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  1. Okay. I'll get started working on it tomorrow. Today, I'm going to be busy goofing off.
  2. 1. Thanks for your thoughts on the Corneria part. I had this in mind when I was messing around on the piano. 2. I know, I'll remove the timpani when I start on it again. I was meaning this to be my ending before the SF64 ending part of the ending theme, but I thought it unfitting. 3. THANK YOU For telling me what the name of that particular Star Wars theme. I'll remove it.
  3. http://tmail21.googlepages.com/StarFoxMedley3.mp3 I've completed it. But the Midi has been uploaded on VGMusic.com.
  4. MetroidHunter26, thank you! With the right soundfonts, it sounds awsome!
  5. Oh, almost forgot, glockenspiel is in it. Here are the track listings as of the current version. 0:00 - Corneria synth version 0:46 - Boss Roll (in the same tone as the ending) 1:44 - Corneria Synth version again 3:12 - Rebel Fleet 3:23 - Star Fox 64 main theme 4:09 - Corneria Synth version
  6. Just strings (plucked for harp) and piano. I know, bad samples.
  7. In response to my previous work in progress, I have severely updated this music, and I'm nearly complete. It also contains a bit of Star Wars in there. But it's still a WIP, but not for too long. http://tmail21.googlepages.com/StarFoxMedley2.mp3
  8. This is still a work in progress. It is a melodical remix of the main theme, Corneria, etc. All in a soothing remix. http://tmail21.googlepages.com/StarFoxMedley.mp3
  9. Yes, please, record a live orchestra version of it!
  10. I personally don't think it matters whether it's on OCRemix or not. But, when you've recorded it, can I have a MP3 of it?
  11. Excellent. Now, record a live orchestra of this, and I will be really impressed.
  12. Okay, I won't speak to you as a sound quality critic, but as an arranger. That arrangement is almost what I wish for - a full orchestrated version of Corneria. But this version is okay.
  13. This is an orchestral arrangement of Super Mario Bros. Overworld in E flat major, with some minor original parts, and at the end, the Death theme from Super Mario Bros. MP3 - http://tmail21.googlepages.com/MushroomDestiny.mp3 Okay, I made another version earlier, but then, it didn't sound quite as good at I think this one was, but back then, I didn't have FLStudio. But since I lost my Windows computer and had to switch to Linux, I lost the MIDI, so when I got FLStudio (demo, by the way), the MIDI was still gone. But luckily, today, I decided to make another MIDI, using memory, on Finale Notepad. Note that I decided not to use it as much on Linux, but today, I had to use Finale Notepad, because it's easier that way. So here it is, the new version of it. Here's the old one in case you want a reference to what did in the past - http://tmail21.googlepages.com/Mushroomdestiny.mp3 So, enjoy, and I hope you like it. Oh, also, this was for a fanfiction.net forum RPG called Mushroom Destiny RPG, forum made by a fanfiction.net user, HyperInuyasha.
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