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  1. I thought the perfect Sims were pretty tough, as well. If you played flawlessly, you could kill them, but that was the only way. The Darksims, if I remember corectly, they cheated. They seemed to be able to run faster than me and do other things I could not. Perhaps I am not remembering this perfectly, though.
  2. Damn, that whole game is so hard, I never even got to the last boss!
  3. Disco Dan, you rock the Hizzy. Props on another exceptional mix.
  4. Om my gosh this game rules so much, my opinion is too horribly biased for me too post.
  5. This guy is a tough bastard. He doesn't miss you when he fires, and this is on the skillful difficulty. I would hate to see him on inhuman!
  6. For one, the max level in Dragon Warrior 1 is level 30. Next, the DrgonLord is pathetically easy if you level up that much. (btw, is your name from JTHM or Squee?)
  7. Yeah, Konami IS evil, but they didn't make Super Gosts and ghouls. Capcom makes super ghosts and ghouls, like how they made that old, shitty NES game ghosts and goblins (ok guys, I KNOW it is a classic, and it is like their first NES title, but the later games just kicked its ass).
  8. I like that song, Evil hoard. The song has a cool baseline that you expanded on very well.
  9. HAHAHA!! see!!??? Castlevania strikes again! I say that this is the hardest game series ever!! Once again, Konamia is evil.
  10. Once again, it comes back to Castelvania, I think that we can agree that Konami makes some truly vicious games ( say, maybe, gradius).
  11. Tha boss took forever to kill in the easier difficulty modes, wow, you are a very serious player.
  12. This has to be the best remix on this site. Probably because all the other remixes of Megaman are techno. I know that they are cool, but this song is ............................. pretty. Really good moving piano piece. There is a lot of extra harmony and chords added into this song that make it sound like an old-school classical piano piece, like Moonlight sonata or something. This is excellent! Much respect. Hell, I wish I could play that on the piano!
  13. Ok, everyone seems to talk about RPG's on this Forum. I'll agree with whoever it was who said 8-bit bosses were the worst. Like Ninja Gaiden, the boss who throws you back five levels if you lose, mega man had some crazy bosses, and of course I am going to mention Castlevania. But yeah. It's all about the Nintendo Entertainment System..
  14. Konami's EVIL. Try playing all the way through Axelay, making it to the final boss in hard mode, just to spend HALF AN HOUR shooting at it and not even fazing it. And this was seven years ago, in a real console. Christ, I hate Konami. >_<
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