://www.musixmania.com Site is in Dutch, sorry... Most of the shows are too, but add me to your MSN Messenger thingy (arthur@studio88.nl) and say Hi! I'll be sure to greet you in proper english if you let me know you're from OCR! Also, We play on Request too! My shifts are Mondays from 11:00 (GMT + 0100) to 14:00 and Fridays from 11:00 (Again GMT + 0100) 'till 15:00. Monday nights I Host together with my Wife from 23:00 (GMT + 0100) 'till next morning 09:00 (Of course, we do sleep somewhere in between ) I've recently submitted a remix to the application address, and I'm waiting for the judges to decide, so no info about it yet... Maybe I'll throw in a few remakes (not remixes) while I'm here... Well, catch you guys later
  12. Hi all, My name's Arthur! The latest n00b around I'm about 25 years of age, and live in the Netherlands. I also host some radio shows in my free time, but mostly I like to make new versions and/or remixes of old game tunes, and found this with google when I decided that maybe I should share my work somewhere... So I'll start with my first question: Where do I drop my creations? By the way... I'm about to get married next thursday EDIT: Ah... Never mind... I found the FAQ already
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