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  1. So uhhh, I do apologize for the stupid long bump again, but we're always looking for new artists. PLEASE specify whether it's full blanket permission (every song), just ReMix, or other. As well, if you'd like to be credited otherwise, please mention what. Thanks guys.
  2. Well blast. I've just been catching up too after I lost everything. Glad to hear you guys will still be doing stuff (and I must admit I'm intrigued to see the "First Achievement" videos), and I hope you guys can get back to rocking OCAD podcasts sooner rather than later.
  3. Updated. Sweet deals, folks. Ps. Anything is steppable (I wish I was kidding..).
  4. Umm.. yeah. Totally forgot about this (sorry about the epic year long bump..). But, would anyone else like to be a part of this? We're always looking for new artists to step. Also, please specify whether you're giving permission for just your ReMixes, or for ALL your music (it'll help resolve any confusion). Thanks!
  5. Updated. I should also mention that the next batch of files to be reviewed will be a "New Artists Batch". AKA every song submitted will be done by an artist without a song in-game. So far there's a decent list of people here without so we may see more ReMixes up there.
  6. Wow. Extreme bump, but I'm happy to say that SnappleMan is now an artist on FFR as Thrash the Plank has been accepted and is now playable on FFR. Also, anyone else willing to let us use their music?
  7. So I finally got unlazy and downloaded all the episodes off of iTunes.. Time to go through them. One-by-one-by-one.
  8. Thank god there's no rules against bumping and double posting. >__> Made the OP look pretty and requesting more.
  9. Woohoo. =D Will add you guys on and I'll be sure to add a note.
  10. Done and done. The 40th permission added to the OP. =D
  11. Any genre is the right genre. Adding you to the OP.
  12. Bump (again) and adding a couple more permissions to the list.
  13. Forgive this bump, but A.) More permissions are always nice. And. B.) Thrash the Plank by SnappleMan has been stepped and accepted into FFR!
  14. SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS. On the second playthrough, no matter what you do, there's an NPC on the second floor named John who freezes the game cartridge. You have to fight him to continue. I know SNK shipped out fixed versions of the game for a bit in 2007 or 2008, but it was by request only, and they didn't ship out anymore after January of the next year.
  15. Any song works. To make a stepfile, you need StepMania, and judging by how well you know SM and how well you can step, depends. The fastest I've made a chart is... probably 2-3 hours or so? And then there's one's where I've gone and tweaked stuff over a course of a few days. As for getting it in FFR, you need to submit it and wait for the batch to be closed. They usually close it at around 100 files or so. then the judges will give ratings and if you get a high enough rating, your song is queued for in-game. This whole process takes anywhere from weeks to months. Also, I have submitted "Thrash the Plank" by SnappleMan so maybe we'll get another OCR gem in game soon.
  16. Holy crap a lot of permissions given and from quite a few names I'm a personal fan of. Thanks everyone!
  17. Please excuse the obscenely long bump, but FFR is finally back after 10 months and files are being accepted again so any more permissions would be gladly accepted.
  18. I actually have a $2 bet with my friend over whether or not Houston will make the playoffs this year. After that week 1 performance against Indy, I'd say my odds of winning it are looking good.
  19. Ditto is the biggest pimp ever. How to drive erratically through streets, shopping malls, boats, beaches and castles. Playing a plastic instrument always gains a bigger crowd at a party, than a real one. (Or at least in my case)
  20. Well with your permission, I'd be glad to. As well, nice to have another step man on board (possibly).
  21. I take it you would like these sims to be added to the pack?
  22. So you're saying you want a pad pack? That requires a whole different breed of stepper. I only do keyboard files so.. And I will, but all depends if it's going to be a pad or keyboard pack.
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