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  1. I've just heard my friends lost their father, so I listen to Reuben's "Beauty's Abomination". R. I. P.
  2. Am I the only one who makes a Raiden and Solidus connection? Could be pre-cyborg Raiden, but just to throw people of Kojima put that picture.
  3. Downloading it now.. Can't wait. But... Is this the time I'm supposed to cry cuz I only own a Wii?
  4. Miehta mailmmi dovdet dal olbmot morrasa dan seammat olbmo dihte. Dal leat oasit duodai okta. Muhtimat su cehpodagain MUGENas, ja earat fas su lasmatvuoda dihte. Mii, su musihka dihte. Reuben Kee, go mun gulan su nama, mun jurdilan ovttatmanos Snake vs. Dragon OC ReMix. Dat vuostas Legend of the Snake lei buorre, muhto dat nubbi lei vel buoret. Mu olbmat oahpasnuvve Reubena musihkain mu cada, mun lean alo leamas hui angir su musihka guldalit, ja earaid oazzut guldalit. Danne go dat guoskaldahttii mu nu. Ja savan ahte diehtibehtet din lossa aiggis, ahte dii ehpet leat akto guoddime morrasa lossa noadi, mii leat veahkkin. Go Reubena manjemus dahkku lea oazzut mailmmi okti. Dearvuodat Jorehis, Norggabealde Samis. Translation: All over the world, people are feeling grief for the same man. We are acting united, as one. Some knew his skills in MUGEN, others for his athleticism. Us, for his musical talent. Reuben Kee, when I hear his name, I instantly think of Snake vs. Dragon OC ReMix. The first Legend of the Snake was good, but the second was even better. My friends got to know Reuben's music through me. I've always been keen to listen to his music, and promoting it to others. Because he really touched me. I hope you know that in your hard and sad times, That you aren't carrying the burden of grief alone, we are there alongside with you. Because Reuben's last deed was to unite the world in grief. Yours truly Joret (Yawret), Sapmi in Norway
  5. Go lohken, illa nagodin jahkkit. Reuben gii lei ceahppi ja hutkai. Son boahta alo leat min jurdagin, juohkehave go su musihkka cuojaha. Savan aht min jurdagat veahkehit din morrasis. Dearvuodat Jorehis, Samis ja Norggas. When I read the news, I hardly believed it. Reuben who was such a great talent. But he'll always be in our thoughts, everytime he's music plays. I hope out thoughts will help you through your grief. Yours truly, Yawret, Sapmi and Norway. If you wouldn't mind putting that on the tribute, what ever it will become.
  6. I know this is an annoying game! But I would like to see a Stage Music remix made from this game.
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