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  1. It was fun to see you guys again, and some of you who I didn't get a chance to meet last year. I just finished my 20 some odd hour drive home. Damn. MAGFest is actually over. Weird. I was really glad I got to sit in on the OCR panel. I missed it last year, but this one definitely made up for it - funny, and some great HDR action. I ran out of cash or would've grabbed a hoodie, and a sticker for my keyboard. Next year! Thanks for the feedback you guys gave JAMSpace at that final panel. We took notes and were definitely paying attention. Each year gets better!
  2. I happen to enjoy the Miyazaki films, even if Taucer thinks their overrated I recall enjoying Escaflowne when I saw it last (and I still listen to some of the soundtrack). Though I saw the Japanese release....I caught clips of the version aired in the U.S. and it was all chopped up and awful. Nodame Cantabile and Death Note are two that I've watched recently and enjoyed. YES! Beck =
  3. I missed the OCR panel this year *tear* due to JAMSpace concert set-up or concert band emergencies, I can't remember which - but I WILL make it next year! Somehow I timed being with you guys for that OCR picture that was taken from the 2nd story down at all of us near the registration desk - holy awesome, batman! I second all Dom's shout-outs of thanks, too. Also I must add Kroze. Holy Crap Kroze! Good man, good man. And, y'know, basically all of you.
  4. Man, MAGFest is done....what a weekend. Just wanted to say that it was awesome meeting those of you I had the chance to meet! (I was the big dude with the beard running JamSpace) You guys rule. The End.
  5. Holy Crap MAGFest! ... HOLY CRAP JAMSPACE! So stoked I got to meet (most) of you guys over this past weekend! I'm just sorry I didn't get the chance to meet everybody, but JamSpace kept me running all over the place. So - NEXT TIME! If any of you have pictures or recordings we'd totally love you long time for hooking us up with them! (We being: Myself, Dom and Escariot.....but this is my post, so emphasis on me!) Also, thanks to all the support JamSpace got, we are now a permanent part of MAGFest, and will only get bigger and better from here on out.... Which means we'd better get our asses in gear and start planning MAGFest VII's JamSpace soon
  6. The countdown has begun! As SpamTron mentioned, JAMSpace Chiptunes Concert: Friday at 1PM. Also: JAMSpace Concert: Saturday at 3PM. These are the finalized times, theoretically Those of you who wish to sign-up and play for the JAMSpace Concert, please do so before noon on Saturday and attend the 12PM pre-concert meeting so we can get everything set up to run smoothly. Totally stoked, and looking forward to seeing you all there!
  7. I know we have a Shure SM58, and a "Shure-Equivalent" mic available. We're always on the lookout for more, so hopefully the inventory will increase - but for now, those will be available for sure.
  8. I play alto and tenor sax I'm not bringing mine though -- waaaay too much gear to haul from Iowa to begin with. Also I'm not a remixer (....yet). I just wanted to post
  9. At all times the JamSpace room is unlocked, staff will be on hand to watch instruments. We'll have a check-in system, so that we know what instrument belongs to who, and will stay on top of that if we see someone treating an instrument in a questionable manner. So, if you do end up bringing it, thanks in advance for making it available to others! Should any of you be bringing an instrument that you don't want available to others, we'll be able to store them in a separate area of the room (behind "us") - though ultimately just keeping them in your room when you aren't using them is probably the safest.
  10. Recording is going to be happening at JamSpace, so I wanted to just give a little information here for those of you who may be interested. We have: A Linux Desktop, 1GHz AMD Athlon, with Ardour and Audacity. We'll basically be recording the whole time, BUT We will probably also set up some actual recording sessions, SO: If anybody is interested in recording, and would rather supply some other software than what we have available, let one of us know so that we can be in touch, and get it set up prior to the session!
  11. So Paul, one of the top guys in the MAGFest hierarchy, was telling me the other day how disappointed he was that the Final Fantasy VI battle music had never been recorded/performed "properly (in his opinion), live," by anyone (in his experience). He states that "it is really a ska [piece], and that a band or someone should record it as such." So I got to thinking: The theme for the logo of MAGFestVI is Final Fantasy VI - what good timing. Looking at the instrument list from you guys alone (since members like Escariot had the focus to make a list, and it's the only list of attendee equipment so far), this is increasingly becoming something that would be very doable AT JamSpace. Does this sound like something any of you would be into? I'll be the first to admit I don't know that much about Ska, but I'm working on getting some feedback on this concept. If there is enough interest, we'll organize it as an actual "ongoing" session at JamSpace.
  12. So I'm curious what game music you all would be interested in creating? Particularly those of you who are coming to JamSpace but who aren't bringing instruments, or don't play any. I'm not making any promises here, but every musician I know is always looking to add to their repertoire, and I'd love to choose pieces from the vast gaming genre that our listeners want to hear, and other musicians want to jam out to. I've already blocked out what I'll be performing for the JamSpace concert, but I'll keep adding to the list of game music I can play during the rest of the convention until it's over. What pieces/songs do you all want to jam out to?
  13. Drew here, the other JamSpace organizer. First off, a thanks to Escariot for creating a separate thread dedicated to JamSpace! To add to Dom's list of equipment, I will be bringing my Yamaha P140 Keyboard (weighted, full-size), a Classical Guitar, a Djembe, a few Irish Whistles, and an Irish Ocarina. Oh, and my voice: Tenor I, II, Baritone, or Lead Barbershop. Possibilities of other instruments supplied by me: Peavy Electric Guitar with Amp, bongos, and an ukulele -- these however, are subject to how much space I have during travel -- I am coming from Iowa. For those of you who say you are only singers - nothing wrong with that, bring your voice! As Dom said, please feel free to offer up suggestions here. You can also AIM me: AmericanPianist
  14. Good call! We've been working on a system similar to what you've described. As JamSpace will have it's own room separate from the other events, the instruments will be kept there both for convenience and for ease of keeping tabs on. Rest assured that we're working on the best system possible for this. I didn't mention it before, because we haven't finalized everything. However, good idea and thanks for mentioning it! A quick note to those planning on bringing an instrument -- just like with luggage when traveling by plane, mark your instruments or cases somehow. This isn't required, just extremely helpful, especially in the chaos of a convention.
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