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  1. Ok, I updated the file. The link in the first post is now the most current version. I took in the suggestions and made the made bass stronger by using EQ editting. I found that stacking strings/woodwinds didn't quite fit the "happy" mood of the star festival intro. Sine wave is still present, but I decided to only use it for tone and not for harmony/melody. Melody is now english horn and/or flute. I felt that english horn + flute gives this Toad/Luma-like impression. (0:28-0:33) I felt the beginning was weak, so I decided make it a slow glockenspiel solo. I am currently planning on naming my remix along the lines of "Mario Story" or something like that. So I felt the glockenspiel intro would then be suitable. I was planning on making the intro longer as zircon suggested, but I was short on ideas and nothing seemed to work well enough. The new part is the beginning of the Gusty Garden section. I am not sure how it will come out yet, but I decided to start it off with a clarinet solo. What do you guys think of it so far? Any problems and/or suggestions?
  2. It's definitely much better than the CMC entries I've heard from you, but I feel it's lacking a clear focus as Radiowar said. I really can't tell that it's based on a song from Chrono Trigger. Also, it does not really change much. Yes, some instruments disappear and the beat changes at different parts of the song, but I feel it still has the exact same atmosphere.
  3. Newest Version: http://files.filefront.com/Gusty+Garden+Temple+Remixmp3/;9964673;/fileinfo.html I completely did a whole new approach to Gusty Garden. It no longer feels like a carbon copy to me, and it is a lot more catchier than the old version, at least in my opinion. It's actually based on my entry for the CMC that Abadoss usually hosts, but it will turn out to be really different as it goes on. Oh yes, here's also a source video for people to get a feel of the original: http://youtube.com/watch?v=pqBfsdGrn8s Old Stuff: After playing the game, I felt I just had to do a remix for it. Of course, that pretty much defaults the song to being Gusty Garden, but I decided to start it off with Star Festival. The first 30 seconds of the song are completely done, but the remaining is subject to change. 0:41-0:48 has not been polished at ALL, so it sounds like crap. I'm completely lost for ideas as to how I can transition to Gusty Garden though, so those last seconds are there to test if it could work as a transition. I'm planning to transition my piece into the "second melody" of Gusty Garden (right after the trumpet solo). I've never actually completed a remix before, because I used to do midi sequencing at VGmusic. In fact, another reason I chose to do a remix of Gusty Garden was because I was the one who sequenced Gusty Garden at VGmusic. I just recently came here because of Abadoss's CMCs, and participating in those CMCs taught me how to use GPO slowly by slowly. Although, after seeing a massive 2 page string of "NO!" in the Judges Decision page, I'm pretty worried if my piece is up to par. Tell me what ya guys think.
  4. Probably the account was made a day and a few hours ago, so it calculated it by hour and then it converts to day.
  5. Great job everyone! It was really close this time and everyone just seems to be getting better and better each round.
  6. Hehe, I see you (HoboKa) too notice that Abadoss posts new songs/results around 2 AM PST.
  7. Does anyone notice that Abadoss changes the example text in the post every time? This time it says: I think it's worth mentioning since he takes the time to do it each and every contest.
  8. I'm really surprised that I won. There were a lot of good entries, so I thought that I lost for sure. To HoboKa: Even though you lose, I feel that you are getting better and better each time. These contests are about practicing composition and improving. Abadoss doesn't throw cash at the winner, so it's best to have fun and learn new ways/styles of composition. For your case, I think you need to work a lot on fine-tuning tone and texture of your pieces. You have a lot of good ideas, but your pieces are usually a tad too loud and hit the "red zone" on volume. FL has a little volume meter at the top and usually when it fills up all the way (it looks red when that loud), the sound begins to crackle and pop due to it being too loud. Also try playing around with velocity a lot, even a centimeter of velocity difference between notes can make the whole song sound a lot better. To Johnny Burt: Sorry about the suspicion, I never knew iTunes left such a strange imprint with the 00000E28 and stuff. Usually songs ripped from games have marks like that, and since your piece was pretty well made, it seemed like a possibility. To Numegil, Gimgak, larsdood: I really like your pieces and seriously thought I'd lose to one of you. Numegil has this really amazing ambient thing going on and it is really theme fitting. larsdood set up a really crazy beat and it really felt nightmarish. Loved all the effects and filters that you used. Gimgak's song has really great balance and the melody was also very strong. One of the most addicting techno songs I have heard yet. All in all, good job everyone. O yeah and Sytrus Oort Cloud is the win.
  9. Hmm, I was just looking over the songs.. and Johnny Burt's song had: " 00000E28 00000FC0 00010D77 00" under his ID3v1 tag and under encoded he had "iTunes v6.0.5." It raises a lot of suspicion...
  10. I just feel that having more freedom will encourage participation. For instance, someone may hate "zombie-filled graveyards" as a theme and would prefer composing to "flowery fields." Another person may feel the exact opposite. By having an open theme, it appeases more people and you have to freedom to do what you want to do. Also if you beat me this time, you can make it strictly one idea. That is IF you beat me.
  11. Ayu Hamasa's piece is plagiarized from Final Fantasy XII... It's called "Esper Battle."
  12. I just finished. Took me a long time! >_> O yes, HoboKa I knew that you used Fruity Loops from: A: Your forum profile. B: Your mp3s say "embedded with FL LAME" something like that Also the synth I use is "Garritan Orchestra." It's sometimes is annoying because you cannot use velocity at all; Mod = Velocity for it. It was a bit pricey too. However, I mix and match overall. I use some soundfont synths that were posted in the VGMusic forums, but I don't remember the link. (They are really good too) But the other soundfonts I like to use are: SGM and FluidGM. They are downloadable at: http://www.sf2midi.com.
  13. You did a great job in my opinion HoboKa. I bet it was hard to judge since we did completely different styles and emphasized completely different things. I tried to focus more on tone and harmony, while it seems you focused more on beat and mood. I did something more traditionalist and you did something more modern. Although, the funny thing is that we both used Fruity Loops to make it. Be seeing you in the next contest!
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