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  1. personally, it was very good and calming overall. i just cannot resist the ballad of the windfish when i get the chance to hear it how you remixed it was very creative. the windfish theme sounded like how any fan of the song would want to hear it. the only fault is that, well, it just didn't excalty sound...together. i dont know how i can give you advice to move things around just a little bit, but its possible that you could tweak it and add/subtract to the piece so that it wouldn't just sound like the everyday remix. it's well done, but i know it has the potential to improve
  2. Just like you said! The first feeling to mind is the sega genesis and nintendo competing against each other, then finally they put competition aside and work together in a very energetic way. Sure it drags on a little near the end, but who cares! This is such a great piece with so much effort into put into it that im sure no one would mind! Also, I just have to go along with what Radical Dreamer said
  3. Ahh~ This brings about the great fantasy feeling of Winter. It has everything from the snow to the icecicles, from the wolves to nice theme that goes along with it. The piece leaves you in your own dreamworld of Christmas or Halloween with smooth emotion and imaginative scenes. Listen to it. Now. Download it. Or else.
  4. IOG for the win! Above all else, this game is my number one favorite. I've played it since before i could remember, and the deep storyline along with everything else just makes me love this game so much. This mix here brings back a lot of memories, especially when you see Will and the gang on the world map, even if its just for a short time. I've also began thinking of my own version of South Cape with Will and Lance to go along with the guitar solo. Nothing beats out a timeless classic We rarely get fresh new classics nowadays...
  5. this song is so delicate and sensitive that its the first stress relief that comes to mind. the short length doesn't bother me one bit since i listen to another soothing relief right after, so this makes a great addition to what i love listening to i wanna learn how to play the piano now...
  6. i love the low brass at the beginning and the dance part at the end. the only flaw is that the beat at 00:27 is a bit too loud, especally for my headphone. i always have to keep the volume down low so that it doesn't kill me. i'd give this a perfect score if the beat was toned down a bit i love the stone tower theme. i used to always listen to the midi before i discovered mp3's. this remix brings back a lot of feeling and fun i had when i was in the stone tower for the first time. much energy is packed into this piece from the theme to the end, which makes this even more enjoyable. i made this the finale on my playlist xD
  7. pirety, dark, symphonic, dragon roosty, great epic and dreaming feeling. this remix i recommend to anyone who hasen't heard it >w<
  8. this remix really makes me feel like im in love with wind waker all over again. other times it has me imagine an ocarina of time animeish music video that summarizes the entire game. haha im such a nerd very epic. who wouldn't want to give this piece a try?
  9. incredible this truly justifies the original cosmo canyon theme. very nostolgic and powerful without the incredibly loud area. 10 out of 10 at first, i didn't approve of the flute part because it just didn't sound in place, but i listened to a bunch of times and now the song seems like it would be nothing without it
  10. this is by far one of the most beautiful pieces ive heard on OC. there's only oneflaw--it's waay to short. you should repeat the theme a second time and put a teensy part of a different theme in the background then softly drag it on to make it almost four minutes. im not sure if that made sense ^^;
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