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  1. I'm assuming several people have seen this by now, because I've gotten quite a few downloads. Thanks a bunch! It seems people like the music and that makes me happy.
  2. Hello, everyone! You may or may not remember me; I'm the Vagrant Story piano remix dude. I recently finished a small soundtrack and decided to put it up for sale at Bandcamp, and then a couple of OCR people suggested that I write about it here too, so here I am! The soundtrack costs $2, but I recently released a couple of free promo codes that you can use (first come, first serve!) to get the album for a grand total of $0. The soundtrack is available right here: http://fredrikhathen.bandcamp.com/ Here are some free promo codes: 8b7r-vd34 2dww-gcdm h463-3b3g jc3l-hxlu 9hxj-jppp n4c6-yrb2 mes2-bl4h b64d-xme5 wnsc-jg2r eaqc-ybxl r784-bxme dwn4-wvy3 ppaj-w8b4 uljp-hn4d xegr-5ajc 46uw-bb8w 4nwe-xhu4 4dj9-e5am chgn-333g ecux-x4lu gslp-japp 2hs8-y2b2 ae43-bh4h r8sw-xje5 6fff-jw24 uwdl-ywwm ljqj-u4dg q9br-eqw3 92xd-3tcs 3xee-h74d we6b-5ejc c83l-b38w snxq-xxu4 swe6-5pam ss82-br3g xlns-wmt3 jeae-cgr4 f7fg-wbhm lldn-cwqg qpqm-xwg3 You redeem those codes by going to http://fredrikhathen.bandcamp.com/yum and pasting your code into the box. Presto! If one code doesn't work, try another one (chances are it's been used already). If you like the music, please consider buying the album. However, the important thing for me is that it gets out there and that people listen to it. I hope you enjoy the music!
  3. Hey, everyone! Sorry for the really late reply. First of all, thanks a lot for the wonderful comments! I'm glad my little piano arrangement was liked by so many people. Second: Yes, there is sheet music of this. However, the sheet music doesn't really resemble the final arrangement that much, since I took some liberties when I played it and switched some chords. If people are really interested in what the original looked like, I suppose I could share the sheet music. Anyway, thanks again! I hope I'll be able to contribute more to OCRemix.
  4. I've been a big fan of the Angry Videogame Nerd for quite some time, and since this guy takes the whole "hating on games" thing to a totally different level he is now also bookmarked. Seriously, I was close to tears from laughing so much after the Medal of Honor: Airborne review. What I love about the ZP videos is that they are extremely well written and his delivery is really fantastic. Then again, I'm a very cynical person myself, which probably means that I find even more humour in what he's doing. Oh, and this has nothing to do with Zero Punctuation, but... *waves to Dhsu* What's up?
  5. Personally I really didn't like Magnus at all - it produces a cheap-sounding, unnatural and less than satisfying choir sound (at least according to me). You can actually get by very well with free stuff though. A someone said earlier, you can do more than you think without thinking too much about what samples you're using.
  6. I agree with the above. EWQL Silver does provide some excellent sounds for a relatively cheap price. The woodwinds are slightly terrible, in my opinion, but the great piano, percussion instruments, strings and french horn samples make up for it in heaps and loads. The built-in effects and reverbs are highly customizable and are really worth playing around with. Garritan features better woodwinds but I find the library clunky, resource-heavy and not as well sampled as EWQL. I hope that helped.
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