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    um... too much to bother with.. I'll get back to this later XP

    Basically I'm obsessed with Link >xD
    Videogaming is my life happiness..Nintendo mostly, some ps2 yadda yadda..as far as FC's go.. I dont add random people..on the wii (due to nosey family members)
    aaaaaaand stuff... o.O -either ask or wait till I'm cured from lazyness...blergh
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  1. I honestly don't remember anything like it from the game.. then again.. It's been a while since I've played it... either way... This is AMAZING stuffs! :3
  2. Yeah, I'd like to see that happen, as well =/ ^LMFAO (your siggy) >XD
  3. best mix I've heard yet! gewd job ^.^ so many memories ;_;
  4. why can't I find any paper mario remixes? T^T or at least the originals.... who ever adds anything relating to the ice king & count bleck.. shall be dubbed automatically "kewl" in my list XD Linebeck's theme from phantom hour glass... o.o ...I want that too^ ..and not to stray off topic.. but could someone kindly tell me what usually goes on around here? I'm a bit confooz'd -I'm kinda new here..still adjusting, ^^;; be patient or I'll have to bite heads off.- >_>; oh, and I lied about the moofs -hides-
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