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  1. zukhramm

    OCR01672 - F-Zero 'The Freedom of Zero'

    I hate remixes that adds lyrics to songs that don't origianlly have any. For some reason, I like this one. Think I would have prefered it with only the song and no other voices. But still, I like it.
  2. zukhramm

    Main Menu from Metroid Prime 2

    Unless I'm remembering it wrong, it think it apears in DarkeSword's Torvus Clockwork (Edit: Actually, I was wrong, I was thinking of the title screen, not main menu.). but yes, a remix of only this would be awsome, I've loved the song since I first heard it.
  3. Hello! I decided to start trying to make a remix, this is my first attempt so it's probably not the best (most probably far from) but I figured other's opinions would help more than me trying to continue by myself. It's the intro from the Minnish Cap together with the overworld music from the GameBoy Zeldas and the overworld music from Twilight Princess. http://www.megaupload.com/se/?d=0MSSVAEV What do you think?
  4. zukhramm

    Nintendo Wii

    I really need to get a Wii now that Super Mario Galaxy is soon released. But... I'v got no money...
  5. zukhramm

    OC ReMix Blogs: Any interest?

    I would not pay for a blog on OCR, however, I'd gladly start one if they were free. Also, I'd obviously prefer paid blogs that I could read than none at all.
  6. Key Cavern from Link's Awakening maybe?