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    I am a baritone, for those asking after voices. My microphone is not the best quality, so I'm trying to get a new one, but I should be able to provide a sample to those who ask for it.
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  1. Whoa, hey. When did this happen? And is anybody else glad to see the inclusion of Checker Knights as a starting song?
  2. I was a bit skeptical of Olimar at first, but this actually looks like a fun playing style. Wonder what they mean about Pikmin getting separated, though.
  3. I'm still hanging onto the slim hope of a Crystal of Light from the original Final Fantasy...
  4. Ah, delightful. What do you suppose his gimmick plays like? The Pikmin and such? I mean, look at that shot where they're all in a line. If one dies, or falls off the edge, you think it would sprout back up on the arena?
  5. Alloys look pretty cool, even if I am slightly disappointed that the Mii theory has been disproved... They actually do look pretty nifty. I like the green fella.
  6. Of course. Posting updates is hard work, after all. D'you suppose the first post when he gets back will be a really good one, so as to spur us all on again?...
  7. Well, that is full of nift, thus making it nifty.
  8. Man, Nintendo knows how to feed off of my innate desire to catch 'em all. I wonder how often Trophy Stands will appear?... And as long as we're picking favorite Sonic songs... I'll go, as I always do, with boss themes. (preferebly the one from Sonic 2.) But I don't doubt they'll help themselves to some modern Sonic, so my pick for the recents is Sonic Advance's Secret Agent Zone or whatever it's called.
  9. Oh boy. F-flab. Suppose we're getting anything special tomorrow? Being what day it is and all?
  10. I have a feeling the Orpheon Frigate will be best understood when seen in action - the screenshots are a little unclear. Maybe it's just me, though. And Porky's theme - I have mixed feelings on. Does it sound sufficiently Smash-ful to everybody else?... I mean, if it's just me...
  11. Well, this is certainly decent. This looks like a convoluted version of Mute City (minus the moving background...) Nice stage. Very nice indeed.
  12. I wonder how many hypothetical hours of sleep Sakurai has taken from me with these updates...
  13. Final bosses usually do, I've found...
  14. ... He HAS to run out sooner or later. It's like a monkey throwing its feces at you. Eventually, the monkey will run out of crap to throw, and producing more crap is not worth the effort, so he has to instead start throwing the bricks of solid gold that have been lying around. As metaphors go, it needs work, but I think I've made my point. I'm willing to endure short showers of shit for an eventual 24 carats.
  15. He... It... He just HAS to post something good eventually! I'm willing to wait until he does.
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