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  1. Sup folks! I'll be joining Cris Velasco, Tom Salta, Kris Maddigan and Darren Korb on a panel at PAX East this Saturday. I've never been to a PAX East before but apparently there's a MAG-style jamspace there too, I might hop in with Drumultima if he can stand my crappy flute playing more than once per year Anyone else attending PAX East this year?
  2. bustatunez

    I'm doing an r/games AMA!

    Sup folks! I'm happy to announce that I'll be doing an r/games AMA Thursday, March 9th, at 3pm EST / 12pm PST. I'll be with the co-creators of my current indie project, Anew: The Distant Light, which is also on the last days of its Kickstarter campaign. I'm super excited about this title as it's one of my most unique and personal scores yet, with elements of 20th century art music (John Adams, Bartok, Debussy, Takemitsu) as well as much quieter and more emotional cues. Hope you can make it!
  3. bustatunez

    Taucer on Patreon

    Topless juggling with objects that are currently on fire or GTFO. ...Actually, the objects should start not-on-fire, then BECOME on-fire as the juggling progresses!!! Begin with a well-timed fire-arrow shot straight up and go from there. (also, awesome - best of luck! :-))
  4. Sup everyone! Super happy to announce that my Kickstarter-doublefunded anime soundtrack album, "Beyond Libra", has been released AND we're having a listening party tonight!! For those unfamiliar, this was an album of original music I wrote over the last 8 years, with lots of stylistic references to composers such as Yoko Kanno, Jo Hisaishi, and Yasunori Mitsuda. I collaborated with several OCR artists on this one, including Jeff Ball, DrumUltima, Jillian "Pixietricks" Aversa, Sixto, Finbeard, Harmony, Audiofidelity, XPRTNovice, Shrack, Snappleman, and Jose the Bronx Rican. We also had three different live choirs (The Philadelphia Boys Choir, The Yale Slavic Chorus, and a Nigerian vocal ensemble) and live orchestra, along with artwork by Keiiii and Star Wars artist Stephen Chang, so it was a gargantuan production across three continents. Kickstarter backers who opted for the digital release should have already received their copy via an emailed bandcamp code; Physical copies will be mailed off later today and tomorrow. The album is available at https://rogetmusic.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-libra for the full release with all our gorgeous disc art, and it'll be available on iTunes, Spotify, and several others soon as well. Listening party will be on Wednesday, March 9th (ie. today) at 10pm EST (7pm PST), courtesy of 8bitX: www.twitch.tv/8bitx Scott Porter (SeattleOvercoat) will host the show, and I'll answer questions and give behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the album's production. Sorry for the short notice, but I hope you guys can make it!
  5. Sup guys! Just wanted to give y'all an update - We're now 5 days away from the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and we've raised over $2,600 for this project!! The extra money will go to a mixing/mastering engineer, as well as some live instrumental overdubs to increase the quality of the release. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who's backed our project, and I appreciate all the shares/likes/retweets as well!
  6. Kickstarter is LIVE!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rogetmusic/beyond-libra-an-anime-inspired-soundtrack Thanks so much to all the folks who have contributed so far!
  7. Yep! It's a mix of the opening titles theme, but with vocals muted (so that my blablablah is audible ). Thanks a bunch!!
  8. Hey guys! I posted about this aaaaages ago, but now finally my anime-inspired soundtrack album is almost ready for release! Influenced by composers like Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi, and Yasunori Mitsuda, the 44-minute album features live orchestra, three live choirs (including a Nigerian vocal ensemble and a Slavic women's chorus), vocal performances by Jillian Aversa (Pixietricks), Raj Ramayya (from Cowboy Bebop and Wolf's Rain), Brandon Bush (Harmony) and others, and instrumental performances by Sixto, Drumultima, JeffBall, AeroZ, Audiofidelity, Chuck Simpson (Finbeard), and many more! EDIT: Our kickstarter is now live!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rogetmusic/beyond-libra-an-anime-inspired-soundtrack
  9. Hey guys!! Sorry I completely forgot to post this here, but today at 3pm PST (6pm EST, midnight Scandinavia) I'm hosting a livestream where I'll show how I do orchestral music production. I'll use my Tomb Raider score to show my sample libraries, project layout, reverb, mixing in live instruments, and final mastering. http://www.twitch.tv/bustatunez Seeya there!
  10. Thanks Armadon! So all of the tracks in the OST are up now, but Crystal is also starting to post some of the bonus remixes! The first has been posted, AeroZ's live loop-cello remix of Isis' Lament: https://soundcloud.com/crystaldynamics/35-bonus-track-isis-lament-sebastian-freij-remix?in=crystaldynamics/sets/lctoo Crystal hasn't posted it just yet, but you can watch live video of AeroZ's performance here as well: http://youtu.be/o1WFf1O7cMg (please don't share outside of OCR just yet...!)
  11. Yaya! That was one of Pauli's tracks (my asst. composer), he did a great job with that one, "Desert Rains" and the Apep boss fight
  12. Tracks 17-24 are up! https://soundcloud.com/crystaldynamics/sets/lctoo I think this chunk of the soundtrack has pieces that show my influences more clearly than anywhere else in the score: "Shrine of Osiris" uses very Lord of the Rings orchestration, "Riddles of the Ancient" has a very clear Indiana Jones flavor in the harmony and textures, "The Putrid Depths" is very Chrono Trigger in its use of jazz upright bass mixed with orchestra and high mallet ostinatos, and "Sobek, He Who Eats..." is about as Vagrant Story as it gets Hope you enjoy!
  13. Next 8 tracks are up!! Check out tracks 9-16 https://soundcloud.com/crystaldynamics/sets/lctoo In particular I'd like to call out track 13 "Under the Desert Sun" as one of my favorites to work on. I had Kristin Naigus (http://field-of-reeds.net/) perform duduk and English horn solos at the beginning, she did an incredible job bringing such a lyrical tone to the melody. Honestly I think one of the best experiences I had on this score was learning to write appropriately for the English horn, it's a wonderful instrument that's often underused when compared to its higher pitched sibling, the oboe. Later in this track you can also hear AeroZ play Lara's Theme beautifully on solo cello - I remarked on one of the interviews I did that at this point it's almost easier to count the soundtracks where I haven't worked with AeroZ, I think you'll see why
  14. Hey guys! I just wanted to share my soundtrack to Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, latest game in the isometric top-down Tomb Raider spinoff franchise. Crystal Dynamics is releasing the score on Soundcloud for free: https://soundcloud.com/crystaldynamics/sets/lctoo What's super cool about it is that I got to work with a bunch of OCR folks as both solo instrumentalists and official remixers - practically every performer on the album is an OCR remixer, MAGfest attendee, or an avid gamer in addition to being a professional musician. More on this later, but for now I hope you enjoy Kristin Naigus (of Project Destati fame), DrumUltima, Shrack, and AeroZ's performances on these first few tracks!
  15. (Thanks Katie!! ) Also, I'd like to announce that Spacestation Evolution: ReTuned is now on the newly-launched Overclocked Records label! http://overclockedrecords.com/release/spacestation-evolution-retuned/