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  1. How so? what do I need to fix? I thought putting a solo in there would be pretty nice but again I don't know theory...
  2. Hey thanks I found a realy neat organ sound font there so I used it in my newer version! Here it is! http://www.mediafire.com/?dmw0ey5zwjn
  3. I think this song's awesome I like it. I also put it threw my fl studio and made it with some better soundfonts http://www.mediafire.com/?tzomlnyzljg
  4. Sweet thanks for the comments and I wish I can add more stuff to it but the soundfonts I have arn't as good as this...except my trumpet and trombone ones (btw I have a newer version but still sounds the same in some parts) I just need better horn soundfonts and strings I was thinking of putting in some choir parts into it and the piano does sound like a fantastic idea and all but I can't add any more staffs on my song (I use mainly finale so...) but I'll see what I can do and if you can direct me to some super awesome soundfonts I would much apprieciate it.
  5. Well I took my sweet time on what I thought was an epic song and got this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROazhrTx33I&feature=channel_page Constructive comments and criticism is greatly appreiciated! mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?ziojmmiemyw btw I don't have the best soundfonts I just used Squidfonts orchestral soundfont and a trumpet solo font that I had that sounds pretty good.
  6. Man thats an awesome remix X) I think it's great but I would love more trumpets that's all i'm saying...more brass if you will to realy give it more KICK! just saying. awesome nonetheless.
  7. Thank you for clearing that up with me I did not know about that I guess I'll have to put it on hold or I'll just not submit it (wasn't realy a "Remix" but more of an ACTUALL Arrangment and not just a Remixed Arrangment) and to help you (TRY) to get unconfused that mp3 is from finale and the other mp3's were made in Fruity Loops wich I don't have anymore so...hope that helps and thanks for clarifying the rules I don't realy read rule. >__> I just try to behave see where it goes from there and to answer your by ear trascribing an Mp3 Midi file I couldn't necesarily go in and open it with finale and just fix it up the only way was to ear transcribe but it didn't take long I'm realy great at transcribing by ear. hope I answerd your questions.
  8. I made this with Finale PrintMusic2007 and I thought about submitting a remix here for a long time and I read that it accepts orchestrations so I thought I might as well see what work needs to be done in the song so. Here ya go. All done by ear. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=26aad3ab9086a97d4012e8015643d9c89efe4b4626b401e3 but the MIDI is strange it alway's mixes up the instruments. but what do you all think?
  9. Dark Echoes? I didn't know you joined here well any way I suck at critiqueing but I love it still could use alot more though.
  10. Ok I relized there was a problem with the strings so Here is the TRUE FINAL VERSION. and this one still has crappy midi and such... http://www.mediafire.com/?dvnmyxluzdz Well some of it is the same but some I fixed and added more stuff. Now with the issue of the instruments For Bell Tree I want it Mark Tree cause that's what we have at the High school so yeah that one and if it's a tom it's supposed to be a bass drum. The only percussion is Bass Drum, Cymbals, Mark Tree, and that's on percussion 2 staff and the percussion one is only snare drum. I again would appreciate it if you would help out
  11. This is my final version of the midi so hopefully it's right on the mark. http://www.mediafire.com/?c2jn0znmhzm but the percussion is not realy well done There should be only Snare Drum Bass Drum Crash Cymbals (also reverse cymbals) Bell Tree and the Gong at the very end (I made it into crash cymbals so it would sound better midi wise.) and the 7th measure in the end is a 5/4 so I changed that I also added a couple of your edits from your post too! if you can do this again for me I would realy Apprieciate it!
  12. Well the Orchestra that will be playing this is a high school orchestra the one I'm going to be in and my conductor says she wont be able to take a look at it till janurary >__> dang. but All of us are good don't get me wrong and I did submit the finale version to my other site so it can be distributed to lots of people so they can have a chance to do this. and you can go ahead and do the mock up I just want to hear how it would sound with some good orchestra sounds >_> and the only good one I have is the Trumpet one cause it's so realistic to what a trumpet should sound and I play trumpet so I should know . but I wish I had the Finale 2009 to use for my orchestrations >__> but I have no money. but to all that aside thanks to everyone for the comments! I'll be sure to incorrporate it too when we play this.
  13. I know and it will be great! In Janurary is when we'll be able to practice and most of the instrumentation I have done in the sheet music is playable. Also It sounds much more better with Finale instruments so >__> but I'll take everything you said to advice!
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