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  1. I don't know if this qualifies for community but if it does please move it. Seems more appropriate to start here though since I hardly post original music and it's still unfinished in my view. So I worked on a war game project that only got half finished a few years ago. The music is half finished too, these are sort of quick mock-ups to get some music in the game fairly quickly - it was the intention to polish thse tracks as we went along but the programmers just gave up on it. This stuff has been sitting on my hard drive forever and really nobody has ever heard it. I think I'd like to c
  2. 72 bps and a 440Hz A is all I ever needed. But considering I'm selling the violin I lovingly owned and cared for for a decade in a manner so liquid I would hope its significance isn't lost on even the most cynical of OCR-goers - I'm afraid I fail to see what's so funny about it. Sorry. And thanks OA and Brandon
  3. Mods: I really thought there was a forum for selling stuff, but I'm either not seeing it, it was removed, or I'm crazy and it never existed. Please move this if appropriate. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little about the "piece of OCR history" but this is the violin I recorded Abadoss's quartet with and it has a small part in an upcoming Theophany/DragonAvenger remix. If anyone would really like to bid on it or knows someone that might like to, by all means please help me out. This isn't the first time I've tried to sell it, so I know it's going to be even rougher in the current economy to get
  4. What kind of school? I would think they'd take charge of procurement unless this is just some "get what you can find this project is free and voluntary" deal. But make them pay for it unless you'll really want and use it after. I assume you mean boom pole rather than boom stand. Both exist but the pole is the one you see an audio guy always holding over people heads out of frame in remote news shots. But you can get boom stands for fixed sets. If this is for truly outdoors, make sure you've got a good wind screen for your mic too, or you'll be hating life. Just google search they're all
  5. I've played a ton of string quartets in my high school and college career and the one thing I can say about string quartets - they're all kinda boring. Appreciating them takes a lot of active rather than passive listening skills. String quartets were designed for polite dancing and mingling, not grabbing your ears by the balls in the middle of a crowded restaurant (yes, there are many avant-garde Julliard quartets out there, but rest assured, one of those this is not). Another consideration to take into account is the source material. The second mvmt is just the original source melody bu
  6. itt songwriting is like punditry He who laughs last, probably shot the guy not laughing. Yes, my nonsense was deliberate. Gimme my f@ing grammy.
  7. Killing time and trying to stay up, pardon the laundry list... Things I learned from Final Fantasy: - The difference between being a boss and a common monster is the ability to reproduce. - Life is pretty ordinary until it is composed by Nabuo Uematsu. - Level 100? That's just f@#$ing stupid. - The entire population of the world that never thought once to create an army or level up past 10 and defend themselves is apparently worth saving, for some reason. - All trials in life start with a disorienting "ZZZZZ ZZZZ CCHHHCHCH" and end with a triumphant "DUH NA NA NA, NA NA, NUH NA-NA!" - P
  8. You know trouble was brewing when you started seeing Nickelodeon selling this movie out all over the place. That was mistake number one; what were they thinking? "Hmm, who should we get to help us produce a major live action anime crossover epic?" "How 'bout the guys that made Good Burger!?" "Brilliant!" For the record, I haven't seen it, and wasn't planning to.
  9. Thanks everyone. It was an enjoyable project for sure. I'm surprised the dissonance (yes, it was deliberate) towards the end was heavily criticized. Djp was right: that progression is practically a cliche in film. But que sera sera, it's all good. The uber sparse source and 5/4 time (which I'm also surprised nobody really brought up) was definitely a challenge that made the transitions awkward and the beats weak, and I think that's the cause of the intangible "weirdness" this one has on some, but I think something positive came from the experiment. ^^ I remember I had to push this out fa
  10. I'm not sure if this or help section is best, but since I've installed windows 7 and been using IE8 on it, my cookies on this site have gone haywire. I login and my screen goes right back to the not logged in screen to log in again. If I go to one forum like off topic, I'm good to go, then try to go to PPR and I'm asked to log in. 5 minutes later it's the exact opposite. Just trying to discern if this is a personal/windows 7 issue or it's a coincidence and others are having problems.
  11. Been a while since I really sat down and enjoyed a good RPG, so couldn't really comment on the games mentioned, though Fallout sure sounds tempting now. But reading this discussion made me think of something: I predominately play RPGs, but like other game types too. I find the games I'm usually attracted to are ones with story. A great game tells a great story, really just like an interactive book really. I'm sure some would disagree, some people just want to play Madden and nothing else. Did anyone else ever read choose your own adventure books? How many of you ever really accepted t
  12. Probably the first celebrity death that has ever made me sad.
  13. Really not sure, and it really doesn't matter anymore it seems, but I wonder if the installation order would matter in this case. For dual boot vista/xp it sure does. You might have had the result you were looking for re-installing XP 64bit again and allowing it to rewrite your boot sector. I haven't tried this setup yet, so no idea, but if you happen to try it out and it works, would love to know.
  14. Well if already having a Wild Arms mix isn't proof enough, I love this soundtrack and would definitely support an album. (I'm actually working on another wild arms mix now, but regretfully for another specialty album) This game is definitely under mixed on the site. I don't think you guys should get bogged down in he said she said. If you love it, do it; the rest is just details.
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