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  1. Yeah, I guess I didn't notice it, but it does sound rather deadish. I guess I'll kep the tempo up a little. It slows down like 150BPM, so I can see how that'd be a bit much. ; I'll try and work out the intro also, it does seem to be lacking.
  2. I changed it a bit, just click the linke in the first post. Also, hewhoisiam, I didn't really do it in double time, It's just fast. I supose I could have done it in 6/8, but with he tempo change at the end and swith to 4/4, it would have made things a bit more difficult. Although, I have skrewed myself on a song before just because I'd done it in doubletime.
  3. Personally, I prefer MilkyTracker ;D It's nice, I really like it. It sounds like it could actually be used in an 8-bit game. The drums are especially good. I think you did the style well, I could totally jam to it.
  4. Bluenoise has a VST plugin called MyDrumsetRocks. It has a 70's version, it might have the sound you're looking for. http://www.bluenoise.no/home.html
  5. The 6/8 probably come from the fact that the tempo's like 216bpm. XD But yeah, I see what you mean. The bass IS a little monotonous. I’ll try and play with it, and if I can’t get it right, I’ll try a different instrument. Oh, and Rozovian, at 2:00 I meant it to switch to a 4/4 time. I went back to the original theme, I just thought it sounded kinda neat.
  6. A little disclaimer; I've never played this version of Castlevania nor listened to this song before. But I do love me some Castvania, and I love the style of music. So, with that in mind... I like it, it's not blow-me-away spectacular, but it's certainly above average. I don't really hear the emptiness Gecko was talking about. The drums are good, not super or very realistic or anything, but the beats are good. I can't say if this different or an improvement of the original song, but I like this version of it, and I would say it's submission worthy. Unfortunately for you, I'm not a judge, so they may or may not agree with me. =\
  7. Thanks, I knew it needed work, but i was kinda at a loss of where to go, but I've got an idea now. Percusion might work; I was trying not to have any and just use the instruments, but eh, whatcha gonna do? Yeah, I was kinda lazy as far as chords, but I kinda liked how it was minimalist, but I guess kinda over did it. ;; Oh well, anyway, thanks again guys. =3
  8. All right, I originally made this for a competition going on on a metroid forum, but I think if I bring it up to OCR's oh-so-high standards, it'd be a hot little mix. If you haven't guessed by the title, it's a mix of the music in the Red Brinstar/Maridia area in Super Metroid(SNES, 1994). Instead of 4/4 time, I changed it to 3/4 time, which makes it sounds a little offbeat at times, but I like it. It's pretty simple, nothing really complex, I didn't change the music that much, just made it fit in 3/4 and changed some notes to give a different feeling to the song. Download Comments+Criticism please, about the notes and about the mixing. Thanks. =3
  9. Okay, I got an oldish dell from someone, and right now it has a pentium 4 in it. I was thinking about replacing it with a pentium dual core. I mostly just use FL studio on it, but I plan on using some other programs as well. So would it be worth it? I don't know alot about processors, so any help would be greatly appreciated. =D
  10. Thanks DS, I did indeed want a hard tempo change, and automation clips seem like alot of work just to change the tempo. =\
  11. By played in a warehouse, you mean lots and lots of reverb? Well, what you need to do is get some reverb on your drum Chanel, and to do that you need to bring up the mixer [F9] and link the Chanel to a track on the mixer. (Right click > Link selected channels... > To this track) You can link more than one chanel to a track, so make sure you don't accidentally link more than one. From there you just click in the effect slots(all the way to the right of the mixer) and choose a reverb effect. Fruity Reverb 2 is my favorite, unless you have a VST plugin you prefer or something.(If you don't know what VST is, it's okay, but you might want to find out ;D ) Hope that helps. =3
  12. Alright, I'm working on a song, and I need to change the tempo mid-song. I couldn't find in anything the help file, and I couldn't figure it out just by clicking on random stuff(my usual way of figuring things out:-D), so I thought I'd ask y'all. There's a few other songs I need this for, so please help.
  13. I got some Zune headphones, which a actually really good; they sound so awesome. =D I didn't really give anything material, but I played Carol of the Bells on the piano and Hark the Herold Angels Sing on my guitar for my grandparents, and me, my immediate family, my cousins, uncle and grandparents went caroling at the neighbors and my great-grandparents. I thought about playing the Underwater theme for the NES Super Mario Bros., but I don't think my grandparents would fully appreciate it. ;D
  14. The DS-10 is actually pretty cool, and yes, you can make lots of neat sounds with it. You could probably make the melody and some harmony, and it'd be better to make the basseline and drums with some other program. Although, there's no way to do anything like triplets or anything like them, so if the song you plan on remixing has some odd rythm, it'd be best to use something else for the melody.
  15. Sounds really great, and, as I'm sure you already know, the drums are fantastic. The instruments are good enough, the bass sounds good especially, but the guitars sound fake, too fake. I would have just used something else instead if you couldn't get them to sound more realistic. One thing that bugs me is the chord sequence; it make the song seem a little slow , especially in the beginning. Your choice of instruments for the melody is great, and they switch between each other very smoothly. I also liked the drum solo in the end. (oooo, exploitable) I give it 8.5 out of 10. The arrangement is very well done, the drums are superb, but I can't quite get passed the fakeness of some of the instruments.
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