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  1. Wow... that's a bit of a relief... My filefront- file got deleted a few days ago, and I was concerned that I'd have to re-upload it and re-submit it... Can't wait for that email.
  2. Go figure... I am unable to aquire the equipment needed to make a song(only a drum kit). I am sorry if I dissapointed anyone... I might make this song one day, but it won't be anytime soon. Sorry T-san. maybe in the future!
  3. Lol. Thx for the input. I kinda figured as much... hmm...I still might give it a try though... I'm gonna look around and see if I can find a good recording studio for the live drums(I much perfer live than synth). If I can't come up with anything, I'll probably just drop out. Also... a good newb-program for remixing would be?(FL, other?) Sorry that I'm so stuborn... For Free? cuz I'm just a poor little college student.
  4. Ok... Here's the thing. I have no experience in remixing music, but I have over 7 years experience of Percussion. I have no music recording equipment/programs except for a couple Keyboards, A Low quality Mic, and the app: Audacity. I could buy a program if I was told where to find it(possibly FL), and I would also be looking for a Rock sort've midis or sounds. I can get access to a Drum Set and some Guitars but I only know how to play the Drums. I would very much like to participate in the project... perferably with the song "Tunnel Boss" since it is small, still available, fairly simple to find out the notes/chords and that I can bassically hear the Live Drums in my head while I listen. I can feel the guitars strumming but I'd either need to make the guitars on a program or by finding some to play it live. Now. If you think that I probably won't be able to complete the song in time for your scheduled release, or that I might not be capable of completing the song at all, then go ahead and tell me. I am trying to get into the remixing scene so that I can get experience enough to properly Remix some of my personal favorites vgm and other songs for other projects and such. Thanks for any input.
  5. I personally believe that Megaman went down hill after his(early) leave from the Nintendo systems, so there were no 'significant' titles after the orriginals. I also believe that he is starting to make a comeback with the GBA/DS titles that keep coming out. All in all, I've known MM all my life, but I've never even played the game with Belmont in it. MM ftw. Thx.
  6. All I want for christmas is: Woot. Go Mega.
  7. It's all good... I wasn't even thinking about spoilers when I first made the movie, but more of a 'should I make it? or not?' kind of mentality... but from what I've seen, it contains no "important" spoilers... just a battle. You can decide for yourself of course. Btw, your vid is pretty sweet! Video is very well transitioned with the Music! Also, All the videos I've seen(on here) have been just awesomeness!
  8. Wow... That is my dream... and I kid you not. (One day... I'll make a name for OCR and myself.) I think it's a good idea to stop the plagiarizers while they are still young... because, eventually they will work thier way into selling fake cars and stuff on Ebay and stealing huge ammounts money from people.
  9. A quick question... by Dec. 14, do you mean that the video needs to be in before said day, or before the end of it. Also, is it in a certain Time Zone that we need to be in by. I am 99% done, and I'm fighting with my MovieMaker on the final tweeks and should have it done before 3:00am Eastern(12:00am Pacific). Is this acceptable?
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