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  1. Ah! Definitly a good mix for the Flash is being born here!... I'm not gonna tell you my suggestions though, since First of all, You do this stuff a lot better that me, and second, I'm somewhat of a fan of most of your works haha... And this is not realy my Genre, if it is any that is... Style is definitly unique though, it really "pounds my speakers" Looking forward to the result
  2. Hi all, well, this hasn't got anything to do with GameMusic, but since I found some late 80's Techno Pop Samples, I cooked up something, and, since here's a good place to get some artistic reviews... Y'all get my point, no? Download DJ Arthur's Voices (MP3 128kbs ~3:53min 3.57MB) Like I mentioned, some techno pop samples for the drumset, a randomized filter/resonance synth to accompany the "voices", which are actually my own voice through a vocoder and a Wasp Synthesizer, and a classic Morroder Bass-line, which kinda reminds me of "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer. Note that the phrase "Stemmen in mijn hoofd" is dutch for "voices in my head", just a little thingy, since I often present my own music on Dutch Radio (can I post the website here?) As Always, I made this with Orion Platinum V7.
  3. Hi there! It's been a while since I last worked on something... Due to some issues not to be discussed in public, I wasn't able to cook up something, as my inspiration was "drained" by stress, among other things... But! I'm back, this time with a completely revised version of my previous ReMix, "EggMan's Master Plan", A Remix of The Act1 Boss, Act2 Boss, and Final Boss (Not the Special Super Sonic Final Boss). :arrow:Download Version 1.1 Here (MP3 44.1kHz 128kbs 5.06MB) This time, it's on a genuine HTTP Server, because sad to say, all my previous links are now officially deceased, since the adress I stored them on is no longer available to me... Anyways, it's pretty much rebuild from Scratch, as some nasty-ass Bug in XP decided to wipe out my Hard drive... Lost almost everything I ever tried something on... pretty sad I didn't make backups until now, but that aside... Some more effects added since the previous version, including some gated Orchestra Hits, a mean Sawtooth Lead to accompany the fakey Overdiven Guitar, and basically a whole new Drum Set to boot. The first transition starts around 1:21, and the second one around 2:24. As always, made with "Orion Platinum V7". Hope Y'all Like it!
  4. Hey all! It's been a while since I worked on something, due to a nice vacation with the misses and kids , but anyways... Here's something that has been on my mind for an extended period now... A more or less industrial/chill-out mix of the Icecap Zone. Please note that another instrument is to be added to break the track up somewhere, but I'm having a hard time deciding which and where exactly... I'm thinking something like a flute, or maybe an indian guitar (Sitar, perhaps?) Suggestions? This is the link: Sonic3 - Mechanical Icicles (WIP V1 128kbs MP3) Enjoy!
  5. OFF-TOPIC: Yeah, umm... Well, just don't go picture someone like Raymon (From the movie "Rainman") or something, 'cause that's a stereotype... I just... have my limitations on some things, like music... While I'm blessed with musical hearing (Meaning I can focus on a particular instrument and block all other sounds out), If I hear a particular tune too much, it becomes a blur... It's kinda hard to describe... So that's why I'm working on multiple songs/tracks at the same time. I though a little explanation was in order, because I'm running like 5 WIP's here now or something, before people start making their own interpetations
  6. Heheh... looks like I went ahead and chose for the Acoustic Guitar. (Actually, I couldn't get the musicbox to fit in ahahah) An a side note, my ReMix is now a whopping 6:54 long... I know, I SHOULD have cut out some portions here and there, but... On another Sidenote: I've reduced the bitrate from 128 to 112kbs to keep the file under 6MB... Shouldn't be too noticable as I have a professional Conversion program here in the Studio's. Anyways, here's Version 4 I'll post it in the first post too. Well?
  7. Yep, ANOTHER song I was working on... To be honest, I'm partially autistic so I can't keep working on the same song for long. Instead, I make 2 or 3 at the same time in a game of Tag... Sounds stranger than it actually works though... Hahaha, anyways, Here's something I cooked up on a sleepless night, a spooky version of the Mysterious Forest, and a tiny bit of Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time. I'm kinda curious what you people think of it. I tried to make it not too repetitive, as the source is, like, short, so I'm playing with the bass a bit to keep on track... The Forest FX do their job too Enigmatic Trees (128kbs MP3)
  8. Uhmm... Thanks for the explanation...? Though this seems to be relevant to my ReMix here (And I'm in no position to direct anyone), if this discussion continues, would you people be kind enough to open a topic in the general section? 'Cause... yeah... I believe this is also in the FAQs somewhere... -- Thank you To Argitoth: If my final is finished, submitted, and rejected, then I'll see what I can do About my progress: While I'm still happy-happy with the strings, I'm thinking a tad more rearrangement, adding a slow-tempo solo piece somewhere in the middle... I'm thinking of a MusicBox or an Acoustic Guitar, but I can't make up my mind... Suggestions?
  9. Legion303, you've got a point there... But, although I CAN make the song a different feel from the original, I just wanted to make this track to give a certain feeling of nostalgia, without messing up the original sense of it... If you want an example of me giving a different feel to a source, try my Zero's Final Stand posted here, but this track is made just for "Old Times Sake" with maybe a tad of funnyness as how popular it became in an instant. Anyways, this is almost done... Thanks for the comments and helping out, everyone!
  10. Nice work! The break around 2:30 with the guitar is just what it needs in my opinion. A bit more polish and this would be excelent, but what you have now is already an awesome piece of work!
  11. Ahhh... A Version3 WIP is online and ready! Changes: Most of the Drum samples were replaced to add more spice and power to the overall feeling. A More trancy Bassdrum, the snare made place for a Clap, and the tambourine became a Hihat. I Also added some indian percussions to support the funny feeling in the humming section. Strings have also been changed completely, with thanks to Argitoth! Finally, some arrangement modifications to get some better sequencing and to prevent too much repetition. Nothing really major, but noticable. Particularly from about 4:00 I found the ending to be... just not enough, and now I believe it's more contributive to the feeling: "I wanna hear this again!" Well... I pretty much believe this can be a potential Final version, but as always: I'd love to hear any opinions! Download Portable Annoyance Mk3 (128kbs MP3) Link will be in first post too
  12. Well, I like what you did to the Song of Storms, but... yeah, this needs a whole lot of polish... nevertheless, I believe there's a whole lot potential where this came from! As soon as you have a decent WIP finished, I'll definitly tune in!
  13. Well, I'm listening now, and I'm liking it! At 0:30, where the synth lead comes in, it sounds a tad off-pitch, but it fixes itself immediatly. No worries. Drums are really good, and the build up as well. 1:46... Somewhat different lead and it stays this way until the end, only with different instruments... I guess I lost interest somewhere around 2:30... It gets... repetitive... The same lead-melody just keeps repeating itself, even though you use different instruments. My Suggestion: The part from 3:15 'till 3:25, where I expected a transition, the song stops... Don't get me wrong, It's a good ending, but maybe you want to move this section to, let's say, around 2:30 or so, and change the melody from there on... You can even fall back on the first section melody for a little while, to break it up, if you get what I mean. At least, that's what I would have done... Conclusion: It's a hard song to work with, and your doing a great job! You make ME want to do something with this song too! hahah... But, Somehow, I get the feeling you were holding back or something... If you did, don't be affraid to stroll off the beaten path and improvise. Just because the source doesn't include more parts or melodies, doesn't mean you are restricted to what is in there... Great Song, but needs more variaty in the melody (especially from 1:46 to the end) in my opinion.
  14. Pfew... I'm finally done with some major instrument changes! The synth string is now filtered and EQ-ed, the musixbox is replaced with a more high plucked-string like sound, and some drum samples were replaced or tuned and panned... especially the Bassdrum. Made some mastering changes as in chanel volumes, and finally a small bit of arrangement work... Much of the melody remaines intact though, and I'm thinking of adding some instruments during the Final Boss section, and maybe even a second voice... For now, a Version 2 WIP is available for download, and the link is posted in the top post.
  15. Well, If you got some samples to spare, I'd love to have them... All I got are these GM samples and shoved them into a sampler... With a bit of reverb to mask them of course, but, yeah, some orchestra and/or Live samples would be nice. Thanks ahead! Anyways, I only use Orion Platinum for my remixing and/or track building, so I pretty much build up everything from scratch... I did sample the most rememberal FX's from the game though, using an Emulator's "Save Sound to WAV", and then cut them into the appropriate pieces using Nero's Wave Editor What I meant is: Though I'd like to "blend in", I never work on something, unless I like what I'm doing... That is, unless it's absolutely necesary. So I don't go posting stuff here if I don't like it myself, because, like, that would mean it could never be something I can be proud of making. And about the critisism and suggestions: I figured there's always room for improvement, so how is anyone supposed to figure out how to get better, if they don't try, right? So, yeah, some suggestions I tried got in, and others didn't... On a more positive note: Made some minor arrangement adjustments, and a bit of adjustment on the synths like velocity changes, and some humanizing, and it's becoming more and more ready to add the "finishing touch"...
  16. Well, I tried to add some more or less original parts in it... Version 2 is up ! (Link in the first post)
  17. Well, I'm almost done with this... maybe a little mastering left, but that's for version3 to wait... I've done some tuning to the toms section, and they sound a whole lot better now, and some reverb settings made it complete. Maybe some rearranging in the final section with the overdriven guitar, and even making it come out sooner, so I have some more time left for a little more climaxing ending... or stuff like that... For now, it's still a lot like V2, so no new WIP yet... But any comments and/or other stuff is welcome
  18. SynthesizedStampede, I got what you're getting at, and indeed, Some samples are a bit "noisy"... I'm currently trying to change some instuments, and thus far it's not really going well... It's just not good enough yet for a version2 WIP, but I'm getting there... Slowly... Anyways, I'm thinking of rearranging some parts, especially in the mash-up towards the Final Boss section, and maybe adding some instruments there... Hope to get a good Version2 soon
  19. It's very nicely done! Good job on turning a "dark/exciting" melody into a groovy, almost happy theme. Even included some game samples (which is hard to do, if you want them to "fit in")... Nice work!
  20. If you really need 'em that bad, I could make some samples of it for you... It's not like it's that much work or something Just tell me which notes you want, and I'll see what I can do. By the way: A little Off-topic, but, I Kicked Sigma's dog, behind AND face with the Hadoken in MMX1
  21. Version 2 is now finished... Added the link in the Top Post
  22. The guitar sound actually comes from a build-in synthesizer from Orion Platinum 7 (The Plucked String module)... Now for some string-sample-hunting...
  23. The Guitar is actually 2 samples from the GM Soundbank combined, with a little extra analog distortion, making it sound like the guitar samples from MegaMan X (Which I really liked)... As far as the strings, well, I just need a good set of samples, because all I have here is this really outdated Yamaha Keybord with a max Polyphonic of 8 voices... Can you believe it? Hahah, anyways, the customisation is underway, and when I Finish a new WIP, it'll be posted straigt up.
  24. Well, these two links are updated... Luckily I didn't post my entire workspace
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