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  1. I've had my switch in the dock pretty much since day 1. No warp whatsoever. I did, however, experience slight left joycon weirdness after binge-playing Zelda for like 8 hours. But I usually play with the pro controller so it's less of an issue.
  2. Clu Clu Land with ONLINE MULTIPLAYER, thank you very much.
  3. I preordered 8 Switch games but have no preorder on the console itself. ;V Granted, those 8 games come out over the course of the next year and a half or so.
  4. I have no doubt that Zelda will be a launch title. I really, really wanna see two major things: Retro's project, and Smash Bros.
  5. Z is for Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman.
  6. I played Pokken in the arcade on my recent trip to Japan. It was fun for a bit but I pretty quickly ran into the kind of bullshit that always infuriates me when I play fighting games online. Not sure if I'll get it. Still trucking along in Xenoblade X. I started a new file and declared I would do every quest possible before starting subsequent chapters. That meant... a lot of swimming. I pretty much circled Cauldros. They put level 70 monsters in the water off the coast of Sylvalum just so you don't rubber band your controller or something.
  7. Still gotta get NEO. It looks like a blast. I will... after I'm done Xenoblade.
  8. Corrin and Bayonetta are both pretty neat-looking. Love that Bayonetta stage. As for Cloud, he's alright. He definitely feels strong, and despite being a swordsman, has a much different feel from Marth, Ike, or Shulk. Limit Breaks felt a bit OP, but that might've just been because I was playing Classic 6.0 and All-Star. I only wish they actually worked magic and materia into his moves somehow. Maybe instead of blade beam make a cycling spell attack special or something. Oh well. The Midgar stage is definitely cool. The summons are a visual spectacle without being unavoi
  9. Just started chapter 6 tonight after going around doing all sorts of side story quests. One in particular drags you out to the far arsehole of Oblivia, through hordes of nasties and giants. I somehow missed a FrontierNav site on the way so I was extra-worried about dying. I'm definitely in love with this game, but there are a couple little nagging points I want to talk about. First off, equipment. Xenoblade did this too, but a lot of the equips you find are ambiguously bad, or some will be terrible but have some GREAT augment on it that makes it so you're unwilling to unequip it, even thou
  10. So.... amiibo Festival. No surprise it's getting blasted by reviews, but I picked it up last week and have been having a pleasant time with it. Playing the board and other minigames earns you points towards tickets, which can then be spent outfitting the board with stuff that can add new routes and change some events. Island Survival is the best minigame by far, but the quiz is definitely a fun challenge. The rest are kind of weird or one-note. That all said, one thing must be made clear: amiibo Festival is not for people unwilling to shell out some extra dough for additional cards and
  11. Wild. Kind of wish we got a Square-Enix character more relevant to Nintendo (Erdrick?) but as long as Cloud doesn't just do the same Marth/Ike stuff he'll be a welcome addition. And that Mako Reactor map is like Unova League stage on 3DS on steroids.
  12. Now I wish we had a way to pick music in Mario Maker. That Contra theme, coupled with the level, stirred something deep within.
  13. Yeah, because we totally got Inklings, Toad, Yarn Yoshi, Isabelle, Tom Nook, KK Slider, and 8-bit Mario as characters already, right?
  14. There is not a "meh" dispassionate enough to express my feelings of this announcement.
  15. I second Resonance of Fate. By far and away one of the more unique and clever JRPGs of the previous generation. If you're fine with it being something of an FFT ripoff, Mercenaries Saga 2 on the 3DS is an excellent little TRPG. Think FFT merged with Fire Emblem class progression. And it's only like five bucks!
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