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  1. Still, there must be something awesome you do that we could learn from. That's what fetish sites are for.
  2. It feels like it has been forever since the last one, but then again I was really busy recently. I got a new synth to play with, so this will be fun.
  3. I really thought you would win Alex. I'm guessing people did not envision the same kind of city as you. Also it seems people were looking out more for strong melodic pieces rather than strong more ambient submissions. So, you did well, and that's what matters most. By noisy, I am assuming that they mean the bass covers a wide spectrum, so you hear it go BOOM. With crappy speakers/headphones, it might sound crackly, but I have good headphones that handle bass well. But yes, if you want more comments from me, then I can say that... perhaps the piece could have had more of a melodic focus rather than ambience. Make it less aggressive, apparently people found it to be too fast paced for a city, but honestly I thought it worked for like a crazy club or fast car ride. Oh, and next topic please! I hope xRisingForce is not on a vacation and unable to access the internet....
  4. I use anime influenced chords too so don't take it wrongly. Like a lot of my songs use cliched chords and/or transitions, but it's not a bad thing, using cliche works as long as it is not overused, in my opinion. Plus your song was well made overall, so production was the only thing I could that be commented on. Lol, I actually saw that like 5 years ago. I didn't know it sounded like that though.
  5. I suppose so, I think I was too picky on production quality this time. For a night city setting I sort of expected that there would be more high EQ than for say a church or something else. Cymbals, high pitched synths, etc. produce more high frequencies, which also help make the song sound louder without having it amplified. Which is why I chose to do non-orchestral, because I feel my orchestral songs are too smooth compared to real orchestras, so a synthy song would compensate for that.But I'm just excited for the next CMC, since it's really fun seeing what everyone does! So yes, congrats RisingForce and do pick something cool!
  6. Ahh very sad, Abadoss usually is very prompt and posts results/entries by now. Unless there was a tie! Or maybe he just got too sleepy...
  7. Oh, this will be a tough and close match for sure. I expect a lot of ties. Lots of good entries and I'm surprised there was no crazy jazz entry, nonetheless this will be a very fun voting round. (Abadoss posts results around 1:00-2:00 AM PST btw if you're curious.) PS: Sean's entry is not downloadable.
  8. Just to give you a heads up, your website got owned again Abadoss.
  9. There's "Trauma Center" released for the NDS and Wii. It's a surgery type game, sorta unrealistic, but I'm sure you might be able to get some use out of it.
  10. I personally have developed a hatred for druids and rogues this season, despite how a rogue is my main partner and I have a few druid friends. Who's in range of making gladiator this season btw? Season 4 is going to start soon!
  11. Working on it, promise it will not be orchestral this time.
  12. Sounds absolutely wonderful, great job with the samples, sounds very epic. I really can't recognize the melody from FFVII that strongly, that would be the only problem I can find with the song. Otherwise, I can't suggest anything else. Awesome job.
  13. FPC isn't crappy in my opinion, it probably does not fit the atmosphere you have. First of all, it's way too loud post 30 seconds. It's practically a clipping-fest post 30 seconds. However, you have good ideas and decent cohesion, so it can fixed if you balance it to be quieter. I hope you didn't just slap on a maximus preset, because the quality is completely distorted past 1:00. Now the nit-picky stuff.. I'd say the pizzicato could be sampled better, but it's acceptable, beginning is well done otherwise. The sound effect at 28 seconds needs to be EQ'ed, I find it fairly painful. Can't really say anything past that, it's too distorted to tell what's going on due to volume.
  14. Well, I think there could possibly be that in order to make a new topic, you must first reply to two, three other currently posted WIPs. I notice some people ONLY post topics. Sure there are people who only review topics too, but with that extra little boost it could make it more active and productive. Also, I don't think all people who give reviews need to know where the bar is completely. If they like the song, it gets bumped and hopefully someone who does know where the bar is posts too. I notice once a topic reaches 5-6 posts, people reply more often, so getting it started seems difficult. After all, if no one posts, then I would assume no one likes the song or cares about your genre/game remixed, so it is disheartening to get nothing. But yeah, that certified reviewer ideas sounds awesome. Only problem I see with it is that they will get a lot more tired than judges because the WIP board updates constantly, the remixes don't sound as nice since they are WIPs, and it may be more work than being a judge. (not necessarily, judges are working hard ) The nice part though, is that the Certified Reviewers wouldn't need to collaborate, so it would go a lot faster. Then again, it's not as bad as DJP's job. Going through hundreds of mp3s and then writing a 5-paged essay after each YES. Reading those essays take quite a bit of work, I can't imagine writing those every time a YES is made. Or Larry's job of making sure everything is up to standards. @LuckyXIII: It'd be nice, but it's ultimately up to the judges. If it does get accepted, gotta wait 2-3 months probably.
  15. I disagree with this entirely. The richer you are, the less money matters to you honestly. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, so an $8,000 increase is a HUGE increase relative to a extra few hundred thousand dollars for the executive. An average American makes around $50k, so an 33% increase would entail more than 8,000, and after taxes that 50k will equate to $30-35k. After mortgages, utilities, food, gas, they are left with nothing. Probably not enough money to even save a dime, but with an extra 8,000, people can set up a college fund, not rely on credit cards (less debt, which = more money in the end), thus the 8,000 actually becomes extremely valuable to them. Debt traps the poor in the lower brackets, while debt feeds the rich, and most middle and lower class people are forced to have debt as a means of survival. Most people who are poor remain poor because of the way taxes are bracketed, while the rich has all this extra money they can invest and permanently stay rich if they are careful with their money.So if anything, I think the executives make enough already. Most companies are faring quite well despite all this pirating, especially the music and movie industry. They are the two most pirated industries in my opinion and they are both extremely successful. Honestly if they have huge profits already, we really don't need these heavy liberty infringing laws. If they truly are suffering, then this law would be more excusable, but if this is at the expense so that executives could eat more caviar and truffles.. then it's unnecessary. If this law passes, even if you don't pirate, it will be extremely annoying. Imagine going to the airport and you bring your Ipod so you're not bored the entire flight, and you happen to be the target of a random search. They perhaps will need to confiscate your Ipod to scan it and I doubt this can be done instantly, so it will be given back to you much later on. It generates a factor of public nuisance and is an invasion of privacy, since because of this law, you will be bored to death the entire flight. People like to show other people new music too. If you like an artist, you probably will burn them a copy of some songs and if your friend really likes them, they most likely will buy more of this artist's music later on. If this law is passed, that would be illegal, and your friend will never know or grow an appreciation for that artist. So technically, this law has the possibility of reducing the income of some major industries, because pirating actually has become sort of a trial version for music, software, etc. Some industries are actually against this proposition for that exact reason. Also, the Patriot Act was mentioned earlier. I believe it would have never passed if it was not for 9/11. The only reason why this huge right infringing, discriminating law sneaked through the checks and balances system is only because of paranoia. On normal grounds, it would never have passed because it violates the basic amendments, such as the right to liberty and privacy. Piracy does not seem to be that huge of a problem in the US, and I don't think this can generate grounds for blatant disregard of basic rights laid out by the amendment. Piracy is a lot worse in other countries, such as China. They literally sell burned copies of movies and music that they have no license to sell. The producers of those movies and music gain no revenue from those sales. That is extremely harmful and should be stopped, but in America you would be arrested the second that is done. So case in point, this should not be allowed to pass in America because it would be like using a fire hose to put out a candle's flame. In some countries it would be appropriate, but not in the USA.
  16. Hopefully finals don't discourage people from participating on this one.
  17. I notice that sometimes the WIP forums moves too fast, so it ends up becoming a bumping war. And yep, the quality of some of the WIPs are quite a turnoff. I feel I have an obligation to still post, but it's really hard to be constructive without crushing all their hopes and dreams. You know, like the Judges Decisions forums.
  18. When remixing, the most you really need is melody, bass, and harmony of the original in my opinion. Even then, you can go with just the melody and bass and change the chords to your liking. I find that opening a midi makes it harder to be creative, so I suggest using your ears. Someone has to listen to the original to make the midi in the first place. Most midis on VGMusic aren't rips, they're done by ear, so they can often be inaccurate, but accurate enough to seem like the original.
  19. Actually, I found a better solution to the one I just posted. Bounce mode didn't completely solve the problem, instead of random pops, I noticed random fuzz. Apparently with "Multithreaded generator processing" off, "Safe Overloads" off, and setting "Fixed Size buffers" on, the problem went away completely! So I can now welcome FL 8 woot. I think the main thing to it was the "Multithreaded..." The other options lessened it, but it was disabling Multithreaded generator processing that removed it completely. So if you have any problems with GPO be sure to do that, or at least try it.
  20. Really nice! Very relaxing, calming, can't think of any negative. I guess if you stretch it, you could say it's very same-ish throughout the piece, but I think you varied enough to dodge a comment like that.
  21. K, I had it finished for awhile, but had major technical problems. All fixed now. Edit: I managed to fix the old old one. Balance is better now. http://files.filefront.com/Sacred+Flute+Finalmp3/;10499773;/fileinfo.html FINAL FINAL version, unless everyone hates the ending.
  22. Course I use GPO and Abadoss does too I believe. GPO can be very frustrating. I find that it can feel very wimpy, but it is excellent for smooth sonorous passages. Brass feels very unimpressive, but the solo woodwinds and such are great. It might just be my technique, I have only been using for a year now, so I could be wrong. Garritan's intended use of the synth is daunting too, it's designed for each and every player to be manually controlled. In his example lessons, I could swear that he suggests you manually program every player of the string orchestra. It will sound awesome if you dare take the time to do that, but I don't have the patience for that. Of course there are some full string presets and such, but it can sound meh at times. A lot of the instruments are designed for solo instruments to be stacked on top of full ensemble presets, so for instance solo violin + full strings. Also, mod = expression, velocity = attack, volume = coarse volume. Since mod = expression, Garritan is good to use with a keyboard. I often find that adjusting the attack doesn't give as much dynamic change as I would have hoped. Also GPO seems to be CPU intensive, I have a 5200+ AMD processor and a full orchestra makes my CPU average at 60-80%. Although, GPO has two sets of harps, quite a bit of organs, english horn, some interesting percussion instruments (nothing ethnic), it can be loaded as 32 bit, and other features. To load the full orchestra with all the keyswitches and such, it eats up about 1000-2000 Mb of RAM, and CPU will be hovering around 50% when not playing (FL has a macro to reduce idle time CPU usage). I never tried the other orchestral samples, so I would not know if they would be better or worse. In summary, GPO isn't bad, it has high potential if used correctly, but it takes quite a bit of time to master and can be time consuming to set up.
  23. After hours of FL forum hunting, I found out the answer. FL 8 causes GPO to cause glitches, and the solution to this is installing the Kontakt 2 player for GPO. Kontakt 2 has something called "offline (bounce) mode" and apparently that feature allows GPO not to glitch in FL 8. I knew it was not clipping, clipping has a distinct scratchy/fuzzy sound while my problem was more of a pop. All the project files I have reviewed all have GPO used in them, which is why I thought everything was glitched. I opened a FL demo file and it was glitch free, so it had to be GPO. I have yet to do this, but I am sure it will fix the problem. I don't know if this only applies to GPO, but it might apply to all kontakt 1 players, so I guess it's good to know for future reference. After this though, I'm really inclined to ditch GPO and buy EWQL Silver... But anyways, thanks a lot everyone for suggestions and possible solutions! I am just glad this is over.
  24. Rendered without FX, still had issues. Rendered as .wav, still had issues. Now, I rendered the violin by itself... pops even more prominent than with the orchestra. I reinstalled, problems persist. System Specs: Windows XP Service Pack 2 AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual, Core Processor 5200+ 992 MHz, 2.00 GB of RAM Sound Blaster Xi-Fi (Creative ASIO) I listened to each channel individually, and I noticed that the Solo Violin causes the most pops, but this never happened in FL 7. I took the compressor off the violin and the pops diminished (not completely), but it was too quiet. I raised its volume again and pops came back. Pops are most prominent during high pitch, loud violin sections. The pops aren't frequent, in fact most of them require special attention to even hear, but I feel they affect the flow of my song. But the piccolo section contradicts the above statement, it is a very quiet section and the pop is so noticeable it kills the song completely. The piccolo is somewhat high pitch, and usually the pops don't even show up when playing back, only during rendering. These pops occur randomly, not always in the same part of the song. Now this really sucks because all these effects worked 100% bug free in FL 7 and FL 8 made my project file no longer compatible with FL 7. If someone could show me a way to open the file in FL 7 again, that could be a solution. There are no FL 8 unique modules used in the .flp, but I think just saving it under FL 8 made it unusable by FL 7.
  25. Well, the tricky thing is that: A. No buffer range fixes the problem. B. It affects every single .flp file I open that I made in the past. C. I went back and opened old projects in FL 7, no problems, in FL 8, random pops. D. I use Garritan Personal Orchestra, I opened songs without that and there was still occasional popping. I made this song with FL 7, finished with FL 8. I'm not sure if new FL 8 project files will cause popping noises, but any old project I open with FL 8 causes random popping. The only effects that I have used are: Stereo Enhancer, Reverb, Multiband Compressors, Delay, and EQ I am almost 90% sure it is not my project file, it may be some setting in FL 8 or even a rendering setting. Supposedly when you render songs, the popping related to buffer sizes should disappear. I have an mp3 link of the song, it's finished now, but with all the pops in the end I can't submit this. http://files.filefront.com/Sacred+Flute+Final+Betamp3/;10443436;/fileinfo.html The pop can be heard around 3:16-3:17, it happens a lot during the loud sections too, but it is hidden by sound so it is not as much of an issue. I did multiple renderings and some of them have no pops during the end, but they happen during other places in the piece. So worst case comes to worse, I am going to cut and paste multiple renderings until it is pop free and not use FL 8. Although if someone can figure out a solution, it'd be really great!
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