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  1. I'm not a remixer, but I'm totally behind this project, as Skies of Arcadia is one of my favorite games of all time! You guys don't need anyone to do cover art do you? I could maybe mock something up?
  2. Are you implying that his sigs exist?
  3. And now to interrupt any potential flame wars, something we can all get behind! and more importantly, the epic guitar battle between Bob and MegaByte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg1GNtKLgjA
  4. Toonami was great before it got bumped to Saturday, as some have already stated. It started as an action block, and at one point was running for 5 hours. Usually running at 4 hours, and also having the Midnight Run before [adult swim] came along. Though it was pretty terrible in it's Saturday incarnation, the loss of Toonami represents a huge loss of childhood for me, and a huge part of why I like what I like today. As for [adult swim]...it's pretty terrible. There are a couple of good shows, and the rest is pretty much crap. Tim & Eric? I can't believe anyone will watch that.
  5. Oh, you know some people...instead of asserting that they like a certain kind music, and that they think it's good, they have to tear down all the other kinds of music. As for myself, I think both the Lupin III soundtrack and FLCL soundtrack kick butt. As well as many others! Yay for different tastes in music!
  6. The only arcade around me closed up shop pretty recently. I used to go play DDR at least once a week. It was 75 cents at that arcade....They had Max, which I loved, on 2 machines. One machine worked great, and the other didn't register steps very well. Well, they upgraded to Supernova, and got rid of the good machine anyway, so...it wasn't too good. Only other place to go is a truck stop nearby, and that's usually populated by people who beat Max 300 with invisible arrows and perfect scores...
  7. I think it was definitely a fabulous game. I'd heard about it on the Dreamcast, and owned it when I had a Gamecube. I'm currently saving some money to re-acquire it. It's a great story and really has beautiful artistry!
  8. Hey all. Wasn't sure exactly where I should post this, but I wanted to say hello to everyone, and let folks know that I would love to work with people on their remixes! I'm a male singer, so if anyone ever needs some singing done, I'd really like to start getting involved in this community! (been listening for a long time, and just started doing stuff on the board - forums scare me usually) Anyways, for some samples of how my voice sounds, I have a (dreaded) Myspace account with my singing on it. http://www.myspace.com/thisse Thanks guys! I look forward to being a part of this community, rather than just a bystander. Tally ho!
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