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  1. thanks a lot man. I'll check those artists. I also remember a site called http://www.vgmix.com/ or maybe was it vgmix.net it had very good stuff
  2. What's some good remixes these days? Back when I was active it was remixers such as AmIEvil, Ailsean, injury, Discodan and Game Over that made my favorite pieces.
  3. FreddeGredde is waaay more talented than everybody in here.
  4. dont think this has been posted yet, but this is some awesome work. I just discovered this FreddeGredde kid and the dude knows how to play a guitar
  5. It's not that, it's that comparing this song to their first album marks a huge difference, therefore everyone is going to notice and point it out. The sound quality was just such a complete jump, everyone was surprised. If the first CD sounded the same quality as this, nobody would have batted an eyelash. I kinda agree, but this CD is definitely more wellrounded talking about the songs. Siege in Monsteropolis, zelda and Transylvania Temptation are all amazing tracks.
  6. The change on this site is that everyone has gone from a lighter attitude to being overcritical. Don't worry I think the song is kick ass!
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