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  1. Thanks!! I used the strings that came with Kontakt, layering the violin, viola, and cello patches I think.

  2. We don't have an official place to list things like that yet (we only list composers of games that have remixes on the site), but feel free to add it to your signature.

  3. You should have received an automated email confirming your submission - may need to check your spam folder if you didn't receive it. But I have double-checked and we have received your submission. Our judging process is a bit backed up so it will be several months before we get to it, but we will get to it!

  4. No problem, dude. Let me know if you want any more help with it, I'd be glad to listen to any future WIPs.

  5. I will definitely think about it, sounds awesome. Unfortunately, it's the day before our first of TWO Halloween parties and I'm not finished with my costume, so I might be scrambling to get ready for those things. I'll try to let you know next week, feel free to buy tix without me if you need to.

  6. Indeed, I use T-Racks 3 and Sonik Synth 2. T-Racks is pretty nice, not a huge fan of Sonik Synth but it has some decent stuff. Was that all you wanted to know?

  7. Now you're just taunting me. :P

  8. Nah, we're just far behind. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2819 This thread mentions what date we're up to (currently July 19).

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